Saturday, April 25, 2009

Voting and more!

The day has begun with random calls of not how are you? but who did u vote for?

Brother calls up and asks if i have voted yet.

Me; hemm not yet. who did u vote for

B : a buddhist,a hindu and a muslim... (ok i am impressed did not think b was that patriotic)

Friend : why did u not vote men. I voted for who my dad told me to vote for have no clue who they are. (mind u this is not a eighteen year old but a 32 year old with two kids)

new assistant trainee : i voted for who mummy told me to (she is eighteen so no comments there)

DH who is out of town and is not here to vote calls and insists i go vote for whoever i feel like. Thanks

Dads out of town mum looks a bit blank i think she has forgotten that today is voting day.

My collegue was the best yet " i went voted and cancelled it out and came"

Nanny : I need to go early and vote ( i doubt she is going to vote but wants a half day off)

Me oh well i am going out for a bit of shopping...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Birthday!

The five year old turned six last week. As usual had the birthday party with the usual tamasha and overdose of loot bags. On his actual birth date i arranged a lunch at an orphanage. every year i send some cash and dont actually visit so this year thought i should make it a point to go. so took the kids and arrived there for lunch time.

Kids of different ages were there. We were allowed to mingle with some little girls who would have been five to six. they were so adorable with a big smile... As i was leaving watched S being very pensive. his six year old brain was on an overdrive. He had been listening to the caretaker talk about how some of the kids have one parent or none.

My nine year old D rushes into the car and says something like " mum we should think of Bunk beds"

So i take the kids to the orphanage and S is pensive about the whole situation and the nine year old wants a bunk bed...

Kids these days... arghhh

Friday, April 17, 2009


I hate forwarded stuff and dont make a habit of posting on it. (i did a post allready on that one). This is something u have to check out..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting the new Passport

Went to get the passport at borella yesterday. Very efficient service Was in and out in fifteen minutes to hand over my documents. the lady at the counter told me to come back in three hours to collect. was very pleased with myself.

Get back at four thirty, mum calls and says thats its too late maybe i should leave it to the next day. Walk in and see huge crowds of people in counters. Hemm wonder why such a rush. Stand around and realise there has been some printing delay so all passports will come out slowy. Decide to sit down. The BO there is worse than the house of fashion. Sat down and was people watching.
The Cute dad who had brought his cute kid and was attending to her very well.
The husband and wife who were fighting and bickering endlessly.
The young boy who was chatting up the young girl who was in front of him.
Uhm me who was talking to this lady who is planning to migrate with her family to australia.

They call my number out after a good two half hours or more and i rush to the counter to collect my passport. It was a moment of such delight. I almost grabbed someone elses passport. . . Its my luck that i had to go in on a bad day. Reasonably the office is fast and efficient. Oh well....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bride Hunt Photos!

Now that the bride hunt has been going on for ever(ok exaggeration its been like 8 months) oooh thats long. we had requests for Pictures of B. For some strange reason there are not pics of B since he was at university two years back and nothing from any family event. Its wierd. His college pics he has never showed me and he never introduces any of his friends to the the madhatters family (thats my parents since i am the only sane person:)

Mum gives a graduation picture of B in which he looks like a Eejit.. Then she proceeds further and gives me a pic of his school gradutation. Right next she might give his ten year old pic and ask me to send to the probabilities.

Mum would think the ten year old pic is so clever since thats the pic my dad had got (ten year old mum) when he was going to marry my mum. I think he still has not forgiven my grand parents for that bit.Photos and my family are a bit of a problem i guess.

Called up B and asked him to take a pic of him. He sends me a pic which was professionally taken in a studio. I fell off the chair (literally). Since it was taken at a studio with a seventies touch to it. called him up and asked what he was thinking? B was not happy that i was laughing at the pic

Talking to DH he was laughing and suggested i do a branding of B. Take him and take nice pics at a good studio (not seventies backdrop). So its all that end of the day right branding and marketing when its an arranged marriage. Negotiation of horoscopes and what nots.

Ground rules for photos if u are having an arranged marriage. Picture should have been taken in the last three months in natural settings. one passport size and one full length...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Election Fever!

Everywhere its election talk. Collegues discussing who they are going to vote for.... Went to saravana stores, sea street (our south indian grocer) this afternoon to stack up for the long' ever so long weekend next week ( am not going anywhere :( ) and it was frantic since due to DD coming there i think not our dd the local one.

Most of our politicians are organising lunches, high teas and what nots asking for votes. I Am really surprised by the amount they spend. Got an invite for a high tea from a friend. Asking votes for her cousin.

Mentioned this to dad and he flipped advising me not to attend high teas and lunches. Wish i had the time. Its not right anyway to sip the tea and not vote.

wanted to irritate dad further and asked him who he was voting for. He looked a bit blank and most of my family seems to be not voting.

Me : dad i am patriotic i wont waste my vote.. i am voting

Dad : who are u voting for

Me : Rosy

Dad : What? she invited u too is it.

Me : Uhm no

Dad : why u voting for her?

Me : Since she is stylish and dresses well...

dad looked worried....

i dont want to waste my vote seriously. I think i ll give it to style and dress sense...

How about yours?

Another day!

Looking at the Sunday Papers one cannot help but notice the number of vehicles and properties for sale in the increase and job opportunities ads on the decrease. There are like a huge number of people who have been layed off from big companies looking for jobs. Then of course there is the kotelawala scam which had many employees resigning.

All the main markets are not as crowded. New years sales in shops are not really booming. We have crazy rains in the evenings. No bonus. Fairly depressive way to start the new year. This is the start of a drop and is expected to keep going down in the next few months.

Was at a seminar a few months back and apparently a leading Bank abroad had predicted that the recession would come and hit in this way and done graphs and stuff like one year back. No body took notice of the analysis in the developed countries.

One of our warehouse manager had invested all his savings in sakvithi and golden. How do u even give encouragement to people who have lost so much? I am at a loss seriously........

But then again Odel is always packed, there is a mad rush at house of fashion... people are going nuts over new donuts and its just another day in paradise!