Friday, May 29, 2009

Tagged for Five!

Serendib Isle has tagged and said hope u dont mind ( I really mind ok) . I love the tagging game (yes very sad indeed i have run out of things to blog)

You write five words to describe how you feel about recent events in Sri Lanka.
You tag five bloggers.
You sit back and relax

Recent events in five words:

Uneasy ( about the present)
sad (looking at the IDPs)
Impressed (with the people involved with all the different charity drives)
Hopeful (for a better future)

Could come up with only four...

Here goes i tag Surani, Chaar-max, Jack Point, Bimal, Eppie (Where is she?)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

St. Jude at Gampaha

I went to St. Jude church at Gampaha today. Had a vow to print some novenas and give lunch for some poor. It was long over due and one of those days when i really wanted to get away from it all. So went along with a friend who needed some mind clearing. After a load of mix ups about what to do about the lunch involving asking my parents cook to make lunch then realising the poor need some good food and not the crap she dishes out. Thought i will buy some on the way. So we stop half way at kadawatha to buy lunch. the smell of food was a bit too much in the car for the rest of the journey. We saw this Soya place which sells all this soya pastry and ice cream, we decided to stop there on our way back. Even on the way to a religious place the stomach is always having its own agenda.

Get to the church. I have to say there are miracles which do happen when u visit here. DH kept asking why i was going off so far today but at moments of real messes involving work and life going to this church has given an extra energy to face things. I have seen miracles happen too. So we went in prayed a bit lit candles. I felt at peace and that things are going to be positively charged. The church is so peaceful and huge gardens which are nicely maintained. actually there are two churches. Am not sure about the history. Felt a bit lost in memory of coming there for feasts so many years ago.

Came out there were no people to give the food. The driver wanted to bring it back to colombo to give to some people here. i was adamant that due to vow we have to give in gampaha. Outside the church there are some accharu ladies who sell some really great veralu acharu, pineapple , woodapple accharu and manioc with sambol. went out and managed to give away all the lunch and buy a whole load of the achharu and stuff our faces. When i was a kid and mum used to take me to this place i use to go only for eating the achharu. i thought we were going all the way for that.

get back to soya place to have soya icecream. Looking at the pastries friend asks whats a mofin. Oh yes the soya mofin. had to explain to her thats the village muffin and had her laughing.
The mofin is in fact a roti shaped like a triangle (or square shape gone kind of wrong or mofin shape) nothing to do with the blueberry muffin.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mid week holiday!

A mid week holiday throws everything into an unbalance. U are not here not there. Wish they had given it on friday would have been convenient.

Cousin calls up and says uncle was stopped in his car and asked why he did not have a flag in his car.. Hemm (he is indian).

Get another call that a bunch of people were boooed at.

D the nine year old says " i am part of history mummy. this is a day of making history. Our great grandkids will learn about it"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Superstition playing through...

Once in two months my cousin calls me up and tells special poojas to be performed at the temples for the betterment of life. the easy ones i do the hard ones i leave it. last saturday she told me a fairly simple thing involving lighting of three lamps at three different temples. Woke up bright and early got ready started the car it did not start.

I got freaked out (yes i am a bit mad that i decided it was a bad omen) Got DH to start the car started. Then set off to temple. Went there decided shall pray before doing the lamp thing and left it and went inside. while praying mind was in a confused state and as such when i finished prayers was in a confused state of mind.

Came out to get my lamps someone had broken not only one lamp but the whole bottle of oil. i totally broke down. get home and was bawling non stop since i decided this is very bad news. I know it sounds mad but i was so depressed all day. I just could not get over it.

wake up in the morning open the front door and find a lizard dead with his tail seperate. scream shout and go and cry somemore that bad omen for dead lizard. So lie down on the sofa and am depressed. TV is on and i cant help but listen to some preacher say that getting obsessed about superstion is one of the stupidest habits of human beings. wierd but a coincidence...

why is it that i cant let go of all this superstitious mumbo jumbo.... I look at good omens all day...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flying Sri Lankan!

Went to chennai with the kids over the long weekend and added holidays cutting school and work. Was at airport and get approached by dodgy looking indian guy who wanted us to carry liquor to chennai for him. Just ignored and kept walking. ( i must be giving out the wrong signal with two kids in tow like a baggage carrier)

Get into the flight and sri lankan with its crappy service and attitude kept on announcing about their black label deal.

Six year old wanted to know what black label was and D wanted to know if we can get the deal and buy whatever is thrown free (she is picking up the tendency of hitting sales or an early interest towards liquor).

I was a bit put off with the non stop announcement in flight, then they push the cart across the aisle and are like do u want to buy the deal buy the deal (just like travelling in train in india where all the people come to sell their stuff).

The food is inedible to say the least i think they should just not bother giving out that crappy snack.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last week!

The last one week has been an eye opener of sorts for many things. Sent some milk powder and biscuits for the IDP, with help from B. I am taken aback when I asked some people for help and they were disinterested.

In a turn of events talking to a very close friend I was shocked when she suddenly asked me " As an indian what is your view on the war"

Before i could open my mouth and answer hello i am sri lankan, she went on about how we (indians) should mind our own business. She also continued The IDPs who are crossing over if one gets shot in a family so what its not such a loss. The tamils in sri lanka have too many rights in holding properties and went on to attack that most of us are moral less and quoted gossip stories about different people who are having affairs blah blahs.

I should have opened my mouth and argued that gossip stories are there in every race. (can i really use the word race here) It does not make me moral less. But i didnt i kept quite. this is a one off story but i think i got very affected since its someone who i have been very close with...