Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Shop on Ward Place!

So latest buzz is there is a new place opening up in ward place which is going to have a flowershop, a coffee shop, a saree shop, jewellery, and house hold stuff like i guess artsy furniture coming up in october...

A new age life-style store is what i heard ( no not the lifestyle store in india but u know what i mean)

There is this big hype about it.. lets sit back and see whats on offer (at least window-shop if not anything else )

The BIG Saturnal Change!

There is a big astrological change on this saturday that is tomorrow! So all those who beleive in astrology and stuff (i.e DD ) this might be the big CHANGE we are looking for. ok i better stop i am beginning to sound slighly demented.

But yes the stars and signs that we are born in play a major role in how our life takes its course. I used to question it, believe it, then go half half. But this one on saturday is what i am having all my bets on for cause its suppose to be really good.

yes many times i have seen changes happening in stars and nothing profound in my life but somehow trying to be positive about this.

My dads been anticipating this saturnal change so much and is so very excited about it (yes it runs in the family!).

B will get hitched at last after this it seems (but then again last year they said the same thing but never mind he can celebrate his 25th Birthday in peace this year)

Me hemmm i hope to be going places well if not anywhere far at least to odel to just be happy about it..... (havent been there in ages, i think i am turning over a new leaf)

With the cops!

“If you saw ME in a police car what would you think I got arrested for?”
thanks to chaar it seems i have been arrested for suggestive gestures and disturbance of law and order in the colombo traffic... a very likely situation....

Well Basically this is the tag, three stories on bloggers who would be found in a cops car for various Crimes that they are about to or could or would commit ...

LD : for being too kind, she would quite possible in the police car only to help someone out or accompany a person.. no arguements there...

DD : For loving his paradise ardently (paradise = sri lanka)

Kingducky : with a header like that she is asking to get arrested :)

U guys have to continue this tag.. if confused what all this is about check out chaar-max's post......

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chennai Circus 1 !

So with the backpain and slipdisc prolapse all the works we took off early saturday morning. Anyone with the above pain can take a risk cause flying srilankan in and out will slip the disc right back to where it was. Take off was like on a roller coaster (gone wrong) landing was rain clouds (like this bumpy car ride).

I was in so much pain when we landed and was the last to walk out. B was wondering why i was walking like an aachi but was worried by the time we went to collect our luggage.

Yes i forgot the bit in the morning where my dad freaked out when he saw the size of my suitcase for two nights. it was big just in case u know there is an emergency or whatever...

Just after i landed the kids were missing me and crying for me and demanding me back (thats also part of my dream). They did call me that was only to insist that whatever happens they need a gift back each and were more well behaved than i am around. It was kind of wierd being without the bag and baggage (kids and DH). Just being with my brother B was painful for him since i was being difficult.

Chennai was hot dusty and gave this feeling of being back home but not really there. I always get that feeling when i land there. Went to temple and was accosted by the beggars and B was busy giving money and I ran off cause they can get violent and can grab your hands off. B called me wicked and bad. The beggars were chasing him all the way to the car even after giving them money...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bride Watch!

As the hunt has been going on for ever we seem to have found some probable brides at last. Then comes the part of the groom and bride meeting. So i get a call from my mother in law that they are going to see a bride for the brother in law this weekend. Soon after i get a call from mom that they are going to see someone for B.

No really it couldnt be the same bride, as if there is not enough drama.

after a mix up of calls and conversations where i did not get half of what anyone was saying no its two different brides and blah blah

this bride watching is not like a bird watching but boring. A bunch of relatives go to the brides house and see her and eat vade and drink coffee. Then the bride and groom get to talk to each other with chaperoning or without... (depends on the moods of the people)

should be an interesting weekend and the circus begins.......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Books that make u Cry!

First they killed my father by Loung Ung. It was terrifying to read but kept me awake to finish the book.

Genocide by the khmer rouge army in Cambodia, A kids narrative of it all..

Have decided pain becomes bearable when u think of some people surviving different levels of pain...

a friend who visited Cambodia mentioned that some of the taxi drivers there were kids and had seen it all. To think that it was not really that long ago...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So it breaks!

Last weekend i wrote a post about love and said something like going through pain...

