Friday, August 28, 2009

Perfect Marriage?

I get a text this morning while driving to work from a friend

Friend : Is there something called a perfect marriage?

Me : Nope

Friend : so whats the point

While trying to not get run over by the 178 bus guy while driving and texting i was thinking for a minute did i give the wrong answer. I cannot generalise and answer no but my answer might come from my experiences. Quickly think of my immediate circle of relatives and friends and No i was right on there. I could not think of a perfect marriage. Since there is no such thing as a perfect person?

again she sends me the same text: whats the point ( she needed quick answers for which i am a bit clueless)

At traffic light quickly send the answer of " THe kids"

i dont know if she was convinced by what i said but she replied back " yeah i guess u are right"

Felt kind of bad maybe i should have texted some cheesy positive things but i gave my opinion.

Texted back saying "it will pass..." ( i must say i come up with profound answers NOT)

Maybe i should read up some books or something since this is the third person asking marital advice this week.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sound of Drums at three am!

Fast asleep and i slowly wake up for the steady sound of drums being played. Quickly grab the alarm clock and its exactly three am. I was slightly confused if it was the burglars again for the fifth time or am i hearing things. Lie back on the pillow and there goes a different drum beat. Maybe someones having a kind of late party or what...

Then suddenly get panicked what if its the tsunami alert or something. I have no idea where these ideas come from. I dont know how an alert sounds but this was wierd surely this must be it. Quickly wake up DH who is like a polar bear in hibernation but how to blame him its three twenty.

me : " Do u hear the sound i think its a tsunami alert"

DH : "no no thats the korean drum beat while they are praying, its prayer time for them"

( i kid u not i was worried about the mans explanation what the hell, what korean drum beat)

Me : What there are no koreans in the neighbourhood

Snore snore ( the man is sleeping again )

God thought i will sort this out and decided to check it out. So open the balcony and wow there is loud drum beating like a perahera carnival sort of thing and lights. This is on main galle road i think. Since i am awake i thought i ll get the security of the apartment to check what it is. Peep down and the fellow is fast asleep. Call him like five times and he does not wake up. Great this is the guy who is going to save the apartment and wake up and warn us if there is an alert or fire or anything.

Get back to bed and count sheep...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shopping for the vacation!

I am away on vacation which was a bit suddenly planned last week. Going on vacation meant new clothes. Made a promise to myself that i wont buy anything when i am in europe since all the clothes go from here anyways only to find out what if i do find something from brazil or mexico that i might need, i might buy. (tough life so promise broken while made)

Found a nice pair of ballet flats to wear on vacation with the brand name "nothing else" only to find they give nothing but pain. I am not wearing sneakers and look like an american tourist in europe. ( might regret once i land there since the feet are already killing me)

Unnecessarily told DH i wont shop. He kept asking are u sure, are u sure like ten times. once when someone asks this so many times u are bound to get confused. browsed the net and was horrified to find out that bags cost the whole of our ticket to fly return. logically thinking i am sure there are places where people buy unbranded stuff so shall try to discover.

oops the whole point being is going on holiday to bond with the family and look at new places and visit museums and eurodisney and not be vain and buy new clothes...