Friday, March 28, 2008


The drivers in this town never cease to amaze me with all their new tactics of blocking the road. Going down duplication road the jeep in front brakes and I managed to brake as well or would have hit his posh jeep with a big bang. Was wondering whether he was letting some invisible person cross the middle of the road or something. He opens his door and spits on the middle of the road!!!

I was thinking that was so gross. The jeep moves and we would have passed a few buildings and he stops and does the same thing again. This was all in the middle of a slight traffic situation. I mean yeah the motorists stop and have chats and do their own thing but this guy kept spitting every few paces. I wonder what he would do if our usual sets of convoys pass by.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The M Diet

I know it’s unhealthy to go on a crash diet but in a moment of desperation I tried the GM diet. Sometimes just to get that extra bit of confidence in life the last five kgs to lose are crucial. Well it has been a misery fighting with them and desperate moments call for more disastrous ideas. Cousin suggested this is “THE DIET” to try. So started on it and almost passed out on the second day.

So I have renamed it as the M Diet (Miserable Diet no not Milky way diet). Now its time to get back on track read my New Year resolutions again and go back to eating healthily and working out.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Local Verses International School

My kids go to an International School in Colombo. I would have loved to send my daughter to a private all girls’ school here. But, the option was not even open since I am not an old girl in any of the girls schools, I am not Christian/ catholic, I am Hindu and don’t have the right amount of influence in the boards of any of those schools to even try for a place. The fact that they also ask for a huge amount of bribe is another reason which put me off. It is true as much as its not talked about they do ask a huge fees. Yes of course I am ending up paying a thumping amount for the international school which does have its pros and cons.

The one point which pisses me off is friends who have kids attending local schools are very condescending about the fact that my kids are in International Schools. They give their own opinion about how great and creative and talented their kids are and that international school kids just run around partying all the time.( Yes I do agree that the schools do have a fair share of parties). The other point the know it alls make is that the kids are burdened with homework and are not disciplined enough. Mind you these are the same ones who preach that their kids are going to be better off in life because they don’t go to an International school

Although I am ranting about it here, I never open my mouth and tell the characters to shut up and get a life I don’t boast about my kids as much as you do. Last week I had to listen to something in the lines of “oh I am so glad I don’t send my kids to ais/cis/wis because the kids from there are too competitive”. Always it’s been the same story. Every kid is special in their own way so is every school. Discipline and beliefs are something that they learn at home.

So what’s your say about Local Verses International Schools?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Nanny Nightmares Part 2

Get back from work on Wednesday Evening contemplating whether I should go attempt the gym ball disaster or go check the odel 10% sale for the second time. It’s the long weekend miserably I am alone with the kids for the 12 Th week in a row. Pick up the kids and Nanny looks very happy.

Nanny: I’ll see you on Monday.

Me thinking(wait isn’t that like getting the days wrong Monday is like four days away I have to work on Saturday)

Me: I am working on Saturday, so you have to come in.

Nanny: No I am going on a trip I told you like months ago. (This is a blatant lie of sorts because I always remember if she asks for holidays like a long weekend) I am going out of Colombo will be back only on Sunday.

Me thinking (damn it she gets more holidays that I do)

Nanny : I get more holidays that you do

Is that a jinx or what

Nanny : You know you really should take a holiday you look really tired and unhappy all the time.

Me thinking ( I am going to lose my temper , no no you cant this is the woman who cares for your kids so that you can chase after your job. She is nice to them and does not hit or scold them. You cannot find another nanny!!! @$&(@*$).

Me : Have a good holiday and please don’t take Monday off.

I had to skip the gym ball lesson and ate a milky way instead. This is like disaster I am not going to work on Saturday and I have four days off with no plans on what to do. So hurriedly call every single down south resort all are full then call negombo again full. This was getting ridiculous I was making my weekend longer than necessary by panicking endlessly. Decided I will take things as they come and spend the weekend right here in Colombo. The kids were of course overly excited that they had me all alone with them for four days. Drove me nuts on Wednesday night by getting high on too much chocolate and overdose of cartoon network.

The rest of the weekend was another story altogether.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Astrology, palm reading, tarots n crystal ball

I am really into astrology. Ignoring the fact that I have not seen any improvement with my life although the astrologer’s predictions have been spot on according to them. So I have spend the better part of my life getting the Hindu chart done then the Buddhist chart done and getting readings done. As if this was not enough my mum dragged me to get my life read from a palm leaf. Apparently my whole life is written on the palm leaf and he would read it out from that. He did read some stuff about my life but the whole thing where he keeps questioning me with an yes or no more or less helped him with the reading. He was correct about some important events in my life but then he said I would be in Australia by now and well settled.

About two years back I would read my daily horoscope every day before work. But then it was usually all wrong and the good days would turn bad and then I stopped reading. Now I heard about this tarot card reader and thinking whether I should go see her.

I still get a weekly forecast sent to my mail box by some unknown lady who says all this wonderful things like I am the next Bill gates. I suppose if some things will give us a positive edge in day to day activities its all right.

