Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Delightful Experience!

This is one of the many names of the Strawberry place near the lake. The other name being No Vacancy. The chocolate coated strawberry and the Strawberry and cream was so delicious Yumm. I had quite a bit. Oh how I wish I could have some more now. So here goes some amateur pics of the trip.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Long weekend!

Was in Nuwaraeliya with kids and their cousins. I started off very nervously since the responsibility of other peoples kids can be taxing to the nerves. Strangely a couple of the kids were knocked out on the way up and the others followed up closely behind. When i say knocked out they were sleeping, got up for breakfast at Ambepussa and slept again. I have not seen so much sleeping.

Its only later that I found out my cousin had given piriton to her kids so that they wont trouble and since a pair were out the others were snoozing as well. Went to Ramboda Hanuman temple. The temple was crowded since it was poya and ended up safely in the cool climes of Nuwara eliya. I cant say clean since it was so dusty and a bit polluted.

We did boating around the lake, horse riding and the visit to hakgala gardens where there were so many BLOOMING Flowers. It was well maintained and Crowded. After a long walk in and around the garden (must have walked for a good two hours) we were done for the day. Went into Humbug for the strawberry and cream and waited for half an hour and no order was taken. Decided to fore go the craving I had and went to the Grand Indian restaurant for lunch instead. It was such a bad meal. Seriously Nuwaraeliya needs some good restaurants, its miserable if you are vegetarian.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nine days of Prayers! Navarathiri- Day seven!

So its Navarathiri again, which basically means nine days of prayers.

Three days for courage and bravery - Prayers to Durga ( goddess of courage)
Three days for wealth and money $$$, - Prayers to Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth)
Three days for education and excelling in music, arts and crafts- prayers to saraswathy ( goddess of education and music)

The fun and tedious bit of it is all your family invites all the women ranging from two to ninety year olds to come visit their shrine room. Some of the ladies go all out and do this beautiful set up with dolls and decoration. The others like me and my cousins who are caught up in the work world just do prayers in the evening.

Fun bit of it is you get gifts at every house you visit. So i have a whole collection of glass bangles and knick knacks. Each gift is given with betel leaves coconut and fruits. Also you get to eat all this yummy food. Which means in return I have to do the same.

I got some cute tiny kitchen weighing scales to give as return gifts, except i got distracted and bought some other unnecessary stuff. Never mind!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I like it in the... !

This is the status update of many on face book for the past two days. Until a good friend explained it, I was lost it in imagination.
Personally It would be traumatic for breast cancer patients and survivors to read this sort of update. The article below seems to be in the same wavelength.

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