Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It was another hurried trip to chennai on work. After passing immigration I was slowly walking towards the escalator. When I heard a voice saying excuse me. I turned around to find a disheveled looking guy walk up to me. I turned and kept walking he kept shouting excuse me excuse me.

so i turned around and did the next best thing. I shouted " go away"

By then the guy was close he said " stop or i will call security"

Hemm wait a minute arent the lines all wrong here. Shouldnt it be me saying these lines.

Guy " Why did u not stop when I told u to stop"

Me : " Who are u? Go away"

Guy : " I AM FROM THE CID" ( a few passengers turned and looked at me)

Me : " What CID I thought u are a baggage carrier asking me to carry stuff"

Cid was looking quite angry at this he turned red ( u know how brown skinned people turn kind of wierd brown )

Me : Show me your id

CID : Show me your passport and tickets or u are going to be in trouble.

Really i could relate to shah rukh khan i wanted to get up and scream " I am Santhoshi and I am not a terrorist"

I was so angry but with trembling hands gave my passport, I nicely asked him to show me his id and he did not. He looked at me as if I was mad. Although I was putting a brave face I wanted to burst out crying and I was very embarassed and scared.

He gave back the travel docs and was like " u have some nerve not to stop when we ask u to anyways can i have your visiting card"

Me : i dont carry a visiting card

Him : Whats your mobile number

Me : I Dont carry a mobile

( you know how like in the movies the mobile starts ringing.I really wish the ground would open up and swallow me. U know it must be one of those emergency calls where the nanny wants to know whether to give the kids milo or milk?)

I was thinking Why me?

He burst out laughing and said go we'll keep in touch. (what kind of nonsense is that)

I ran up the escalator quickly and looked down to check where this guy was and there he was looking straight up at me.

Rushed into coffeebean at the upper level and ordered a sandwich and the guy in the counter said No bread. asked for a croissant there was no croissant. This was more like how my life usually is.

Baggage carriers : Everyday travellers who carry stuff to and from india. They trouble any single passenger asking if they would like to carry stuff for about ten dollars.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Before / After - Kids


1.why do people talk about babies and kids, when I have them (haha probably wont have them) i shall never mention them in a conversation

2. Saturdays are for shopping to buy stuff u dont require. Having coffee and going just to shops cause u can do it.

3. Weekends are for partying non stop. You can be spontaneous about it too

4. You are proud of the fact that you can climb any high wall to jump over if necessary

5. Movies have a rating really?

6. If I have kids i ll let them be free souls they can do whatever they want

7. Rules are to broken is the motto

8. Your parents dont visit you that much

9. the cousins talk about childbirth will make u want to run out and never talk to her again

10. u will roll your eyes when u hear the cousin ask baby tips from others

1. You have conversations with strangers, colleagues and your boss about them. They even creep into your blog posts

2. Saturdays are still for shopping but you have a company who would want that toy gun which you wont buy. S wants accessories which she does not really need. Then you think u are really clever and go to the supermarket and they want all the junk which you should not buy. By mid Saturday you are one of those moms who says the word No, no no too many times

3. You go out partying and you are worried to see the teeny boppers who are about seven years older than your eldest ( ya u start talking by the years). then you wonder how the parents let the kids out dressed like that ( u forget you were like them and how u sneaked out). No spontaneous partying there u have to sort out a baby sitter first.

4. You ask the landlord can i Make that wall higher than it is already

5. For the zillionth time you explain your cousin that yes I check movie ratings if i am taking the kids i look at it about five times to make sure.

6. You try hard to teach them religion, beliefs, right and wrong and sympathise your parents

7. we have some rules we will try and follow is the new motto

8. You parents visit you most weekends to see their precious grandkids

9. the joy of child birth is something u will try hard to explain to your younger cousin who questions

10 you will have random calls in a week asking you about baby stuff and kids stuff

Little D came back home excited that the royalists tried to jump into the school compound. How the girls ran out to the fourth floor and was told to go inside. Its the royal thomian match mummy she explained excitedly. My ten year old is growing up. I want to hold her tight in my arms and never let her go.

The six year old wants to enter the movie world he asks if he can meet some of our tamil heroes. I have told him he can ask me three questions a day. I am scared that he will become a moody teenager who wont ask me a single questions a week.

kids they just come turn your life upside down twirl u in their little fingers and make u dance to their tunes. while you are dancing they slip away as they grow..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coco Verandah - Ward Place

Coco Verandah in ward place. The coffee is pretty good. Good service.

The interior is classy. Not sure about how the food is.