Monday, March 30, 2009

Discovering the Museum!

A last minute mad rush into pettah today. The crowds were so much less that usual new year crowds. Since i remember peak traffic starts at three usually on other years today at three there was not much cars. Made it into prince street the haven for toys. If anyone wants to buy loads of toys please go to prince street. So much of stuff for less that half the price i can clearly say 1/3 rd of usual price. I went a bit crazy looking at all the stuff and the prices.

Penguin Plaza is a decent shop where everything is arranged very methodically and u even have a place where u can sit and relax while the stuff is being packed. suggestion is take a three wheeler since u will never find a parking space there. Walking down the road is no fun since the method of communication by the cart pullers is whistle whistle or sing sleazy tamil song.

Stepping out after happy purchasin i saw this huge old buiding. Museum right in front of me. I am ashamed to say that i did not know that there was another museum right there in prince street. I mean all the talk of my love to colombo and i had no clue there was a Dutch Museum right in the middle of pettah in prince street.

Nope i did not rush in to polish up my bit on history. Thats for another day!

Milling the MIL

This is a long overdue post about the MIL. Have to thank my friend P who wanted to dedicate a facebook thread discussing the merit of the Mother in law. We have not got around to it yet but should be interesting.

Quoting another good friend DD s words " You think your MIL is bad wait until u meet mine"

My MIL cannot stand me from day one. Not that i am a perfect person but i have tried. I have tried so much but she has pushed me over the edge that i stopped it now. I know there are loads of mother in laws who get along so well with their daughters in law and treat them like their own kids. But not mine. She is nice and sweet when the son is around and i see a quick personality disorder when he is out of earshot.

I think the dislike comes from feeling of love towards your son. A feeling of territorial intrudership.. Three years of playing big happy families at my in laws was enough. I think it comes from not forgiving the woman who takes their son away from them. Then i suggest dont get your darling married keep them with you.. But i never did take him away did i they came and found me for him.

I have taken to advicing my mom every day to stay away from the daughter in law who we are still hunting for. Oops will i turn into one too when S gets married!! arghhh

whats your take on your monster oops mother in laws?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Night Out In Chennai!

After a long tedious day of visiting relatives get back to the hotel with DH. I had absolutely done no shopping and was slightly worried about the state of my suitcase which was empty. Going up to the room we met some Wierdly dressed adults in the lift. oh right they were going clubbing to the night club at the hotel. We were staying at a fairly normal hotel.

Dh said lets go check out the club. Hemm after seeing the wierd people in the lift i was a bit skeptic, so told him to go check if it looks ok. He comes back looking quite excited, is it the chennai weather thats hitting his head, or being alone with me. He is like u have to see this!

Right i have seen a fair share of seedy nightclubs in chennai in my college days. well decided to go for it. Thank god i had packed one set of clothes appropriate for a night out with friends (which i never got around to doing anyways)

So we walk into the club there were like a huge number of bouncers outside. they looked thrilled to see us. Found out soon enough why. The guys out numbered the girls by one is to twenty at least. I am not kidding here. I could count less than ten girls ! The night club itself was impressive like in tamil movie style.

So we are quickly shown to this safe are (since thats where the girls with the guys are) to sit. Right in front of the dance floor. Dance floor is inhabited by a single guy dancing chennai moves to a hindi song.

Right so we just sat there and watched this lone dancer do his moves. After a good ten mins he leaves the floor and five girls start dancing. Immediately the dance floor is protected by eight bouncers and the guys are not let in. Right! by this time i was laughing at the whole situation. after the girls have done their only sole dancing for about three songs. Their boyfriends join them all to the song of "Singh is KING" after permission by the bouncers.

This huge guy comes up and smiles in this sleazy way and stamps my foot and leans over to the girl who is sitting at the other end and says something in here ears. she looks pissed off and turns the other way. then while leaving says sorry to me with sleazy smile again. Dh is pissed and gets up to tell him off. I pull him back since my foot was still in working order. we get up to leave.

Big Commotion breaks out with this girl pushing the same sleazy guy into the dance floor and beating him up with her handbag. Wow serious action time. Highlight for the night. Dh spoils it by pulling me from jumping and cheering her and out. oops all the couples have also had the same idea. We scramble into the lift and leave.....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fair and Lowly

One of the older aunts dropped by the other day with a gift for D. I have to mention she is one with the snow white skin. She gave it to me and inside was a jar of fair and lovely. This is for D u can tell her to use it. D looked at me and my stricken expression was mirrored on her face. D is not fair but an average Sri Lankan child.
I took the tube did not say anything. I felt offended, upset many emotions that my child is hurt. I can’t tell the aunt off either since that will cause enough drama to last me a year.
After aunt leaves D comes up to me and asks what I am doing with the tube of fair and lovely.
Me; Nothing
D: Mum I don’t understand when u and I are not bothered by my colour what is it to the others
I was speechless by my nine year olds wise words.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chennai Days!

Thats where I was last week on a spontaneous trip to attend a wedding with DH. It was five days of non stop shopping, visiting relatives,attending a wedding, watching a tamil movie in sathyam, eating and not doing much work.

March ending the end of year sales was booming. The recession means more sales and more buying. I think seeing all the 50% Off signs were making me feel dizzy. Seeing the signs did not make me shop till i dropped. But i did my fair share to boost the sales.

Did i mention about the food. I ate so much of food which was out of this world. Including dodgy melon juice served at a house which gave my throat pain. And the road side boiled peanuts with the chennai dust which just took my appetite away after getting back. . .