Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Driving the heat!

I have to get back home looking at galle face was the decision made last week. Oh how lovely to be able to see the Sea although it was looking very hot. Pass the roundabout and am happily stuck in traffic in front of Indian High Commission when there is loud tooting of horns.

looking at the mirror i see its some top important person going for something very important (like a UN meeting/ or a drink at breeze bar?) Now the tooting is getting louder and they are with their arms waving at me to move over. Hello there, I am stuck in a traffic block, cannot move an inch unless my Toyota puts out its wings and i fly out from there.

Seriously if this was eight months back i would panic since they are very polite and sometimes have the habit of getting off the vehicle and knocking on the windows to move. The knocking is not slight knock its more like boom boom i ll break the windows. My heart usually goes thud thud. But now i just looked back and stare menacingly ( i think) at them.

look to the side an auto driver is gesturing something with his finger. I was quite curious what he is saying i mean there could be only two things one he is trying to help me or two he is saying something obscene. Put the shutters down this with the tooting and brandishing of big guns behind. Auto drivers profound statement we should not have voted miss did u vote? .. wow what a moment for him to pick to have a mini discussion with me about the country. I shake my head this way that way and pretend i dont understand sinhala. I know English he screams.

now the tooting has doubled I am sure they are going to come and scream in filth or shoot me. Please shoot me i think saves my ear going deaf and everyone turning to look at me as if i am having a circus going on. Seriously where am i suppose to move the car onto? the merc in front of me or the auto beside me? or why not try indian action movie skill and try to ram onto the iron rods separating the sides of the road.

A kind jeep gives way and i kind of move the car with a little dignity. Did u know that Colombo has some kind hearted souls who actually give way. So about five vehicles moved forward stared at me and talk amongthemselves, i stared back! seriously i was still thinking shoot me! its the heat getting to my head.. ...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

God Questions?

Six year Old S : Mummy does god drink chilled or unchilled

Me : why dont u ask daddy sweety

S : u are always telling me to ask daddy and he is always changing channels in the tv mummy. U have to tell me does god drink chilled or unchilled

Me : he mostly drink unchilled because its good for you. ( i should have stopped at that.. but no i didnt) he does not drink coke, sprite, fanta

S : did you have a drink with god mummy

giggles and giggles and bursting into full laughter from the ten year old who was reading a book.

I have told S he can ask me three questions for a day only since i am running out of clever things to tell him.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sk n kajol!

the mobile beeps with "MUM"

Mum : Do you know that Sharuk Khan and kajol got married

Me : uhm what?

Mum : yes i just saw it on TV.

me: mum its their new movie, they have acted together after many years.

Mum : are u sure? (now she sounds a bit unsure)

Mum is the next Hindi gossip columnist.
Drop by at my parents to see mum glued to the zee channel like she could understand hindi. Now we have S singing hindi songs and speaking broken hindi all the time. He is her companion in this tv watching business.

five missed calls from mum while i am at a meeting. surely must be something earth shattering like snoopy the dog has refused to eat her lunch. (cant blame snoopy)

Mum : i have invited someone over for tea mr. S

Me : ok who is he?

mum :i dont know

me : who is he? mum

Mum ; I dont knoww ( when someone gives such an answer how can u not but wonder if u are really hearing things at times?)

after trying hard not to lose my temper, find out mr.s is some distant relative from india who is here on business. he has got mums number from another auntys uncles cousins sister and he wants to drop by. Now this sort of calls are usually ignored. with the bride hunt being stalled due to circumstances beyond our means like horoscope and astrological calculations gone wrong. This Mr.S has a sisters daughter who is suppose to be so great with a big G.
so this sudden tea party with a stranger.

Discovering THE Ice Coffee!

So there it is my discovery which is not in posh cinnamon grand coffee stop (the coffee tastes too fat, i am serious), not at over priced coffee bean ( telling you something wrong with the milk), barista (have u noticed how its empty most of the time) or the ones aunties make (which has too much milk, vanilla, icecream and less alcohol)

The best one in the whole of colombo would be at green cabin. It tastes heavenly and its addictive. So little D and I seem to have consumed vast amounts of said ice coffee at green cabin.

any other suggestions on my discovery?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday Morning

Parked near the odel roundabout with heavy traffic in the morning. My moment of thinking about important things in life is loudly interrupted by mom who points at the Huge Ad tv. There is an ad on analene milk powder. She pointed out that might happen to my bones and it will all break into pieces if i don’t buy an analene and drink it. I was uhminng

Next ad starts she is reading it to me since i am illiterate. It goes like “ is your house safe? Is it protected” thankfully the light changed and we moved off. Mum was annoyed that she could not get my house protected and saved since she did not finish reading the rest of it.

Get to work and she calls me after her visit to the astrologer. I have good news u are going to build a new house and B is getting married before December. But did he not say the same thing last year mum. Well apparently the astrologer had said that your I look distrustful whenever I come for a reading and that I should believe in him.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Credit Card!

I have been so nice to the bank agents who call up about new promotions on credit cards and said nicely but firmly that no i don't want another credit card. With some types i have gone to the extent of explaining that personal finance and me are like a crumbling cup cake.

The last month and a half i have not run into shops and bought stuff randomly. I even cancelled one of the credit cards in a bid to turn over a new leaf.

Last Saturday was at the dentist with D when i realised i had no money in my wallet. So quickly popped to the ATM at the nearest bank. After taking cash i don't know why i walked up to the agent and told her that i want to apply for a credit card. Behaviour out of the ordinary is what i would categorise this. So i applied for a credit card ignoring all the promotional stuff. Have been feeling guilty all weekend about this new acquisition which i can cancel but i know i wont.

Maybe i will cut it up when it arrives. (maybe after i use it just once)