Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Big Indian Wedding!

Consists of 2000 or more invitees.
break down as follows :
250 direct relatives
100 indirect relatives ( aunts in laws sisters pet parrot)
100 relatives by marriage ( cousin got married and her in laws brothers cousin)
1200 community members ( u belong to a community you invite them although u probably dont know 30% of them )
Brides and grooms friends 50
Balance of 300 to 500 hundred of people u dont really know.
With all this I cant wait I so love weddings! :) (yes we are in a positive mood !)

Monday, August 9, 2010


As the countdown for the wedding nears I am totally stressed and wasted. Parents have been under the impression that wedding invites take a wing of their own and fly out to the many number of people they are expecting. Bad moods have been rampant and B is totally worried.

B : i am really worried that there will be a total fainting
Me : U are going to faint u mean lol
B: You i am worried that u are going to just collapse two days before the wedding.

oh that wiped the smile off my face immediately. So did the next best thing went to the beach over the weekend, did nothing and totally relaxed. It was lovely except the mobile rang nonstop.

Mum : where is my flight ticket
me : its online check your email
Mum : can u take me a printout
(this was from Chennai and i am in some beach down south)

aunt: So r u done with inviting
me : i am down south
aunt: U are vacationing when there is so much work back here.. u are irresponsible blah blah blah

dad : u know your speech can i see it
me : no dad u cant
dad : my friends are coming so i want to see the speech, can u like talk
me : i am born to talk dad don't worry it will be the best speech
(except no speech is ready yet i thought i ll just speak whatever pops up at that moment.. :) )

switched off the mobile by then. It was lovely i wish i had a rewind button and could be back in the weekend. But its all fast forward from now. ..