Friday, July 24, 2009

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I miss the

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I miss Indyana...

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Family Portrait!

Send the little one forcibly to art camp last week. He came back with this family portrait which had four aliens.

I think i looked decent (if i should say so myself) except for the bright orange outfit i was wearing which gave a traffic cone gone wrong effect ( should get rid of all those bright orange outfits soon people might mistake i am some sort of guru) S himself was a stick alien.

DH and D seriously need some boot camp. Their legs and hands were big and pudgy and they were like big chubby aliens let lose.

Pointed it out to DH and no surpise he did not find it funny...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pigeon Island - Trinco Diary

There is this tiny island that u can see right across the sea from nilaveli beach. The resort has its own boat but there are some private guys having their own boats u can negotiate a reasonable amount and make the trip. Early morning around eight is ideal time to get there. Sadly there are no pigeons only crows (wonder why its called pigeon island). u can walk around the island climb rocks and snorkell.

Snorkelling is best done on the other end of the island which is like a small walk. Since the end you get off is always having people being dropped off. I cant swim at all but I did try my hand at snorkeling and it was amazing.

There was so many coloured fish and beautiful corals... wow... Nothing like the hikkaduwa in the glass bottom boat. There are beautiful shades of corals. Nearly had a heartattack when there was a huge fish which appeared right at my face. I think the sea life looks huge with goggles. I screamed spluttered water and i think the fish had a fright too...

There was this one fish which i cant get out of my mind pure white and glass like. somehow stuck in my mind...

Had to stop the bit of snorkelling after friends started discussing different deaths in the sea.......

Friday, July 10, 2009

Koneswaram Temple- Trinco Diary

Thirukoneswaram Temple one of the oldest temple mentioned in a thevaram by the nayanmars( prayers sung by special poets). It is of great historical value.

Its situated in a beautiful rugged hill (which also has some history with relation to ravana) not really sure about the story.

Temple was full of people who had travelled from far away tangalle, matara, matale adn so on. I felt blessed to be there at this so powerful temple. Outside the temple we could look down at the sea. Boats going out to fish would come near this huge rock and break coconut to the temple and start their journey. I think the ten minutes I was there looking down at the sea saw many boats coming and leaving.

Monkeys were running around freely and grabbing things if not careful. Was worried that my bag would be taken away and clutched it tightly. Saw deer and almost screamed and scared the poor fellow away. He seemed to be enjoying the attention and was very close.

at the bottom of the hill we saw loads of tamil inscriptions on rocks and a fish symbol. Read up the history of it and it was very interesting..

Another temple where hindus and buddhists come in large numbers and pray together.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nilaveli - Trinco Diary!

If someone talks about nilaveli beach dont think they are exaggerating.
White sands, green blue water (no justice to the colour) , pure white shells and maldives island locally. Thats what its all about...

Again a contrast in nature nothing like our beaches downsouth. You will find a difference in the way the waves hit you and the currents (which are pretty strong i must say)

Nilaveli beach resort- rest and recreation in one package. They light these bonfires by the beach and thats about it. There is no music or dancing or u know the party works. Very laid back and all about having a quite evening.

The resort is fully booked in the weekends.

The food is ok but the chefs are very friendly and willing to help us out if we need something made.
Everyone has access to the nilaveli beach right next to the resort. There are busloads of people coming in from colombo, matara, matale and so on. When u step out in the morning there is no body and then in a couple of hours its a load of people (literally thousands). They are littering the beach like no tomorrow (very worrying).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kantale - Trinco Diary

Wow. Is all I can say about the beaches in trinco. The travel time is not bad but the roads from Habarana onwards are being done. I guess in the next six months when the carpeted roads are ready the travel time will be shorter. Did not see any wild elephants since road works going on they dont venture i guess. Loads of monkeys some deer and birds were all that i saw.

Kantale - stretch is amazing. One side of the road is the huge kantale dam and right across the road is amazing paddy fields. I mean the scenery is such a beautiful contrast in colour and nature. Blessed we are for such a scenic island.

More on trinco, nilaveli later....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Night at the Museum- 2

Took the kids to watch the movie at liberty. I think the nine year old and I enjoyed it so much and laughed too much. Six year old was a bit blank he really not get the jokes ( he laughed and then looked pretty confused why he was laughing)

Watching the historical characters and listening to their dialogues was hilarious and cute. The theatre was a handful of families with kids and quite an amount of couples making out as usual. Six year old was more interested to watch the couples than the movie. Fascinating stuff indeed...

I think i liked this as much as i liked the part one......