Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Colombo and Bookshops!

What Colombo really needs is a good Bookshop. We have too many coffee shops (where some of the coffee is vile). We have some bookshops. Do we have a really good book shop? Vijitha Yapa has all these books but very cluttered and lay out. Crescat branch is reasonably ok but some kids books u have to sit and find it. Makeens is nice they are kind of getting it right with the layout but we don’t have a Landmark (like from Chennai) or WhSmith (ok asking for too much).

I must say I am very happy with the new set of books that Makeens has got. Most of the books which were not available a year back from all these authors of chicklit is now available for us to read.

The service at the bookshops are also autrocious. They have never heard of most of the authors and cannot be bothered to help out. Sometimes the pronounciation of some of the sales people will make the author cringe if she/ he was to hear it. So thats what we need a good bookshop.

In liberty plaza there is a cute shop filled with books a tiny place where u can get stuff (in front of uthum pathum).....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can you be friends with your Ex?

A friend calls up and asks advice that her husband’s Ex wants to be friends again with him. (Confused? Yeap join the club?). Story is this Friend (F) and her Husband (FH)have been married for many years now. The FH s ex (FHX) i.e his first girlfriend from school has called him up and wants to be friends with him.

I should write an equation on this. Anyways, F was freaking out since FHX has called up FH saying that she is unhappy in her marriage having lots of problems and that she is very ill and they should be in touch. Red alert there! FH is a decent enough guy to have told F about this, but is not being enthusiastic enough to listen to F and not be friends with FHX. F was losing her marbles and totally freaking out since this was a strong long affair from school onto university.

My personal opinion was you cant be friends with and Ex. Obviously even if u are happily settled now your first love will always be special. Call me old fashioned but there it is. What is your opinion on this? Can we be friends with the Ex?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Prayer, Peace and Problems!

On my way to Kataragama with the Ada Derana giving news on the fall of killinochi. Keeping the kids entertained on a long drive so far is no joke. They drive you nuts and u want to jump off the car, Specially if they decide not to sleep right through the drive. Parents were giving their two cents worth on phone every one hour.

Mum : U know if u stop at three thirty near Udawalave u can see the baby elephants being fed.

Dad : u have to stop and feed the elephants some sugar cane.

Me : (I am very frightened of wild elephants of any sort and I aint doing any of that)

We get to the dam and inquire we had just missed the feeding bit. So off we went. Boy oh boy there were so many of the Elephants hanging out near the fence. Happily munching the grass and huge trees and posing. So we had to stop and kids were getting far too excited and shouting, I was sure that we were going to get chased by them any minute. This went on for quite a bit with no accidents and off we were.

Have not been to the temple for some years now and going there I had this intuition that we were going to be called in and don’t have to wait in the que. I was on a torn and upset mood when I went to the temple and the guys kept telling not to come in to wait till the pooja is over. Then as I knew one guy came and told us to cross in through the rope. So there my intuition was right. We were there right through the pooja and I felt thorought blessed inside the temple.

Went back to the temple next day. Miracles don’t happen twice so had to wait and went in after the poojava. The rice that they give as Prasad is out of this world I must say during afternoon.

My impatience of god setting everything right immediately is not going to work I was to realize when I made it back to Colombo. That’s ok I shall wait for the gods powers to work. DD has been advising so many times to go to kataragama which I have managed to do, so let me wait and see for the wonders to work…….