Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jack Tree!

This is the new Thai Restaurant in town. Its down Park Road opposite Cargills. Jack Tree happens to be Mango Trees Sister ( i am sure thats not botanically possible but its a venture by the same people). The prices are like Mango Tree. The Ambience is great.

The food is ok. Then again I am sure they will make a big improvement in days to come. The Red Curry, Pad thai noodles and Rice was very good. The other dishes were ok. I guess any new restaurant will have its starting troubles. I am vegetarian so I wont be doing any justice by commenting about the food in general. I am sure the Non Veg Dishes should be really great...

Try it out as a new treat!

Whats with park road is it the new restaurant street?

Another Year Ends!

The year 2008 was one of the worst years I have dealt with. Simply because I have gone through some of the toughest times of my life in this year. I think it is ending with quite a bang what with a Global crisis in hand which is going to make next year suck. A few good things that I can think of that I have achieved in the year is starting yoga after only talking about it for ages. The astrologer has been on busy schedule looking up my charts too many times this year due to moms pestering

Have been conferencing with the gods far too much and I am sure they are very much in a confused state of mind with my measly day to day problems. For the first time in my life my phone was stolen and I had a visiting Burglar who was trying to burgle my place a many number of times. I need to vent and rant about this year so I can leave it all behind and go for a fresh new start next year.

I have also learnt that worries can keep u sleepless for months and your tear ducts don’t dry out however much you cry (god that sounds so miserable)

So starting it off with a bang hope to visit Katharagama this Friday. More conferencing with the gods and on a religious note. . 31st night is far too over rated (ok I am not going out anywhere and am spending it at home, so shall make that sad comment) The kids are far too scared of the cracker sound and I don’t want to leave them alone. (not bug them but home alone)

Out of this topic, so many of my office colleagues seem to have invested money in Golden key and are panicking so much.

That’s it dear bloggers, Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hash Deli! #

This new Heavenly Chocolate paradise is down Duplication Road. There are a bunch of small shops after stone and string. There is something called the gadget shop and another restaurant in between these lines of shops is this heavenly deli which give the best chocolate cake in town.

There is the Hash Cake (not the drugged variety), Chocolate fudge cake, mint cake and oreo cake. Its called Hash deli, small place, reasonably priced and friendly staff. The stuff finishes real quick. Try it out all chocoholics !

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas at home Last Year!

Last year was a fun filled family event for Christmas. We had a great party with Secret Santa and many other games. While everything was covered for the event there was one hitch. We had no Santa ready, after trying to bribe all possible candidates who turned me down and refused to wear hired smelly Santa costume, I had to just make up an excuse.

The kids were of course bugging me will Santa come and trying to play the cool I have it in control said yes to them. Other cousins just looked at me with the eyebrow up but I thought lets deal with things at that time. Driving back after picking up last minute food I saw an auto with a bunch of guys and a Santa. No second thought there I put my shutters down and asked them if Santa can drop in for five minutes. The guys looked quite shocked and recovered quickly and nodded their heads. So gave my address . Stranger danger business right out into the air and I had invited a bunch of unknown people to entertain seven little kids.

Come seven pm the party was going on and on with no Santa in sight. The cousins were giving some smirky smile like where the hell is he. With a loud horning and beeping the auto arrives with Santa and his friends. Rush out to greet my new friends and oh boy oh boy!. Santa was high and flying along with his bunch of drunken friends and singing Carols off tune loud as ever. The small kids shrieked and screamed and ran inside. Some of the men ran in too. Oh boy oh boy Santa was coming way to close for my liking and I looked at DH and the fury in his eyes.

So he calmly took hold of the situation and politely asked them to leave. But no they wanted to join in the festivities and eat and dance with us. Especially with new friend me. Uhmm I nearly died ( I think have had near death moments far too many). So after a token gift to Santa of some cash they left. DH said nothing to me. I mean the kids screaming “Mummy/ aunty we don’t want Santa” and more weeping was enough to hit home..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Discovering Yoga!

