Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cooking Mama!

Cooking is the latest craze at all ages. The kids and I watch Master Chef without fail, and absolutely love it. S is always on the cooking mama game cooking non stop. My little courtship with baking had to be temporarily stopped due to weight loss mission no 10( end of the year approaching) .

The past week I have been getting calls from my mum, in excited tones about how she has tried out a new recipe. If this was a one off thing, i would have just shrugged it off. This has become an every day ritual so much that I had to politely decline. Mum is not a person who can be discouraged, she sends it in a little box and insists that I try it.

Day one : a birds nest Kind of thing filled with veges and cottage cheese, I saw S (the eight year old) have a look of pure shock in his face and kept looking at me. With mum supervising that we eat it up, we were trapped.

Day two : She had filled up an ice cream cone with some wierd concotion and sent it, S screams in delight "Aachi has made a vampire torch for halloween".

Day three : Dad calls " yr mums serving up some crap all the time, I cant eat the food at home"

I thought I would gently tell mum that she should stop this new recipe trying.

Mum : I know it is natural that you feel jealous that your mum is a cooking start. I might even star in the Indian cooking competition.

I had no idea what to say to that statement and thought silence is the best remedy. A woman scorned about her cooking is not an easy one to deal with.
She had found bits of masterpieces that she had cooked thrown behind the plants in the garden, and screamed that she will not send me food anymore. I think we are on safe zone temporarily.