Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stone unturned contd.

For a minute I turned cold when I heard that we were transporting the said stone. I knew clearly that this sort of thing is not allowed. (Isn’t it strange how u remember laws clearly at moments when u are not suppose to). I started arguing with my brother who was telling me to relax that we were supposed to drop it off in matakuliya. My mom had told B this but not mentioned to me that I was supposed to carry out this getting rid of Mr. Stone. As fate would have it we were stopped at a check point. After the necessary questions of id and checking if we do infact know our addresses blah blah whets in the car please open behind.

Cop : what is this?

Me : turtle

Cop : You know it’s illegal to transport
There began a huge interrogation where he clearly said that we could be arrested for this sort of thing. B looked very worried. I did what I usually do made a prompt decision that I would go to the station and answer questions since b was in the marriage market and this would have been big black mark. I could just imagine the family having a field day gossiping that this was our part time business. I was getting very carried away.

So again I told him our story of we had no clue who left the thing in our house and its bad luck so we are going to drop him off. Now the cop was fascinated about the bad luck business. After a good twenty minutes discussing the pros and cons of good luck and bad luck beliefs, we were told to carefully drop the fellow off at some water point and go home.

Off we were to kotahena to pick up a catcher to do the needful of sending the fellow off. Mr. Stone was set free into the sea where he belongs. To this day we have no idea how he was found in the pond……

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stone unturned….

My parents have a small pond in their garden which is just a breeding ground for chicken gunya and dengue I think. While picking up the kids the other day they wanted to show me something in the pond. I try my best not to hover around the said space in fear of mosquito attack. They pointed out this turtle… which was followed by a big scream (that was me).

I am not scared of turtles or anything like that but I think it’s an Indian folk tale or some sort that having a turtle or tortoise is bad luck. So scream was a result of that. Screaming brings mum out who in turn screams some more and rushes off to find who has put a turtle which will not only bring bad luck but a court case (according to mums informed sources). Kids were absolutely thrilled that we both were screaming and running around and said that in fact that the turtle had been living there for over two weeks and his name was Mr. Stone.

Even now I don’t understand why the kids did not mention Mr. Stone to me earlier. So after a meeting of sorts it was decided that the turtle will go. So mum as usual is so bright decided stone will be transported by me to Galle face.

Me : mum Galle face is off bounds, no one goes there, if I get off to send the turtle off I will get into trouble.

Mum : drop him off in marine drive (for what I don’t understand so that he could drop by at Mary browns?)

Me : I am not dropping him anywhere just tell the maid to take him home and drop him off in the river.

I know the pet guys are going to come after me again but I could not bring myself to take the thing in my car. I have had my fair share of accidents for the year. Next day my brother asks me to drop him off somewhere. So I go home and peep into the pond nothing then find mum….

Me: mum have u sent the turtle away

Mum mumbles something which I assume is yes and I leave with my brother. While driving I can’t help but hear a rustling sound of a sili sili bag.

Me: what is that sound. Did u leave a bag behind?

B : Yes

Me: Why is there so much sound

B : it’s the turtle!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Master Po!

I am not going to write a review about the movie. But shortly, it was so funny and hilarious. The kids were clueless especially the four to six year olds, they did not understand any of the jokes but laughed a bit here and there. Fun was had by all.

I had the honor of taking two teenagers with me to watch the movie. While I was laughing so much I could not help but notice that they kept rolling their eyes whenever I laughed and looking at each other and gesturing. Probably confirming the fact that I was slightly cuckoo.

Interval time after offering chips, coke whatever and hearing with absolute horror “NO” they had a chat with me.

Teenager 1 : you seem to really enjoy the movie

Me : Yes I think it’s funny

Teenager 2 : well it’s not our kind of thing, like u know not our cup of tea

I did not say anything wanted to tell them where to get off. But since I am a very polite and kind yes right (you can be kind to spoilt Fob’s from abroad who want to look at us like we some veddhas). I am not even kidding about these kids.

What is it with kids who go abroad when they are small and come back and act with u like u are some village bumpkin.

After the movie little D came up to me with the face (of absolute sorrow)

Me : Sweetheart are u sad that the turtle died I felt sad too (I did almost cry)

D : mum they were laughing at you and me because we were laughing at the Movie. They roll their eyes and keep showing like we are mad.

