Monday, December 24, 2007

New Year resolutions!

The festive Season and Eating seem to be on par with each other. There have been too many Christmas parties get together and and birthday parties all thrown in to one over the past week. I am worried about my health (and physical appearance) which must be bordering on some dangerous sugar levels. Not that it has made me think twice about eating.

Anyways its time to do the resolution thing although never seems to work
1. All the better to put down reduce eating out whether season or not for the new years resolution no 1
2 Stop visiting shops and picking stuff up and exchanging next day
3Reduce shopping
4Reduce shopping with a big R
5Write accounts expenses of money
6 Be very patient and serene mommy at all times and not have panic attacks when the kids play up
7 handle kids with the mental state of adult and not manipulative kid
8 Read up all aspects of school work before work comes so don’t have to get confused or complicate life with year 3 homework
9 Go to aerobics like a prayer
10 Pray regularly
11 Reduce numbers of shoes
12 Reduce numbers of handbags
13 reduce the wardrobe of clothes
14 change wardrobe ( look at resolution no3,4, 11,12, and 13)
15 Do not complicate life by saying yes to everyone else’s plan
16 Say no when u can’t tolerate in laws madness
17 Go to the spa
18 Be nice and tolerant to nasty colleagues ( not necessarily can break whenever feel like)
19 Clean wardrobes from the hurricane effect
20 Take time off work for self time
21 Go on vacations regularly

Oh damn need to get back to work!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Shopping!

The last few evenings have been spent visiting odel every evening to try and redeem the HSBC and Nexus points. For some reason I could not find anything I liked for myself. Since it’s the season decided to redeem points and buy gifts for the family. I keep visiting all the shops buy stuff and go exchange the next evening (Loads of hours have been wasted doing this)

Anyways I don’t know why I keep going to in but year after year I visit SLECC and BMICH for the so called Colombo shopping festival. Buy a load of junk and not use it. One of the stalls I saw a girl selling these M&S tops for cheap price but same top was sold for five hundred bucks more at a reputed shop. The same stalls same people same stuff and still I go like a prayer.

The only place I have not been able to get into is House of Fashion, since there is no way you can get a parking space there. It is always crowded. Arpico is like Christmas in paradise with so many decorations for sale did not know what to pick. Anyways the Christmas tree is up with usual décor done. Wanted to get a fresh tree but have no clue how to maintain it thought better not to risk new things.

Merry Christmas to all!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weekend with Jazz

The weekend just flew by with me doing my favorite stuff. That is absolutely nothing work related or home related. Met up with friends for coffee at Café Du Monde. I had never been there before and I must say the salads and breads are superb.

Sunday morning was invited to join a bunch of friends going for the Jazz Festival at Mount. Well I have never been to a Jazz festival was quite excited and worried about it. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the music but decided will not know if I don’t go. Looked at the ticket it said six to eleven. Left home at seven get to the road leading to hotel and get stuck in major traffic. Was slightly worried that I am missing out the jazz and there won’t be any seats.

The cars were moving and snail pace and there was such a big crowd. But this was not for jazz but for some party or music show at Mount Berjaya. Anyways got to the Mount Lavinia hotel at eight. Got to the terrace and there was no one on stage so I guess when they say six they start later (note to be remembered for future festivals). The ambience was just great. Then the four guys turned up and started playing, they were really good. It was one superb evening…..

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Real Women!

The Cotton Collection Real women campaign is quite interesting idea. It reminds me of the Dove Shampoo campaign in India, but only difference is I think in India they had got normal women(not models, celebrities, or socialites) to Model. The Real Women in this campaign are well known and not normal average women (they are always featured in the photos of all the social gatherings). It would have been a big hit if they had used someone unknown to people. In the sense professionals, moms at home and I don’t know the average clientele which visits the shop all the time.

If I am not mistaken the ad for our forces, one of the girls is actually working in that particular force. It made it more real because the person who was wearing the uniform and doing the ad actually well deserved to wear it. No point getting Anarkali to wear an uniform and do the ad.

