Wednesday, October 21, 2009

People watching -1 at a seminar

Went to a seminar last week and made these random observations.

1. I counted the number of people attending the seminar, there were 40 women to about 162 men. What kind of fractions is that?

2. I think only 1/4 of the lot were really paying attention and the rest were there cause office sent (including me)

3. Some people get up and ask questions thinking they are so clever but ask real dumb ass ones. why is that

4. In colombo if u go to any different type of seminar u are bound to run into someone u know.

5. before they wrap up the seminar about 3/4 of the people walked out although there was no delay whatsover.

6. a man seated in front was just turned and staring for the after interval part of the seminar. not flattering to oneself since it was stalker like stare. old uncle in front was looking this way that way this way and that way.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rags To Riches- The play

Went to punchi theatre last week to watch the above play. It was actually three plays rags to riches, monkey man and riches to rags. This was at the punchi theatre. First time i have been to punchi theatre and to neluka silvas production. Punchi is small alright, but its charming and I was totally fascinated by the whole interior.

The actors and actresses were 8 to 14 year old kids. It was a wonderful evening which made me laugh quite a bit. To be frank I walked in after a long tedious horrid day. Was so glad went for it cause was totally relaxed after watching the play. Have watched many kids plays in the past few years this was one play where i found she had really triedn to bring the kids acting skills to stage really well.

By the way my kids are not in her drama school, went cause wanted to take D There is not much entertainment for kids in colombo.

On the topic of kids, looks like swine flu has made its way into schools here. Oh well it was bound to happen i suppose.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This Deepavali!

Obama seems to have made the world aware its deepavali today (like in Ireland cause my Irish friend wished me for the first time).. Obama is the one who gets mentioned most on face book status i think. Last week it was Obama and Nobel prize. This week its Obama and deepavali. In a good way this deepavali business is my opinion.

To quote M(NRI) on face book status : I finally know what Diwali is! Thank you Mr. Obama

The sweet was so soft,melting, delicious and i think i am the next tarla dalal(Indian domestic goddess)NOT. It was a disaster with a big D. I did not have time to make nothing else so did the keasari and prayed and went off to visit the relatives.

There was aahing and ooohing about all the dishes cousins had brought. I just left what was had ordered, lets face it i should not be competitive is the new mantra(whatever).

To sum up its been good deepavali new clothes, too much food, could not watch a new movie, but i am off to light some sparklers. Maybe not if there are crackers there..

May the festival of lights bring happiness to you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweets, savouries and what nots..

Its Deepavali this Saturday. My cousins, in laws and all the women relatives call me to check how i am. Not that i am ill or that they miss me. Its a usual scene where they check what delight i have tried cooking up. Give them a standard answer of nothing. They express understanding that i have work, no maid and normal routine of life. Ya right, although they are murmuring some understanding noises i can feel the sense of what a failure not making sweets.

All of them have started frying up murukus and the works since yesterday. What nonsense is this they should not be frying up a storm since its not healthy.Called up mum in India to ask what she is doing. She sounded a bit dazed and strange. knowing mum she is probably stocking up from the ready made sweet shops to bring it here and palm it off as homemade. I have a theory it could be genetic that i am not bothering too much about cooking deepavali delights.

Last night Dh mentions that his mum has started making deepavali sweets n savouries. So are u just making keasari (rulang sweet) for the prayers and he smiles. (maybe i am reading between the lines). anyways i got all annoyed that he assumes i am not making anything or maybe the fact that mil has started making stuff and i am not even doing nothing.

Suddenly felt all righteous and like i would fail the all Indian test of deepavali celebration or whatever. I have decided to make almond barfi and pakodas. Maybe the added fact of the kids saying, oh we dont make anything my mum buys it from this aunt who makes it, could have been another hit to my pride.

After browsing the net i have found the said recipes. Hope i don't burn the vessels too much...

Oh yes i have never made the barfi nor the pakoda. But nothing like trying :)

(argh i still have to order the sweets to be sent to relatives, nope i am not sending the stuff i am going to make, its only for my house purposes)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rooster Tales!

Was happily sleeping when the power went off last night. I guess we were the lucky ones who got it back again for about ten minutes and no power until just a few hours back. The mosquitoes were having a field day. Was drenched in sweat as if working out.

Tried to convince myself not to complain for power failure for half a night and be spoilt and to think of the people who dont have power all the time. After convincing failed since i am spoilt, was lying awake and counting mosquitoes i mean sheep.

Spot on at five twenty our neighbours rooster started crowing (i think thats the word?)

DH : what the hell is that

Me : our neighbours rooster

DH : when did the neighbour get a rooster

me : He has had it for ages it crows every morning at five thirty.
(god men i tell u they dont even notice the rooster call in the morning since they are snoring and fast asleep)

Rooster was crowing non stop like for half hour. I think he was really affected by the power cut, not Dh but the rooster.

DH : I am going to throttle the rooster, tell it to shut up.

Me : i cant speak rooster language. U cant throttle it since we are vegetarian and we cant kill animals ( except mosquitoes that does not count anyways)

Dh looked ready to throttle me, it was time to get out of bed. Peeped out the rooster crowed a bit more when it saw me. Surely it could not have got frightened?