Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Going the wrong way!

Last evening was a mess trying to get home. I leave Fort at 5 pm and just get stuck near the Hunters Roundabout for a good 15 mins. Then get on to Mudalige Mawatha and traffic is stand still for good half hour. Parts of main fort for blocked I think some protest not really sure. The one way is made into two ways and you are suppose to figure it all out and wait in traffic. Managed to reach home so late………

That reminds me of an incident with a grandma about two months back. I was driving down Thurstan Road and see a mini minor with a grandma driving in the wrong direction looking very confused. So pulled up in the middle of the road in front of her stuck my head out and told her that this is one way. Grandma looked very annoyed and shouted to me to get out of her way and I was going the wrong way. Tried explaining her that this was the new road system. But she would not have any of it and said something about mad drivers on the road. Uhm that must be me the mad one. By then the cops had come and took over explaining to the very angry looking old grandma. Maybe she had just come back from abroad or maybe it’s a natural thing. The other day I tried to turn the wrong way onto Galle Road……..

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mummy blues......

Rush into playschool with blank looking toddler (thats my one). Get stopped at entrance by example mummy EM(dressed in nasty clothes and always picking on me )

EM Have you quit your job yet?

Me (wtf she asks me this every week) No i do overtime these days and go home when the kids sleep.

EM (looks quite taken back and turns to gossip with the other mummies who dont even say hi to me)

I am tired of you mums who look down on me because I Work. Yeah yeah i am always running late into school activities and am yet to bake that sodding cup cake ( but Mrs. Gunawardena still does a nice one which i pretend is mine). The bloody volcano project for the five year olds was so uncalled for and messy ( but i did it although it looked like a ).

So dont dare give me that look when I pass by.........

But I am doing my best and do not put me down cause i work.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dont wana leave Colombo!

Dinner in the house was quite dramatic with the man suddenly announcing u know inflation, un safe blah blah so we migrate. I was speechless for a few moments and recovered immediately to state un conditionally that i cant leave Colombo.(more in the tones of u leave i stay) Ok M looked really annoyed now that i have not even discussed pros and cons but refused.

As I was travelling to work today I just looked from Bamba to Fort, the place i love so much. The calmness i feel when i look at galle face. The Little Budhha statues and Big Statues that we pass here and there. How hard I have tried to explain to my friends in college how beautiful my country is. I dont want to leave this and go. From the richness of gemstones, to calming tea, spicy pepper and cinnamon, this land is a gold mine. I dont want to go abroad and start from scratch.

No, The Man hereby refered to as M has to go by himself. (Oh shit! what Am i saying i will be stuck with the two monsters alone in colombo! )

To Blog or to not?

Almost an year of reading so many blogs and having this want to start my own, but wasting so much time contemplating it. At last yippeee i have started it. Lets see how this ride goes