Christmas Vacation!!

My plans of the much awaited Christmas Vacation have gone a mess. As organized as I am, had not planned or booked tickets, now the much awaited trip to Disneyland is in disarrayL. Thank god I did not tell S and D that we were going to hang out in Disneyland. There are absolutely no flight tickets to or from Hongkong for the whole period.

Now need to change the destination and quickly find a way somewhere with loads of rides and a big Toys R Us.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Letter Writing VS Emails

After so many years I sat down and wrote a letter to a friend in England. It made me realize that I don’t do that at all. The fact that her Christmas letter from last year was in my drawer might have been a initializing thing. I did not send her a reply by letter last year but emailed her back. But I am happy I did it. These days its just been emails. I keep in touch with friends only through emails of Face book or sms. Why is it that the art of letter writing is lost?

Advantages of email writing is its easy to type, prompt and I think I am plain lazy to sit down and write. About ten years ago I spent so much money on buying all this perfumed flowery stationary to write and keep in touch with friends or pen pals. Now its an email and no pen pals but chat friends.

But the letter to Santa from the kids is sent without fail since I have to write the four year olds one. Its posted to north pole without a senders address. Maybe I should make up a santa id and mail him as well with the list of gifts required. Then santa could reply that the fifth pixel chick and tenth Thomas the Tank Engine is a big no no and the kids should get Enid blyton and the noddy series……

Monday, December 3, 2007

Tamil movie time Vel

Sunday morning was too much traffic could not do anything much. Was getting traffic updates from family and friends and advised to stay at home. So after lunch decided to go see Tamil movie. Initially the idea was to watch Azhagiya Tamil magan. But the cousins who went for it advised against.

Ended up at one of our theatres and sat in good seats or so I thought. There was this bad smell coming from somewhere and going off. Realized that the guys next to us were putting their feet up on other people’s seats and taking it off. God wanted to throw up the smell was unbearable. The theatre was only a quarter occupied anyway covered my nose with a tissue and watched the whole movie. For a Sunday there were absolutely not many families around only bunches of guys.

The movie was a double Ghilli (Tamil movie viewers will know what I am talking about). The songs were not interesting at all, I love yuvan shanker but I don’t know what went wrong with this movie. At least had a good laugh at vadivelus antics (had nothing better to do that yawn so laughed at the same jokes). There was way too much fighting and violence but can watch once. One good point was there were no two heroines or that would have been way over the top. I think hari did not have time to put another heroine in.

Have decided definitely not going to watch Tamil movies in theatres here anymore. Maybe will go for Om Shanthi Om at liberty next week……….

Paradise Found!

At last found time to stop at odel on Friday evening. The décor was simply superb. The parrots and peacocks did indeed take me to paradise. There must be so much time and care taken to plan something like this. It’s a feast for the eyes. They had beautiful wrapping paper with the same theme. Bought a birthday gift for S s classmate and got it wrapped with the parrots. Did a bit of window shopping and stepped out to have a juice and harpo’s pizza. There was just too much food around did not know what to eat. Wonders never cease I think I am getting out of the “buying clothes for know reason disease”. Hope this lasts through the season.

Stopped by at opticians care to get my new pair of glasses (librarian ones to look intellectual not that I need glasses to be one). Anyways told S to look at the TV and the nice elephant show. I mean what can go wrong with watching some elephants having a walk in the jungle. S Shouted “Oh mum that elephant has five legs look look!” . The light bulbs in the head did not go on immediately ignored him and was busy looking at the glasses. S shouted some more looked up to see the optician sniggering and the customers (old couple) clearly embarrassed. Look into the screen and see the elephant is indeed on heat or something. S goes on as all four year old do “so how come he has five legs tell me tell me” situations like this are vast and really I don’t know how to handle them. Did the next best thing picked up some glasses and told to bill it and left the place quickly. The glasses are intellectual not!!!! Big buying blunder to say the least...