Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thala 2012

A mesmerizing dance performance by Channa upuli at Nelum Pokuna last Saturday was my weekend treat. The programme had the best of dance, music, costumes, performance and venue.

It was a proud moment to discover that this dance troupe had won first place at the Berlin Dance Culture festival 2012 competing with 92 countries. They truly deserve the win.

A few drummers performance was in between the dances were also highly catchy and fun.

The only issue I might have had was it started late as most programmes here do, when it ended at 10 pm, I was sad to leave.

The duo channa and upulis daughter who performed has got the talent. The father daughter dance was just beautiful.

A lot of thought had been taken in the choreography, costumes and jewellery,  you are at one moment trying to take it all in.

The troupe has gone some of the best talent in Sri Lanka and the hardwork and practice put in shows.

view some photos here :

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Wonder" By R.J. Palacio


Wonder by R.J. Palacio, a children’s book but was suggested by the Bookstore Chapters and Verses for Adults. I did wonder for a moment what could be in it, do I have the patience to read a children’s book. ( I was tired of reading to the nine year old who had an attention span of five seconds), curiosity got the better and I picked a copy.

What a fantastic book, which makes so many emotions, and thoughts to run across your mind. You are left with the feeling that you should share this with your child. So I suggested the thirteen year old to read it. The thirteen year old took one look at the back page and said “are you serious it sounds depressive so I can’t read it”.

She watched me take the book out and read it and make notes. It was important for me that some of the little lessons in the book should be incorporated into my life. One week later, I found my 13 year old with her nose deep into the pages. So we finished the book and got into a discussion and an agreement that as far as we could we should choose kind over right.

A quote from Book:




― R.J. Palacio, Wonder

Tags: kindness, precept, righteousness