The same night i set out to do the weekly shopping, get back home and bend down to pick up a bag. A shooting pain shot out from my back to my leg. I could not walk stand nothing. The severe pain was comparable to child birth (it was that painful). Quickly hopped and managed to take an ibuprofen and get to sleep. I was twisting and turning cause it just would not give. Woke up in the mornign to find my face swollen like a gorilla (no offence). Thanks to ibuprofen which i am allergic to.

Went to the doctor and he had diagonosed the beginning of a slip disc and put me in an awful lot of painkillers. its been a hard two days of physical pain which scares me. I made the kids meals and went into my room and cried in pain. It was terrible. I felt like my world had come to an end (yes i can be a tad dramatic). of course he has said no to aerobics, yoga, bending, twisting. He has said yes to walking but not right now.

LD has given hope that it does get better and i can start all activities after two months.. right now it looks hopelessly bleak..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Love is.....

Thanks DD and LD for tagging me ( i love getting tagged yes i know i have told many times)

So here goes :

Love is

your parents hiding their tears at your wedding...

Crying like a river and my grandma Telling me to shut up and get on with life at my homecoming....

Holding your newborn and thinking how on earth was i capable of creating this miracle..

Your Daughter introduces you to every single friend at school and says this is my mom and she is so cool...

when your brother calls you up randomly to ask "how are you really"

Best friend from school being able to continue your friendship from where u left it off so many years ago.. (through face book hurray to fb)

Talking to M and P and telling all the bad things i have done and them not being judgemental..

when you both look at each other across a crowd and you know that u are going to work it out somehow...

My six year old sitting on my lap everyday for five minutes before he goes to school...

kids kissing you good night...

spending your saved handbag money to buy him a gift....

sacrificing dreams and beliefs just to be there for your love..

going through the pain and heartbreak just to make it work...

I dont think i have even done half of what love is... cause its a subject which can run into so many blog posts...

I tag : Chaarmax, Serendib Isle, the one who eats cookies, scrumplicious, lost soul, eppie, bimal and whoever else reads this post :)

I want to add more to this but there are four kids pretending to be red indians and i might lose the bit of love i have left...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thought For the Day!

after a long skype conversation with Australian M, the conclusion is ....

" You can never be too thin nor too rich"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

School, flu and the blues

I am so paranoid about this swine flu business getting into schools here. I know as sri lankans we should be more worried about the dengue business than swine flu. But then again so many kids have been travelling and on vacation. school is a place where kids can easily pick it up. What with india having cases in large numbers should we not be a bit more alert about it. or am i worrying about the unknown as usual?

then of course this busines of the lady who had gastric bypass and died. I was so upset after reading it. No i was not booked for one, but i did think i will get a tummy tuck once i save all that money (trust me the tummy is never the same after child birth). yes i know u have to work out and not take the easy way out under the knife for a bit of vanity . It is tempting since I suspect most of the flat tummy yummy mummies have done it.

Back in Shool!

So the kids are back in school after two whole months of vacation. S who is going into year two is a bit unhappy since he has got two strict teachers.

collecting his new books he could not temporarily see anything i was panicking about his eye sight but it was just a shock of a different sort.

S: mum they have given the wrong books

Me : they have (check the book it seems ok)

S: yes they have given me year seven stuff i am only in year two

Went to pick him up after his first day and a bunch of other moms asked him how his day was

S: Bad very bad

oh dear i think we have a long year ahead!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The past two days this week i have been chased by two buses overtaking each other and making my life miserable. (my car was in between these two buses) . I cant seem to get rid of them until we reach some sort of junction.

So when today a bus gave way to turn i did a double take and was looking around to make sure it was me that he was giving way for... Then the bus driver winks.. (yes its u i have bestowed the honour of not running over today.)

Speaking to M the college friend
M : My life is a treadmill
Me: U mean u have been working out nonstop
M : I have been walking all the time, its like walking and walking and more walking. Though i would ride a bike for a change and tried to run over an eighty year old woman.

(M just moved to australia to do her masters.)

I was laughing so much after talkign to her..
only excitement i had in return to tell her was how i got home from work , cooked dinner and fell asleep on the couch. Pathetic..

Hurray that we got the long weekend..