Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moving forward!

I have been a back bencher pretty much all my life. In my last year in school, university even movies, always in the back row. The fascination with the back row dates to my bored days in school and somehow thinking it’s cool to be there in the back row. Of course I ended up doing jack in these days. I eternally drew flowers and heart or played crosses and noughts with my other back benchers.

When I started working out in the aerobics class a good ten years back I was in the front row and stick thin. Good habits die hard and the last few years I somehow managed to end up in the back row. I was never stick or thin again.

Last week when it was pouring and there were not many people at aerobics with a sudden move I was pushed into the front row. So there I was right in front of the mirror and looking at my companions whoever over sixty (double my age) and way more fit than me, I was out of place again. Felt a bit proud that I have been moved forward by the instructor, I thought it was due to my wonderful posture and dedication to the moves she was going on about.
How wrong I was to be elated.

Instructor: You are going to be in the front row from now on! (She Yells)
So come and join us in the front
There my moment in the limelight I was in the front row right in front of the mirror and looking towards my side all the fit and fine sixty year olds and the aerobics teacher.

Me: Uhm uhm (smile like an idiot)
Instructor: u keep peeping out of the class all the time in the back
row, so no more of that
Giggles not from me but the rest of the aunties and class