Me : (this has to be handled delicately since I did not want to turn her against her cousins, but then I am slightly not mature to handle this by myself either, so I did what I usually do, looked at my friend i/e arch the eyebrow and look for some input)

Friend (steps in gratefully): They are spoilt brats who don’t know to have fun. Ignore them and do not hang out with them

(Right now that this has been handled greatly (not) the kid is confused between being cool with her cousins and accepting the brat bit)

Friday, July 25, 2008

City of Entertainment

That is Genting Highlands which was founded by a guy in the late sixties (apparently he is the fourth richest in Malaysia now). Very innovative I mean who would have thought of picking a mountain and converting it into a full fledged place of casinos and a theme park and hotels. Since this was a kiddie’s holiday only gambling I did was spinning the wheel with the kids in the kids section of games.

They have an outdoor theme park which was not accessible due to misty weather but that’s all right since they had an indoor one as well with loads of shops. You can take the longest cable car ride in the whole of south Asia to get to this mountain. D was popping chocolates at a rate when we got into the cable car but freaked out half way that we were going to fall down and die since it was going right on top of a rainforest. Had to pacify an upset nine year old with more chocolates (but u are not suppose to eat anything in the cable car). But emergency situations call for breaking rules. It’s different from the Singapore sentosa cable car ride. Its longer you pass so much of rainforest and it was misty the day we went.

The tour guide had his own headache with an Indian family who were throwing a fuss since the weather was bad.

Indian lady : you should have checked weather before bringing us here

Tour guide : weather is unpredictable

Indian Lady : you should have informed at the bottom of the mountain

Tour guide : it was clearly sated that weather cannot be predicted

This was going on for a good fifteen minutes and ended with the tour guide just ignoring her after a bit and not answering her questions at all.

Bags N shoes

I have to say that Malaysia is so cheap for most products except clothes. They have far too many malls with so much goods, you start feeling dizzy after a big. It is so much cheaper than Singapore.

When I landed in Colombo airport was very worried with the suitcases of twelve pairs of shoes (not all mine) and seven handbags. Totally like un explainable situation. What with the shopping festival which is on for the whole of July I went a tad overboard with seeing the words “SALE” in bright red letters. It might be a disease but seeing the word sale drives me towards unexplainable purchase mode.

Shopping was not the only thing on the agenda. There are so much of things to do and frankly u need a week to look around at least part of Malaysia. They have so many theme parks, adventure stuff and loads of stuff to do with kids. So I am back in one piece with a burnt credit card and totally broke.....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deserving to be Happy!

Talking to best friend M, I came to realize that you have to believe that you really deserve to be happy. Hemm I never thought of happiness like that. It was more on the scene of why am I not happy or satisfied? But after frantic texting and calling she said one thing which stuck in my mind that you have to believe that you really deserve to be happy.

So trying to incorporate that into my little world has been difficult. But as changes take its own pace of time. Thinking that you deserve something makes you work towards that goal.

So heres to more happy moments (with the added bits of heart aches and sorrows).

Monday, July 21, 2008

Magic touch electronically...

Who would have thought of such an innovative product. An electronic chair which gives u a shiatsu massage. Came across this thing in malaysia and tried it out. Must say it was pretty good. Maybe its been in this part of south asia for a long time but when I was travelling in Singpore a year back never saw this chair. Its really good, so next time anyones heading out to malaysia do try this chair thingy.

Another must try is the fish spa, although i was a bit scared to try it out but now regret i did not. Its this big tank of water filled with tiny fish and you put your feet into it they are suppose to eat away the dead skin. Its not painful cause i watched loads of people trying it out. I was feeling a bit worried about putting my feet in and feeding the fishys my dead skin. thought it was /kind of not right for some reason but have read its really good.

Getting back home......

Getting back home after vacation gives that happy/sad feeling. Happy that you are back, sad that u are back on routine.. hey but life cant be one big holiday for all can it....... More on my holiday with the kids soon.......

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Checking in the mornings….

Saturdays are days to sleep in and relax and get to work late. Such a simple thing cannot be done what with the mobile ringing right on dot at six am

Dad : are you sleeping?

