Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book Fair 2011

I went yet again to the book fair with D. We thought we ll beat the crowd and be clever about it and go at an odd time at three thirty on a Tuesday afternoon.
Guess what half of Colombo and the outskirts was in there. First, we were shoved in at a rate. You don't have to walk, the crowds just like push u like a wave or something.
It was worth the pain of it all, there was loads of fiction books and D and I had a good time picking up many. The bookshops have really gone to town and picked up loads of Indian editions of books cheaply and did not even have time to take off the prices.
We came out around five pm and there was even more people trying to get in. I saw a mass of thousands trying to walk in... (at the same time, I exaggerate not). I think the crowds increase every year.
It was worth all that since there is quite a bit of discount and more than that to see D's Happy face and bags full of books to read and art stuff to paint.
Warning to anybody trying to go in the weekend, it will be painful.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The New Coffee Shop!

Pascucci - Wijerama Mw
After reading about it and seeing it so often from outside, went there last weekend. I think going there twice in a row was a bit too much.
The first day I loved the ice coffee Amereti with little cookies in and the works.
Second day, I said just get me some ice coffee, something simple and it came with a whole bunch of ice cream dumped inside it. Maybe I should have told no ice cream.
The interior is done up nice and it was crowded. The price is fancy, there was a tiny cupcake priced at 350/- bucks.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pedicure Alert!

After reading Dee and Angels posts on waxing a couple of weeks back, I looked at my feet and was horrified to see the state of them. My feet were in a state of neglect, the colour had chipped off and there was one ugly pair of feet staring right back at me.
Recently I have been scared to venture for pedicures to salons afer hearing not once but many times about women picking up toe wounds and yucky stuff (lets not go into the details).

Being too lazy to do the pedicure myself, I thought why not treat myself at a good salon where fingers crossed nothing untoward to would happen to me.

There I was seated in a nice cushy seat and reading the hello magazine. I heard the customer next to me instruct her girl not to scrub her toe cause she has a wound.

ARGHh with a horrified look i turned and saw the womans feet it had a big wound right near below her toe nail.

Salon Girl : What happened madam ? (scrubbing around the wound at a rate)
customer : I got this wound from getting a pedicure here last time. Two months back. its not going off. (this was said very non-chalantly)

I almost had an asthma attack, grabbed my feet right out of the pedicure bench and gave an excuse of a meeting. Paid some money and scurried off to wash my legs with hot water.
Yes yes My feet are fine. I am just so very upset and horrified that the woman was not bothered by this toe wound thing which probably is there to stay for a bit, also the salon girl acting as if it was a normal thing.
Get a pedicure and a wound free!

Salons, probably do not have a proper way of cleaning or sterilizing their equipments.
Its back to home pedicure again. anyone know any place really clean for pedicures???

Monday, September 5, 2011

Three months Later!

Its been three months since I last blogged. I have no excuse to say except that I have been very lazy with blogging.
Two months of school vacation, Two family weddings in Chennai, Two trips to the beach, one month of yogaing, Reading six book, Loads of parties later - I had nothing to blog about.
Ok I think I will stop now.