Friday, November 26, 2010


I thought I had left school and university and done with these godawful things. Recently, I have discovered you dont really get out of if when your kids have exams. Teaching the 7 year old has been a traumatising effect.

A small example :

1. Riddle one : I am all around you. Breathe me in and out. what am I?

S : Ghost

The answer is of course air for the ones of you who have forgotten your year 3 work.

2. Can you eat cut fruit from the road. Expain your answer

S: yes

S: my mum eats mangoes from the road

The answer should be of course no. The food kept out is not clean.

The eleven year old Einstein was shocked that I could help with her work.
D: wow mom you actually can explain the work I am impressed
Me : I went to university
What does she take me to be some sort of idiot who only shops.
Thank God all this is over.