Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Miserable Mondays Terrible Tuesdays!

So Yes I am in a chirpy mood which was further cheered up by work things going smooth Not.
I went to the temple last week and noticed an old lady staring at me. I smiled at her and looked at her. She just stared at me with a sad look. I really wanted to go have a chat with her and help her out. She turned and walked off while I was contemplating this.

Same story today. So I smiled a big smile (like the one in the happy face) and was getting ready to take the wallet and give her some money. Old Lady approaches me.

Old lady : Are u a Hindu?
Me : Uhm Uhm yes ( oh god what kind of question is this)
Old lady : Don't u know in our religion you must tie your hair when you come to temple.
me : "()*$(*$*"(")*( ( Damn old cow, i was so annoyed)

She walks off muttering something. By this time my whole religious and charitable mood was gone, so i followed her and asked her what she was muttering.

old lady : If u don't tie up your hair and pray, you will never get married.

I was positively fuming this woman is a miserable old git who goes cursing people. Damn woman.
Me : I don't think the religion tells us to tie our hair to pray.

Common sense says that you shouldn't come to temple and interfere with your wise comments.

Old Lady ( looked shocked ) : You wont get married
Me : Thanks so much , I am already married with two kids.

Old lady open mouthed.

Moral of the story : Dont feel sorry for strange old women in temples. Mind your business.!

Wednesday is going to be wonderful since I am on leave for a few days ! YESS!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

High Tea!

After a godawful week, ladybugs suggestion of High Tea was the best thing I had heard. I was excited to meet her and another friend who was down on vacation. So off we went to Galle face hotel High Tea.

For me the word high tea somehow conjures up the image of the mad hatters tea party in Alice in wonderland. I walked into the veranda and for a minute I was confused with what was happening. There was rows and rows of food.

Pastries, savouries, sandwiches and what not. There was a whole load of vegetarian food too. I didn't have the tea but had ice coffee and we stuffed ourselves and laughed so much maybe a bit loudly.

The veranda and the ambiance is really great. Walked out into the rains. argh it was pouring!