Monday, December 28, 2009

Ending the Year!

What a better way to end this year than to get the flu. I shall not keep complaining about how bad the year 2009 was since complaining is not going to get me anywhere. Santas gift for christmas was a bout of very bad flu to the whole family.

Hope all of you are doing good!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Six year olds take on life!

Over the weekend i took the kids to watch the movie Up. The movie was ok but this is the kind of thing the spoilt bunch of today need to watch. the first bit was cute where they had this cloud thing that had a Disney touch. the rest of the movie was so so.

S goes : Mummy who will i stay with if daddy and D die?

D (10year old) : i aint dying i am immortal ( god she is my kid all right)

S : no mummy what happens if they die.

Now strangely S does not broach about my death.

Me : sweety u will have your own family so u will be ok.

S : but mummy i dont want to be alone.

D : why is he talking about my death he is nuts.

I tried explaining he would have his own family and his sister was going to live until 100 and that maybe i will die too later. The explanation went all wrong.

Next day his buddy senaka is in love with ching hoo. Senaka the six year old has confided to S that he is definitely marrying ching and s can be the best man.

Next series of questions

S : mummy how can senaka and ching hoo marry. He is sri lankan and she is chinese. The mummys and daddys will fight and sisters and brothers.

Me : it does not matter u can marry anyone, senaka can marry ching if he wants.

S keeps on repeating the same thing about how the families are going to fight. This is due to overdose of watching Tamil movies i think .

Ching hoo seems to be the catch here since Alex is also in love with her. Year 2 these days seem to be really drama filled.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Treasure Island!

Was on a day trip to kandy last week. In a specific area it was amazing to see tea plantation, and just parallel a small patch of cloves and pepper.

So this Island of ours has a gold mine of natural resources. Spanning from tea, rubber, gemstones to spices. In spices you get a variety like no other. Cloves, Black pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmegs, Mace. As if this wasnt enough we can also trade in coconut and cashew nut.

We also manage to produce some of the worlds brands like gap,M&S,Victoria secrets and Next to name a few.

I think i have not done justice to many other things that the country is blessed with. Hopefully the future will be bright and we will tide over our economic and political dilemmas in the coming years.

Naming and re-naming!

Its almost the year end. What a horrendous year it has been and am i glad its over. In the end of last year after an astrological meeting my mum made me add a h in my name. My mom is with the astrologer every week like a hobby trying to figure out the betterment of our life. He is full of ideas and the last bright idea was changing my name.

I laughed it off and ignored it. Mum was in argument that she named me that she could change my name. She had rights. I argue that i am an adult that nobody but myself should change my name if i chose to. Anyways whatever u do u know how mom is always right.

In a moment of sheer desperation i added an H in my name and complicated it. Was teased enough with everyone huffing with H in my name and pronouncing it wrong.

H was suppose to bring me harmony, happiness, health, hope and a home. For all those who are laughing (i am laughing too so its ok u can laugh), i added the H thinking i will find it.

Yesterday i was feeling helpless, hopeless and a lot of hatred with life(horrible too if i may add). It was a light bulb moment. I decided to take off the H. I did not huff about it i silently took it off.

If u are adviced to add an extra e in your name for excitement,energy trust me u will end up feeling like an eejit in the end of it.

Mums changed her name too and it sounds all wierd. I am not going to upset her by my announcement of dropping the h. It was silent when it came and it shall leave with a blog post in honour of it..

Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Made up!

So there I was at a family function and saw my brother walking right past me and asking a cousin where I was.

The cousin said why she is here. Brother looked at me startled and said hi and had a chat and went off. Poor B he must be losing his eye sight thought I. In a growing wiser moment i was wondering how we are going to find him a bride with the eyesight going too.

Later this week the pics were up in face book. So i was looking at the cousins and there was a woman i did not quite recognise. Why on earth have they tagged me as her. Whats happening with the world i wondered. After two whole minutes i realised all the picture of the woman were tagged as me. Holy Cow it was me. Damn damn i was made up to the nines that i could not recognise myself. I looked like a prize cow. Ok ok not a cow should not put myself down. I had a ridiculous amount of make up on, like the whole salons worth of face powder on me.

Then i realised in the hurry of getting ready i had taken off my contacts and gone tp the salon got myself made up. Checked it in bad lighting with no lens. Decided i looked a right babe (but om true sense blown it by looking like jojo the clown). Paid money for this crap. Never in my life am i going to get made up at a salon again!

By the way trust me when your cousins say oh u look great with that fake smile dont trust them. Always check the mirror befor u step out with your glasses on.