Me : No I am not

Dad : You sound sleepy

Me : No I am wide awake have been up for the past hour jogging I have a sore throat ( all bull since I was fast asleep and hated being rudely woken up by a call in the morning)

Then the conversation was dull and pointless and he hangs up. I mean parents and in laws really do not have a time sense ( I have been woken up like this the whole week by dad and father in law at six am by phone calls every single day the past week). How can anyone sleep after that, get ready to leave to work as I am stepping out the cops are right at the gate to do their usual routine house checks.
Four of them just stare at me while only one speaks with a big smile and tells me politely that they have to check the house. I mean usually I get nervous with checking ( not that I have anything to hide) but the fact that the husband is away traveling was one of it. So got too hyper and cheery and welcomed them in as if long lost friends. All of five them looked momentarily confused and looked at each other and came in. The lady wanted to check out the house all rooms and when they asked me how many in the house I said me and the maid and husband is away. So they looked around and said its only the two of u. I was like yes. There is a big mistake in that statement since I had two sleeping kids upstairs who I had forgotten to mention completely. What kind of an idiot am I?

Anyways the nice lady checked my dressing room which was an utter mess like one of those hurricanes have hit it (what to do I am a messy clutter person).

Then we go upstairs and she is like “who do we have here?” Quickly calls her colleague.

I was also wondering who we have up there. Then they look at me expectantly waiting for a proper answer.

Me : Oh they are my kids

They just look at each other and come downstairs and after talking to the maid are about to leave ask me if I have any relatives from the north east. I was quick to jump and say no I don’t but I have relatives in India. Sure enough they were least interested about my aachi and seeya being from India

The last point I did was offer them tea/ coffee. I don’t think they were paying a friendly chatty visit they politely declined. I know I should not have gone to that extent of hosting a tea party for them but I really did want to give them a cup of tea.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I love earrings big dangly ones, studs, hoops, small ones big ones, tiny ones. I think the earrings I love the most are anything with a big hoop. Of course this is all fake stuff or silver for some strange reason I hate gold or any other sister metals of the gold company.
I change my earrings almost everyday without fail. Try to keep it down on work days like not too bright and showy. But otherwise bigger the better….

Anyways went to a family function the other day with my newest favorite dangly pair. Two of my aunts (who are sisters were caught staring at my ear with profound interest or so I thought).

Two aunties are old cronies who have nothing better to do but gossip and be bitchy about everyone around them. So when they talk to u there is no hi how are u its straight to the point.

A 1 : what is that in your ear

I was momentarily confused since did I have hair growing out of my ear (yuck sick) or like some unknown growth (need to be attended by surgeon immediately). So felt my ears and my bright blue dangly earrings.

A 2 : You are wearing some cheap looking earrings

Me : ( tastefully cheap is more like it) its fashion aunties

Aunties grilled me for a few minutes until I was impatient and losing my temper slowly. They wanted me to promise that I won’t wear the cheap earrings again and then the all important question

“Where is all the gold that your amma gave u for the wedding ? All that gold….”

Me : “ I sold it “ Gave a big smile and walked off.

IT was worth the look in their faces or so I thought.

Within seconds mum comes like she is being attacked and drags me to a side

Mum: you pawned the jewellery? Is that why u are wearing this fake stuff on u all the time.

(Didn’t I say sold not pawned?)

Me: I Was joking u know I wear this stuff all the time…

Mum: I need to check your locker

Me: What (you are kidding me, no I have not sold or pawned the jewellery yet) you believe those two hags is it.

Mum: I need to check that the jewellery is in fact there, do u know how hard it was to collect all that gold

Me: which I don’t wear anyways..

Mum : do u know the value of gold these days

Me : it does not mean anything to me

Mum : final I am coming to the locker……… (walks off with a huff and a puff)

Aunties looked satisfied with a job well done and when I was getting blessings to leave they were kind enough to remind me to wear some gold on my ears next time……

Friend’s husband and my friend

Mum calls up in the middle of a work day whispering that she needs to talk to me urgently.

Me: why are u whispering?

Mum: I am at the jewelers

Me: (repeat same sentence) Why are u whispering

Mum: your friends here and your friend’s husband.

