Friday, September 26, 2008

1/2 sale at CC

The word sale in bright red, how it beckons me like a light at the end of a tunnel. Best friend calls me up and usual chit chat and mentions that Cotton collection has a 1/2 sale. Was on my way to temple and i turned the car towards the sale (I did pray in the morning). Jumped off and raced into the shop. Half of colombo was in there grabbing clothes by the dozen.

As i walked in could feel the musty parana smell. Obviously old stuff, is that not the point you turn and leave. No i pushed shoved my way in and there i was with all these clothes. As usual the connection to the brain cells goes a bit slow when i see clothes. I grabbed quite a bit and was wondering why the hell were women standing and trying them on in the middle of the shop. Why could they not go into the dressing room. There i was with a arm full of clothes and trying to go into dressing room, there was no dressing room. They had been kind enough to lock everything up so we can try on like the house of fashion way.

Now i was in a dilemma do i do this but there were some guys who had accompanied girls and some of them were checking out not their girls but the others. While contemplating what to do i felt a stare, looked up to see a man staring at me then boru accent and "dont i know u". The girls arround me a few of them, although busy grabbing clothes like they were going to shut down all clothes shop, stopped to watch. I was silent for a minute trying to remember. Since these days the brain cells are a bit slow to register i cant remember a face. Racked my brain nope. no signal there. the silence between me and the man and the girls was deathly. Just smiled and mumbled and walked off thats what i did.

I did not try any clothes in fear of dont laugh but what if someone takes pics. ok all were trying it on top of what they were wearing but anyways.

Have i told how much i love clothes. Anyways ran home and locked myself in the room to try on the beauties. D was quite suspicous and started knocking on the door as if the wicked witch had come home. Had to let her in, give her what i got her. Everything fit like a glove. so excited and what a deal. Obviously will have to store it away and wear the stuff after there months since all will be walking around in half sale cc clothes........

Today is the last day for CC sale.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Three more months………

Christmas in three more months, another year another set of resolutions. So there after all the power yoga, gyming, aerobics and eating healthy (all this in my imaginary world I was at last a staggering size eight). After absolutely doing nothing and eating away I decided its time to lose that last six kgs (hemm did I not say five kgs last year this time).

Saturday evening I started exercising. Went for a jog which left me panting for more (Not). So damn tired had to get back within twenty minutes. There I was in my newly exercised feeling and so tired. Where is the glow (with all the blood rushing to my face) I looked not healthily glowing but sickeningly wheezing.

I fell asleep, I mean all this serious shock the body has been through has put it into serious damage mode. Woke up with a start and wandered downstairs and ate a Twix bar……..Great since all the jogging with eating chocolate gives me a Fat chance of getting my goals. (It’s so ironic the fat word comes again)

These days when I go anywhere I seem to see that all women are extremely thin. Ok not all at least the majority of them. It must be the obsession of all this I am hallucinating sometimes. The other day while at hospital had a brain wave and asked H if I could spend my savings to have liposuction. Durdans had a poster up about some new high tech liposuction blah blah.. Obviously he was so encouraging about it. I got scolded nicely for even thinking about such mad ideas. …..He was nice enough to buy me a walnut brownie to cheer me up…..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Book fair

Went to the book fair last morning, every year it’s the same old same old. Crowds were huge. Books everywhere I was getting a bit dizzy seeing all these books. I love books (I think on par with shoes and bags).

At the BMICH entrance was refused to enter politely but firmly since we were suppose to have a pass. Nobody told me that. Went to the side entrance where we could supposedly find parking but none. It was full on an early Sunday morning. Drove back, took an auto.

I had a field day; I bought crappy books, nice books, kids books. Took nine year old D, who also has got the book craze, she picked these teenage kind of books. Said no, watched her face fall, then did quick mental calculation that if I say no, she would still borrow from a friend and read it. So did the next thing bought it for her. Whatever she asked I got her. I think I am kind of getting better in the parenting skills.

Got some books for s on moral values and good habits. He was not impressed to say the least and immediately jumped on noddy. Well who am I trying to kid, the five year old knows what he wants.

The best part of the book fair most of the stalls are giving a 20% discount. It’s full worth the visit. Its on until the 28th of Sep at BMICH.

Credit card bills n jewellery

Went to school to pick up the kids and was silent participator of a conversation between two ladies S and L .

L : Did you go to the jewellery sale, it was so fab

Me cluelessly looking around had no idea what the sale was nor have I bought a rock recently (like in the last decade)

S : yes I looked nice stuff

L : I bought loads of stuff but my husband knows nothing

Me uh light bulb going off something does not sound right.

S : Doesn’t he pay your bills or u have a parents trust fund

I am still silent conversationalist in this talk, trust fund, wow

L : Credit card that he has given me, but he wont know

Me : Isnt your husband an accountant ?

L : yes he is a very important accountant (bit of boasting about the man with the numbers). I tear the first bill and wait for the second bill and he will pay without checking the balance is carried forward

S and me just looked at each other in shock…….

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Giving life…

Had the opportunity to meet a couple who had adopted a baby. I know the father from work since we are on a project together. He was away for some weeks and told me that his wife had a baby. Last week while at work, while I was busy teasing him about fatherhood and the works. He said I needed to talk to u about it actually we adopted. I was so thrilled and happy for him and he just started pouring his heart out. The adoption was not supported by his or her parents. He also said how his neighbors were giving trouble and being very nasty to them since they adopted. They had even complained to police. I was seriously dumbstruck. I know there are cases of buying and selling babies but what about the genuine cases where couples do want to give a baby a life.

Our people are such if a woman does not have a baby they ill treat and due to medical reasons u can’t have u adopt they are still very nasty to u.

Giving life to a baby is one of the many generous deeds anyone could do. I had always wanted to do that but as the above case my parents and in laws would never support it. Without that support I could never do it. I know of couples who don’t have kids and don’t adopt due to this and many other reasons.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The neck...

It was sunday morning and the five year old was busy scribbling sorry drawing on his art book.

Me : what r u drawing

S : you mummy lots of pictures of u

(my daughter just gives a smirky smile since s spends half of his time adoring me with compliments of sorts and has me wrapped around his little finger)

So the pictues come of a big fat face and a stick leg n hands, there was something wierd connecting the body and the face the neck was a stick with a big round thing next to it. (no i dont look like an alien of sorts)

Me : what is that sweet heart

S : This (and he points at my neck which really hurts)

Indeed there is a swelling which i have not noticed and it hurt. I am one of those really excited cases who gets panicky on illness. Immediately decided that it was thyroid related, or some other complicated disease. Call up friend whose a doc and she patiently told me not to imagine the worst to get it checked. So here I am waiting for the day to end to get it checked.

The wierd thing was spent half the night almost in panic of some life threatening disease ( yes i can get a bit dramatic its a genetic thing). Do people actually do that wonder how life goes on if they die suddenly. My biggest worry was the kids and will H get remarried...

Next holiday!

Walking into office this morning, saw the accountant burying her face into a tiny diary ( she looked a bit odd since she was intensely staring at the thing) . Had to stop by and ask her whats up. She shows me april 2009. Hemm was surely missing something, was trying to rack my brains in the ten seconds which followed, was she retiring, are we planning a party or is it some office celebrations. Brain was fully blank..

me : what is in april 2009

A : lots of holidays.... I am checking next years holiday schedule since we dont have a single holiday in september.

Me : Right ...

I think my tone was a tad annoyed.

A : Why u should be happy u can go to india and visit relatives or plan something.

Just had to put on a fake smile and walk off.

So september has no holidays and everyones checking whats the next one in a country where we have too many holidays anyways.