Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jack Tree!

This is the new Thai Restaurant in town. Its down Park Road opposite Cargills. Jack Tree happens to be Mango Trees Sister ( i am sure thats not botanically possible but its a venture by the same people). The prices are like Mango Tree. The Ambience is great.

The food is ok. Then again I am sure they will make a big improvement in days to come. The Red Curry, Pad thai noodles and Rice was very good. The other dishes were ok. I guess any new restaurant will have its starting troubles. I am vegetarian so I wont be doing any justice by commenting about the food in general. I am sure the Non Veg Dishes should be really great...

Try it out as a new treat!

Whats with park road is it the new restaurant street?

Another Year Ends!

The year 2008 was one of the worst years I have dealt with. Simply because I have gone through some of the toughest times of my life in this year. I think it is ending with quite a bang what with a Global crisis in hand which is going to make next year suck. A few good things that I can think of that I have achieved in the year is starting yoga after only talking about it for ages. The astrologer has been on busy schedule looking up my charts too many times this year due to moms pestering

Have been conferencing with the gods far too much and I am sure they are very much in a confused state of mind with my measly day to day problems. For the first time in my life my phone was stolen and I had a visiting Burglar who was trying to burgle my place a many number of times. I need to vent and rant about this year so I can leave it all behind and go for a fresh new start next year.

I have also learnt that worries can keep u sleepless for months and your tear ducts don’t dry out however much you cry (god that sounds so miserable)

So starting it off with a bang hope to visit Katharagama this Friday. More conferencing with the gods and on a religious note. . 31st night is far too over rated (ok I am not going out anywhere and am spending it at home, so shall make that sad comment) The kids are far too scared of the cracker sound and I don’t want to leave them alone. (not bug them but home alone)

Out of this topic, so many of my office colleagues seem to have invested money in Golden key and are panicking so much.

That’s it dear bloggers, Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hash Deli! #

This new Heavenly Chocolate paradise is down Duplication Road. There are a bunch of small shops after stone and string. There is something called the gadget shop and another restaurant in between these lines of shops is this heavenly deli which give the best chocolate cake in town.

There is the Hash Cake (not the drugged variety), Chocolate fudge cake, mint cake and oreo cake. Its called Hash deli, small place, reasonably priced and friendly staff. The stuff finishes real quick. Try it out all chocoholics !

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas at home Last Year!

Last year was a fun filled family event for Christmas. We had a great party with Secret Santa and many other games. While everything was covered for the event there was one hitch. We had no Santa ready, after trying to bribe all possible candidates who turned me down and refused to wear hired smelly Santa costume, I had to just make up an excuse.

The kids were of course bugging me will Santa come and trying to play the cool I have it in control said yes to them. Other cousins just looked at me with the eyebrow up but I thought lets deal with things at that time. Driving back after picking up last minute food I saw an auto with a bunch of guys and a Santa. No second thought there I put my shutters down and asked them if Santa can drop in for five minutes. The guys looked quite shocked and recovered quickly and nodded their heads. So gave my address . Stranger danger business right out into the air and I had invited a bunch of unknown people to entertain seven little kids.

Come seven pm the party was going on and on with no Santa in sight. The cousins were giving some smirky smile like where the hell is he. With a loud horning and beeping the auto arrives with Santa and his friends. Rush out to greet my new friends and oh boy oh boy!. Santa was high and flying along with his bunch of drunken friends and singing Carols off tune loud as ever. The small kids shrieked and screamed and ran inside. Some of the men ran in too. Oh boy oh boy Santa was coming way to close for my liking and I looked at DH and the fury in his eyes.

So he calmly took hold of the situation and politely asked them to leave. But no they wanted to join in the festivities and eat and dance with us. Especially with new friend me. Uhmm I nearly died ( I think have had near death moments far too many). So after a token gift to Santa of some cash they left. DH said nothing to me. I mean the kids screaming “Mummy/ aunty we don’t want Santa” and more weeping was enough to hit home..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Discovering Yoga!

I have been talking about going to this yoga business for a long time (and blogging about going). At last since it the end of the year and as all women rush to the gym and aerobics thinking that we are going to lost five kgs in 1 week of intense activity, I went. Yes I went for three yoga classes (its once a week) so thats been three weeks of yogaing( I do not belong to the previous category )

What can I say about yoga, I discovered ways my body can bend and cannot bend (while other practicing yogis can). I also discovered that I had all these muscles which have been asleep for a long long time. Re-discovering this can be quite painful the next day. For me doing yoga was not easy and relaxing (except the relaxation bit where we are asked to relax our body and I was fast asleep and needed to be woken up)

Some of the asanas are quite tough I was sweating like hell end of it. Now there is vacation to all aerobics, yoga blah blah because its Christmas and we all need to stuff our face with Christmas pudding. Now I am getting the hang of the asanas and if I practice it the whole of next year it might actually work and I might become like kareena kapoor who does 100 surya namaskars a day (I could barely manage three but never mind).

In summary I think I like yoga since the teacher keeps telling us to have a free mind and I try to bring my mind to concentrate on doing something here than think of the sheep in new Zealand.

Friday, December 12, 2008

So this is Christmas !

1. Grown wiser this year (ya right!)
2. Gained less weight than last year (which is not inversely propotional to losing weight)
3. Became a marriage fixer / wedding planner (of sorts)
4. Visited down south and the beach most number of times this year (yes i am doing some research on turtle hatching)
5. Cut my hair very short (and convinced myself that i am carrying it off well)
6. Lost my temper (very colourfully numerous times)
7. Got myself skinny jeans(and it looks great, buy your own pair everyone)
8. Decided that yes i love my job and should do justice (even though the recession is hitting us left right and centre)
9. Got visited by a burglar twice (Not even funny since this guy is doing this on a regular basis in short intervals)
10. Handling the kids better i think (now that we have established I am indeed the mum in the house and not one of them)
11. Spent less time on the gossip line (yes yes improvement in my life)
12. Acquired more bags and shoes than last year (not good need to stop)
13. Gave away more bags and shoes than last year (So no.12 is all right actually)
14. Made some great blogger friends (this i mean it from my heart)
15. Visited Malaysia (the land of bags and shoes)
16. Last not least Kept updating the blog (was not so sure i would get this far with it)

So this Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Marriage Mix-ups

The search for the bride for my brother has been progressing slowly but cant say steadily since I have not found anyone yet. Anyways to get to the point get a call from MIL (mother in law). MIL has been in an ardent extensive search for a bride for the BIL for some years now. She gets back from India after another one of those long searches and announces to me that its time we look in the “INTERNET”

I for some reason have not told my in law side of the family that B is on the net and we are looking. Now the way MIL was giving me the knowing look, I was bit confused but said mhem non commitally.

Anyways BIL is in the net put up by another cousin and I get all this forwarded proposals sent to me. So there I was with my hotmail box open and confused to the pits with who was whose proposal.

I mean how anyone gets into this kind of a situation. Do I steal some brides from here push it there and push some here. IS this some sort of a sign that I should become a marriage broker? God I will shoot myself if I have to read profile about a self obsessed Indian cow again.

Things need not get any messier since I had mailed the wrong stuff to the wrong people and lets just say there is a whole lot of confusion since I have not explained that I am now in fact handling two profiles. Now of course i am in a real accharu....