There was this one guy who wanted me to change the spelling of my name ( mum was really advising to change my signature) and I would not have it. Then santhoshi would be like Santhosheee I would end up sounding like a sheep or something. This guy read a load of stuff but seemed very pre occupied with something. Then I found out that the guy working for him had stolen goods from him. Was wondering why he could not predict that. Mum was having panic attacks when I mentioned this to her and said that by talking like that I bring bad luck.

When I was in England, an old lady once approached me and gave me a four leaf clover and told me some great things. End of it she asked me for five pounds and I was generous enough to pay her. My friend was having a fit about it and said that she was talking a whole bunch of crap and that I got pulled into it. At that point I was treasuring the clover thingy like a priced diamond. I was having a load of problems in life blamed it on the four leaf clover and threw the damn thing out of a window on a rainy evening. The whole scene just stays an imprint in my mind.

Does astrology and your star signs have a big impact with your life? Hemm I guess not you have to work hard to achieve things and take only the good things that your star sign says and ignore the bad stuff….

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Social Butterfly

Well for anyone who thinks that I am one, well sorry to disappoint you I aint one but had the opportunity to attend ones party. Arrived at the venue with a couple of friends. We were clueless with what the protocol was or whatever (this was the first time we were invited so there goes…). Anyways sat down took a coke to look important. Had a tremendous laugh looking at the butterflies. Boy did they come in the dozens.

If anyone thinks I am a jealous cow, sorry I am not. I wanted to see what it was all about. It was all about the best clothes and the Gucci sunglasses (not the fake ones from House of fashions) n lot of bling clothes. That was unnecessarily catty, some of them were very simple and normal. All of them of course knew each other and just glanced at us wondering possibly if any competition was coming up.

So these gangs of people I suppose always get invited and photographed together and comment on each others clothes. Being a Fashionista must be a load of work what with the forty/fifty/ sixty year olds flaunting a twenty year old body with the latest in clothes. They probably cant repeat their outfits either n their jewellery. I clearly was out of place with no jewellery but with clothes on which were comfortable. Clearly the clothes of Fashionista have to be not comfy and tight so u are straight as a rod and you have to keep your sunglasses on even inside a room. I am all hands up for the uncomfortable shoes cause I wear shoes like that too. I love shoes so fashionistas have got that right. Air kissing is such a no no. If it’s a good friend I would really go and hug her/ him if I am happy to see them not kiss the air so that my make up does not come off ……

The climax of all this was the buffet which was fashionably late. Fashionistas clearly do not eat and catering was done with them in mind with a load of celery sticks, carrots, and cucumber. We ate all the carb filled stuff that the others would not even look at...

Good fun was had by all.

Social Butterfly – Someone who is always in the Hi Magasine Pictures / Fashionista


We learn different lessons in life at various stages. The Indians are very patriotic. No, I am not saying that we Sri Lankans are not. My little niece was running around saying “jai Hind” and pasted about 20 little flags on her white shalwar on the Indian National day. I am still to see our Colombo kids do that. When I was in an Indian School I was very happily tortured whenever the India Sri Lanka match was on. Thank God that a couple of times we won or getting teased by a bunch of Indian kids all the time was no fun at all. The day Sri Lanka won the world cup I was the only one running around school saying Yes We won with 100 Indian faces looking clearly shell shocked.

The experience I got with studying there was I was always up fighting about Sri Lanka. Our chocolates are better was one of the lines that I was handing out. Even if anyone asked are you Indian I would jump up to say no I am Sri Lankan. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would apply to become a citizen of India. Now, the present situation and different experiences pushed me to apply and I have it now. My inner feeling with all this is did I just do that? I am Sri Lankan in every way I speak to breath. If that was true I should not have applied to hold both citizenship. It was upsetting as if I sold my sri lankaness to justify the Indianess in me. The Indians are going to be so proud and say we did tell you so………

OCI : Overseas Citizen of India

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dinner gone wrong!

A friend invites me to have a Japanese Dinner with her group. As doubtful as I was about this little invitation, I said yes. I mean I do eat a random veggie sushi roll n all once in a while. Anyways get to the dinner and the ambience was really great. Looked at the menu they had quite a variety of vegetarian stuff. Got a friend to order for me since he is the expert of Japanese Cuisine.

The food arrived it was beautifully presented like some sort of art. I was quite impressed but then my mind started alerting signals like these are fish. They are raw. Ignored the alerts and ate some of the veggie stuff which was all right. But I was so hungry end of the dinner because they had not ordered filling stuff I suppose. Was very suspicious with the tofu and ate only little of everything. I thought I was not a fussy vegetarian. But I realized that was the first time I was not feeling that all right with seeing all that raw fish. Or maybe I am just getting old or something.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Disturbed and Disorganized

The past three weeks have been in a disturbed state of mind. Have absolutely not been finishing work on time, or attending to any of the house hold chores properly, even going to the aerobics lesson is a stand still. I know I need to snap out of it or take a holiday or something. Have been down with the flu but still working without a break but not completing anything. Have lost interest with life in general. I read my favorite blogs on and off but have no energy to leave comments even sometimes…….. What is this disturbance that has caused havoc to me in general……? Isn’t it too early to have a mid life crisis for god sakes……..