Friday, October 31, 2008

Home alone

Being alone at home with the kids questioning me whether i was not scared was enough to put a brave face. Inside I was really worried was thinking of different ways a thief could break into the place along with jack and the beanstalk or jack the ripper. So i did what was the next best solution went to bed at eight. Could not sleep so kept reading some chicklit. At ten pm I hear crackers. No this was not the fireworks courtesy of SL govt but actually someone was bursting crackers, rockets and those chakra things (which go around and around lighting up). It was obviously the neighbour who had decided to celebrate the festival of lights a day late.
The fireworks were continuing for about half an hour to forty five minutes and I had lost sleep. In the midst of it heard the door bell ringing non stop with a loud shout to come out. There were no words to describe how scared I was. So went out to see a angry looking cop demanding why on earth Was I bursting crackers. By this time the neighbour was out and explaining that it was indeed them and blah blah.

By this time the sleep was all lost and went back inside to have the power go off. It was one miserable and frightful night with me questioning for the millionth time is it really worth staying in this place?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Home Alone part 1

Deepavali brings the good fortune of having all the maids packing up and leaving the town of colombo. Dh was also out on business. So there I was home alone on tuesday night. With all my big talk was very nervous so called up my brother (who obviously was not going to come and stay with me)

Me; Well i will ask mom then

B: Not a good idea she is going to complain that your house is unclean

Me : My house is so damn clean although no maid i clean it myself u can eat of the floor(ok i dont genearlly eat of the floor anyways)

B : (looks confused) u mean your dressing room is clean !!!

ok dropped mum coming and staying with me at that point. Everything is clean except that area where the clothes are like nevermind. So decided to face it alone.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The play

I took D to watch “The Sound of Music” play. It was superb, the singing the acting the whole works was really very good. Although it was three hours long and D kept fidgeting a bit we did enjoy ourselves so much. I mean how can they make that long movie into a shorter play. The actors and actresses the big ones and kids all were excellent.

Its playing at the Lionel wendt this whole week. There are different casts each day. I am sure all are as good as each other. Its been ages since I watched the movie and going to do that this week….

Here I go again…

For all the guys who hated it. I loved the movie. Its girlie, chick lit stuff and soppy, but ohh I recovered from my illness just by laughing and enjoying all the old songs. The theatre was full of girls women all ages (ok ok not much girls lot of aunties). While collecting the tickets bunch of aunties were very excited to get their Etickets for the first time. They were going on and on about how posh it was.

DH was cringing since I dragged him to watch it with me. But with me singing along and jumping up and down the broken seat he had to laugh. By the way the seats in the cinema are torn with sharp objects poking out and if u are lucky u can get away without getting scratched by rusted metal.

Thank god I did not take the kids since this is PG 13 and well its not for the small ones but there were loads of kids.

Met up with some mums from school and while chatting one of them goes on about her dot dot dot life (for the ones who did not watch the movie that stands for sex). It was hilarious listening to her story, but nope I am not going to post it here.

Now I have all the songs running in my head and can’t help but keep humming the tunes

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Thats where I have been the past ten odd days, due to severe flu and some other neck related stuff which we wont go into gorry details. It was quite a mayhem in there. Have never been ill in my whole life and was almost seeing the light. For a moment i wanted everything to end for me because the pain and fever was so bad. Was busily dreaming of my gala funeral (yes i do get a bit mentally ill at times). While the family had assembled and had arguements about whether to fly me to india or finish me off here. There in my bad condition i was dragged to three docs who gave many verdicts. what pissed me off was the guy i wanted to really see refused to see me on the ground that he sees only this number of patients. But anyways we did manage to barge in and see him. I am just going to recover slowly but steadily.

The good thing in all this is i have lost five kgs woooohooo woohoo and turned into a babe but a bit pale ( sometimes thats the in thing to look all pale and worn out well angie does look a bit pale and thin thats angelina jolie). I lived without my mobile well not talking on my mobile for about seven days. It was an experience by itself, i mean i had numerous missed calls. Auntis decided i was pregnant and ashamed since i have reached the old age of 32 with a nine year old daughter toooo and who gets preggy at that far lost age or some crap and thats why i was housebound. A good meaning friend called me to ask if i was lying low and getting a lipo. Well now she is not going to believe me when i walk into school with my sudden weight loss.

As of now i cant stand the sight of food, chocolates or anything except orange barley..... no mrs g s mirangue would not tempt me. This is all a good sign since i am going to incorporate that into my new healthy life or whatever the hell....