Me: Mum I don’t care why are u calling me about this

Mum: (repeats the same sentence again) your friends here and your friends husband

Me: amma I really have to go

Mum: iooo what is wrong with u your friends husband is here with another one of your friends

Me: what

Now real explanation to find out that a friends husband H and another friend (who is obviously not the wife) R are at the jewelers. Simple enough that they must have gone to buy something for H’s wife obviously. So tried to explain clearly to mum that they must be buying something for his wife. Mum thinks she is onto something and says no he is trying it on this one (the necklace or whatever) and patting her neck.

Me: Mum why don’t u move closer to their table and eavesdrop (this was in a sarcastic tone since I can’t tell my mum to please mind your own business)

Mum: Good idea I’ m moving tables

Shit what have I done now…? I really at that point thought there is some sort of mistake since my mum can have a vivid imagination… I was kidding about moving tables of course and she has taken it seriously.

I had non stop calls all day from my mum that definitely he has bough 400000 worth of jewels for friend (not wife). I just let my mom have a dose of bold n beautiful Colombo style and did not try to correct her. As life has its wonderful ways within two days I was called for lunch With H‘s wife and some friends. H was there but avoiding the friend who he has been with at the jewelers and not making contact very obviously. I don’t know I did not do what women usually do and discuss it with another woman there but had to get it out of my system so blogged it here.

I can’t really go up to friend and tell her this story without getting my facts right. I could not ask other friend what she was doing at the jewelers because I felt odd. So now I am part of this saga or is this all a mistake???

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Price of Beauty

No I am not selling any beauty products yet but this is about the pain involved in the name of beautifying oneself. Maybe its just that I am totally pain prone big time but getting the eyebrows done or waxing is just too painful experience for me. That’s secondary to childbirth ( I am not even going to go there since that’s over and done with )this eyebrow business with a big OUCH is really unbearable.

Then why do women put themselves into so much pain. Obvious reason being you don’t want to look like a gorilla. Jokes apart its part of being groomed I guess. It does make a difference you get your eyebrows done properly its like your face is more clearer. Like “ I can see clearly now…….”

The other day while getting my eye brows done and crying so much with it, I was wondering how Cleopatra got hers done in those days. What with her bathing in the milk business and all I am sure she was very well groomed and had the perfect arched eyebrows.

Have no clue why I blogged the above crap just now. Anyways ……….

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Missing the Shoe Deal

In Chennai last week while window shopping, I came across this really good deal where you can buy two shoes and get the third one free. I mean is that not like the best deal and these are my favorite brand of shoes. I went a bit giddy for a moment there all these shoes beautifully displayed and I kept trying one after the other. My friend came up and joined me and inquired if I had decided if I picked a pair so I told her about the deal and said I am going to get three for the price of two. She just looked at me as if I have lost it and said hemm they are too expensive why do u want to get three shoes and also cleverly pointed out that my shoe cupboard was overflowing anyways. That sounded right at that point of moment and I left with just one pair in a bag.

Now sitting so many miles away I am totally repenting missing the shoe deal…. Feel like crying since they were really good lovely wedge heels. I mean where can u get nice wedge heels in Colombo. Well when u get it it’s so over priced. I mean if I had actually got three pairs I could have used them for a year right and never buy any more shoes for a year………. So upset. Wanted to text a friend and ask them to pick up the pairs was scared since I would have got a rude reply back ……..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rain, Traffic and Colombo

So late to drop S in school today, I mean what with the rains who can wake up early in the morning. Driving in duplication road I was getting stressed that it was eight and we were going to miss one whole lesson but then he is five years so that wont really harm is intellect so decided to distract myself ( I would not even try to attempt the nursery rhymes with actions). Driving in Colombo you don’t need to do anything to distract yourself since the fellow drivers give us enough entertainment to last a life time.

Hear a non stop hooting behind turn around and a pissed off looking girl stares at me. Arch my eye brows asking her what she gives me annoyed look. Now I am really confused do I know her? S who is always double bent in the car pops up and the girl looks at him in shock and turns her face. WTF was that about… women ok we are complicated. At least she stopped her sound pollution bit.

Look out of the window at a moving bus feel like someone’s waving I look a guy shows his finger. This is like the fifth time this is happened. Some weirdo sticking his finger up. I know I should have done something equally rude but then I don’t want the five year old picking up rude gestures.

Look at the car in front of me with this sign which said “honk if you are horny” ………
Big bus comes and breaks right next to me then decides that he will cross over in the middle of thurstan road to the other side…….. the pleasures of driving in Colombo are endless…………..