Thursday, January 21, 2010

The confusion and my Vote!

In the last week alone every day i have changed my mind about my vote. Today DH was kind enough to point out that i should have decided my vote in December and ended the conversation with his views on the elections.

Friends, family, cousins, colleagues, tailor, maids, drivers all have so many different views on it.

My moms friend and my mom were having a conversation that went like.

Friend : You do realise we are the minorities.

Mom : U are not Tamil know, so u are not minority

Friend : at times of this all minorities should get together and vote as one

Mom : u are not Tamil know

did u notice how the conversational thread had no link. Yes this is how all the over fifties converse. Aunty is a burgher for all those who are confused.

I am going to vote surely since every vote makes a difference. R says lets go waste it. Why waste it, i have another five days to get confused more about it. Another coffee at barista and still not sure...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Eclipse and Us!

From yesterday..
The topic of the day has been the eclipse. Everyone has been watching and reporting about it. I got special instructions from my dad. Do not eat during the eclipse and you must have a bath before consuming meals after. Then special instructions to tell the kids not to look at the sky. I did not bother passing on the message to the kids cause the minute i say dont look up. thats exactly what they will do the little one will spend hours gazing up and we dont want that now.

Olden day belief was your food turned poisonous if u eat during the eclipse cause a huge snake was gobbling up the sun (yes please laugh since i believed this when i was a kid and would starve and shut myself inside a room during an eclipse)

Hindu temples are strictly closed in the eclipse time, the floors are washed after it and then they do pooja. Some of us actually dont cook or eat or drink water at this eclipse time. the kitchen is cleaned and then cooking starts.

Was worried about the astrological thing since the eclipse plays havoc with the stars so its bad again. Wow always its bad and worse only why is that? oh that's how the astrologers mint money.

Friends called up to ask did u see it, its so great. I well just looked at the guys on the road looking up with special glasses and was not brave to look into the sky.

Long lost relatives

Mum had been away for sometime to India. Was bored and thought i would call her for a chat. Had the usual how are u blah blah. Mum was sounding highly excited which is not a good sign for me.
Decided to ignore it and asked the doomed question of where she is.

Immediately she goes on about some relatives that i don't know and she is like u know them right and gives the phone to this relative.

After a strained conversation which was not going anywhere mum comes back on line.

I was like " mum dont do that, dont give the phone to strangers" (this was all in sinhala, since i have this wierd thought that I could be on speaker)

Mum : yes yes yes u can talk to his wife

she gives the phone to the lady of the house.

Did i mention that she does this all the time?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three Idiots- Hindi Movie at Majestic

A really good light hearted movie. I laughed so much and there were moments that make u think. There were moments which made me tear. A must watch and a good one for the year. It was taken very realistically of some colleges and students in India. Could easily identify myself as one of those college students who had a few gods pictures and praying inside the hostel room in the mornings. Its with English subtitles so well worth the watch. Its three hours long but you wont feel it go by. The last show is at eight pm.

I was doubtful about going for it but after reading its the highest grossing bollywood movie of the year and everyone going on and on about it. Had to go check it out myself.

The story is slightly related to chetan Baghats "Five point Someone". Have not read this one but read one of his other books and must mention he is one of the best promoted new authors in India. His publishers have done a great job of having his books promoted in most bookshops, well displayed and also sold for very cheap affordable prices.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Katharagama 2010!

There I was on the annual pilgrimage to Katharagama. I was looking for signs of some sort to show me something about how my year is. Waiting at the entrance, we could not get in, there was huge crowds, was temporarily distracted by the kavadi dancers. They seemed so full of spirit dancing their cares away. A lady in front got posessed and started dancing. Kids were highly excited and wanted to join in the dance. Stopped them. The crowds were large in numbers due to the first weekend, no its always crowded. Two dogs started fighting and there was temporary panic. Held the kids tight. There was a two year old girl lost and crying for her parents. People from the temple led her away. So easy to lose yourself and belonging there. Went in with the crowds was pushed pulled was there for a few minutes. Still my mind was not at peace. It was just too short. I have so many things to ask for (although i know its not right that we should not ask god for things).

Next morning we went for the four thirty pooja. The gates were closed we were waiting with a small que. The weather was just right pleasantly cold. Yes katharagama was pleasant weather this weekend. It was not dry and hot as i always felt. We got into the temple just in time to wait for the five am pooja for the lord. I turned to look out, the crowds were there again. We had just made it on time. I looked at the beautiful face of Lord Muruga. I was going to start listing the things i wanted then i stopped. The clanging of the bells started. Suddenly i could not stay in there. The bells beating and the sound of the conch shell was making me dizzy. I was sweating maybe i should move out. But no i could not, the guy does the announcing was telling "dont move" repeatedly. For a moment i could understand how the women get possessed and lose their mind temporarily. It is so very easy. I stayed was feeling slighly ill, too much of heat and sound. looked again to the face of the lord. I felt he was looking at me. I just stayed with my prayers and a fear of fainting. Of course i did not faint and cause drama. I did not ask all the things i wanted. I realised that this year we will get the things we deserve. Isnt that always the case with life.

The last arathi and they gave us blessings turning around one of the priests smiled he gestured come forward and pray. That was the sign that I have been looking for...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Holy Cow - Book by Sarah Macdonald

A hilarious and thought provoking book by an Australian traveller. I laughed out loud many times but learnt so much about different religions.

It makes you want to travel through India through the dust and heat to visit these places and feel the power of the almighty in different forms.