Thursday, January 31, 2008

Forwarded Mails Mania!

I think everyone finds this forwarded emails a day to day headache. Click delete click delete. Strangely a handful of colleagues and friends send all this forwarded stuff everyday. The thing I hate in these mails are the ones where they say you will have bad luck for the rest of your life or fall down and break your head and die. If this was not enough I was getting postal mails of send 100 letters you will get good luck or you will have bad luck sort of religious mails too.

The latest nonsense that has caught up with this forward mail mania is photos of other people’s parties. One of my colleagues has this madness where he somehow gets photos of private parties and sends it all around town including moi. I think the last set of photos which he sent me had this heading of some private bank and some wrong info that it was some banks trip. Whereas infact it wasn’t but had some friends I know who had gone on a trip (no I was not in it) and they do not work at that bank. I requested the colleague not to send me these so called forwarded pics of real people. So there is some idiot who goes out with a click of friends then happily sends private pics all round town to be forwarded.

The other day I was talking to my friend about this and she said that someone she new had taped some private moments with his wife on his mobile. His mobile had broken down so he had given it to fix without deleting the video and the phone company guys had taken copies of this saga and sold it as REAL videos.

I guess we have to be more careful with the pictures we take on our mobiles and cameras and make sure that we don’t lose them. But even after that there will be a black sheep who will have the audacity to take pics on the sly and send it around!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This is not a post about a bank but of people that I know. Have a good friend and a cousin who always keep borrowing money from me. Randomly it’s like when we go shopping they are like oops I forgot my cash or really lame excuses. I have this habit where I cannot say no although I know very well that I am not going to get the money back.

Well simple solution for this would be to pretend I don’t have any cash either. But then I just cannot bring myself to say so. Just a mental math of cash I have handed out like this comes to a reasonably amount (could have spent it on stuff I like).

I think it’s a family gene that I am unable to say no to these clowns cause the other day my mum had left a few missed calls. When I called her back she tells me that some class mate of mine from school had turned up at her place and borrowed some cash. I was like who?!! She had to remind me various escapades for me to really place this girl. I have not been in touch with her for like ten years and she turns up out of the blue to borrow money from my Mom!. The point I cannot still understand is that if I borrowed from anyone I would remember and immediately return. How can these characters just conveniently forget? Is it intentional or they are just absent minded?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kids’ movie at MC!

Last week went with a friend and six kids to watch the Bee movie at MC. We reserved the tickets and got some good seats at the row just before the last. Mistake number one do not take the last row or seats close to the last row when going with kids. The last row was filled with young couples doing their own thing. I was tired of pulling down curious three to four year olds with “mummy what are they doing?” “What are they doing aunty S” non stop. The six to eight year olds were busy turning staring behind and giggling.

I agreed to go to the movie thinking could catch up with some much needed sleep (god can’t remember sleeping in the afternoon in ages). The movie was really good. I mean it was funny except the hero was a bee. But ignoring all that it was humorous and all had a good time (including the couples behind!). I feel sorry for their lack of privacy since they obviously cannot hang out at Galle face anymore or any parks. But then again it’s a public place and I really wish they would keep their hands to themselves when the majority of the people at that particular venue were kids. Especially when the three year old asks in her ever loud voice “Are the akka and aiya behind loving each other very much aunty S?” The mother next to me just smiled but some people in the front row turned and stared.

Only one hitch was when I got carried away with the bee romancing a human (this was in the movie not in the backseat) and ate someone’s popcorn to hear a shriek “Mummy don’t eat my popcorn”. Then had to settle the wailing four year old and go get more popcorn….

Driving In Colombo

The car was left at the workshop for services, so had to get a ride with another person’s driver. His driving fine until he reached duplication road when suddenly a bus kept swerving into the car every few minutes. The car driver got really worked up and he started racing with the bus. I don’t mind fast driving all the better to get to your place quicker. But this was ridiculous with a break thrown in every thirty seconds. Tried to tell the driver do not race with the mad bus. But he just ignored me completely (as most drivers do when they are in the frenzy of overtaking the next vehicle) and kept racing until the end of duplication road. Seriously it was like one of those roller coaster rides when u fell like u are going to dip down any minute.

Some of the bus drivers in town are crazy and will come right next to you break and smile. I mean it would be like just a inch distance and they decide to break. Another scenario is when in the middle of the road the bus decides to turn left without the signal. All this is good practice to become some of the world’s best drivers. If you can drive in Colombo and Chennai, you sure can anywhere else…

Monday, January 28, 2008

Where have all the Trees Gone?

Last week everyday after work I drove around different parts of Colombo. I did this mainly to remind myself about the different places I love about the city and to think whether I want to actually leave. One point I notices was there was a reduction in the number of trees towering over different roads. Was not sure if this was my imagination or actually the trees have gone missing slowly and me being pre occupied most of the time, not noticed.

It was real the tress are reduced in numbers. Last night getting back home late I noticed some guys cutting down trees. I think various reasons like disturbance with electricity cables and new buildings coming up and etc. etc.

Very worried that in about ten years time there will be slow cutting down of trees in the city and we will lose that botanical charm of some roads in Colombo!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sacred Dot on the forehead!

Had to attend a meeting with one of our clients about some of our down south ventures at work. Meeting was proceeding quite well or so I thought since I was half tuned off and nodding my head. When the all important person (our client half white man) says “ Santhoshi need to tell you something please don’t feel insulted”

Me : (thinking oh damn he knows I am not listening to anything he is talking, but quickly give a smile) “No sir what is it?” ( My voice must have given away that I was utterly worried how he was going to insult me)

Client : You should not take it personally

My office manager was utterly thrilled and was sniggering happily. I was bit embarrassed cause I really did not would not like being shouted at. Especially in front of my colleagues.

Me : Its ok please go ahead

Client : I am not insulting you or your beliefs but it’s a request please don’t wear the dot in your forehead. This is important when you are handling my part of the region. Hope you understand.

Me : (dumbstruck for once just nodded my head) Mhem

Well I was not really insulted or worried cause in a day to day basis I wear the dot / pottu when I feel like it. Of course I would not go in front of my parents or in laws without it. I do have a habit of not wearing it when I go out. My mom scolds me all the time if she catches me without it. I know it’s not right but I have a habit of taking it off when I approach a security point.

Well the true fact is all married Hindu women are supposed to wear it in red color. But these days to keep up with fashion everyone wears different bling bling stuff. I never wore it to school, now my daughter hardly wears it either unless it’s some festival. But I know all the older women in my family would have felt insulted if someone told them not to wear a pottu.

Have a friend who had the nerve to tell me why u don’t wear a pottu, you should do so shows that you are a Tamil. Ya right my foot! He would never dare to tell his wife to wear one even to the temple.

A widow once told me you don’t know how lucky you are you should wear a pottu all the time. She knows the importance of it since she can’t wear it.

Maybe I am taking things for granted wearing it when I wish. Taking it off for convenience! So next time I head off to the south, will I be wearing the sacred dot on my forehead? Probably Not!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meeting a Gym Ball for the first time!

Every year during the month of January many women are known to join gyms and various fitness classes in a bid to lose that last five kgs but slowly tail off and do not sight these places beginning from April . I have been following this rule without fail for the past many years. Go to the aerobics class the first few months and then give up because I am busy with work or some other good excuse.

Anyways I made it to the class with my new out fit. I mean even though I am not a fitness person I have all the accessories ready, which is very important I think. Was walking to the class and got whistled by two guys having a smoke on the road (thought smoking was banned in public here or is that in India) . Anyways that was encouragement enough to feel good about oneself that some strange men whistled. Must be the fact that I was wearing the gap sweatshirt which is not necessary for the class or our weather but had to wear it because it was too cool not to.

Walked into the class the instructor just smiled and nodded. I mean what else did I expect, her to rush over and give me a hug for making it back. Found my place smiled at some known faces that looked slightly not sure who I was. Sadly I am still to find a click in the class since everyone has friends and I don’t last enough to make friends.

The class started off well enough was huffing and puffing away man I did not know that I was so unfit. There are some very old ladies who were doing the exercises way better that I was. By fifteen mins was ready to die when huge balls were rolled into the class. I thought wow that looks fun have seen said ball on numerous exercise videos. We were clearly instructed these were gym balls and are lot of fun in working out and it’s going to help with toning our body. First exercise was to life the ball with our legs. OMG they were heavy. So much for the balls looking colorful and fun like a balloon. These balls are quite heavy and with the added bonus of a non fit leg muscle. I felt like passing out right there. Next step was to sit on the ball and exercise. Was a bit worried about sitting on them but heavier ladies were happily sitting and looked like they were having fun. Was not sure which was more embarrassing sitting on the ball breaking it or having some aunties asking to try it dear its fun. Trying to sit was one problem and doing all the complicated moves was another. Very weird. Good news is I made it and tried the gym ball..

Anyways the fitness mania might stay for some time before I pursue other activities. Right now my feet are killing me and feel very tired all the time. Hopefully will get that glow from being fit in a month’s time. Consistency is supposed to be the key or so I have heard .

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Life with Sorrow and Happiness!

From the beginning of the New Year all I have done is attend funerals. Ranging from family to friends. It’s been a depressing start for the New Year. Hope the whole year does not stay this way. And seeing the different customs of funerals has depressed me further. Had the four year old asking what happens when we die? What indeed?

Frankly I have been thinking and bit worried about the state of my after life. At last going for a couple of weddings this week. Something to look forward to after all the funerals attended. So the saying is right that life is with joy and sorrow and we got to take it both equally!