I have been talking about going to this yoga business for a long time (and blogging about going). At last since it the end of the year and as all women rush to the gym and aerobics thinking that we are going to lost five kgs in 1 week of intense activity, I went. Yes I went for three yoga classes (its once a week) so thats been three weeks of yogaing( I do not belong to the previous category )

What can I say about yoga, I discovered ways my body can bend and cannot bend (while other practicing yogis can). I also discovered that I had all these muscles which have been asleep for a long long time. Re-discovering this can be quite painful the next day. For me doing yoga was not easy and relaxing (except the relaxation bit where we are asked to relax our body and I was fast asleep and needed to be woken up)

Some of the asanas are quite tough I was sweating like hell end of it. Now there is vacation to all aerobics, yoga blah blah because its Christmas and we all need to stuff our face with Christmas pudding. Now I am getting the hang of the asanas and if I practice it the whole of next year it might actually work and I might become like kareena kapoor who does 100 surya namaskars a day (I could barely manage three but never mind).

In summary I think I like yoga since the teacher keeps telling us to have a free mind and I try to bring my mind to concentrate on doing something here than think of the sheep in new Zealand.

Friday, December 12, 2008

So this is Christmas !

1. Grown wiser this year (ya right!)
2. Gained less weight than last year (which is not inversely propotional to losing weight)
3. Became a marriage fixer / wedding planner (of sorts)
4. Visited down south and the beach most number of times this year (yes i am doing some research on turtle hatching)
5. Cut my hair very short (and convinced myself that i am carrying it off well)
6. Lost my temper (very colourfully numerous times)
7. Got myself skinny jeans(and it looks great, buy your own pair everyone)
8. Decided that yes i love my job and should do justice (even though the recession is hitting us left right and centre)
9. Got visited by a burglar twice (Not even funny since this guy is doing this on a regular basis in short intervals)
10. Handling the kids better i think (now that we have established I am indeed the mum in the house and not one of them)
11. Spent less time on the gossip line (yes yes improvement in my life)
12. Acquired more bags and shoes than last year (not good need to stop)
13. Gave away more bags and shoes than last year (So no.12 is all right actually)
14. Made some great blogger friends (this i mean it from my heart)
15. Visited Malaysia (the land of bags and shoes)
16. Last not least Kept updating the blog (was not so sure i would get this far with it)

So this Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Marriage Mix-ups

The search for the bride for my brother has been progressing slowly but cant say steadily since I have not found anyone yet. Anyways to get to the point get a call from MIL (mother in law). MIL has been in an ardent extensive search for a bride for the BIL for some years now. She gets back from India after another one of those long searches and announces to me that its time we look in the “INTERNET”

I for some reason have not told my in law side of the family that B is on the net and we are looking. Now the way MIL was giving me the knowing look, I was bit confused but said mhem non commitally.

Anyways BIL is in the net put up by another cousin and I get all this forwarded proposals sent to me. So there I was with my hotmail box open and confused to the pits with who was whose proposal.

I mean how anyone gets into this kind of a situation. Do I steal some brides from here push it there and push some here. IS this some sort of a sign that I should become a marriage broker? God I will shoot myself if I have to read profile about a self obsessed Indian cow again.

Things need not get any messier since I had mailed the wrong stuff to the wrong people and lets just say there is a whole lot of confusion since I have not explained that I am now in fact handling two profiles. Now of course i am in a real accharu....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mr. Astrologer

It’s that time of the year again. Once every few months I have a meeting with my astrologer. It clearly coincides with some emotional upheaval which runs parallel with the life. So this Mr. A I went to him about six months back and did not return to do the vows I had to do since he told me to change the spelling of my name.

This was round two with the same astrologer. Its usually different ones but this is the first time I am repeating the same guy. Took mom along since she loves listening to my astrological chart (since she has nothing else to do). So off we go in a morning and he waves us in. Mind you I had already seen this guy earlier he goes into a trance and predicts things, but last time around I annoyed him by not asking my questions when he is in a trance. (if u don’t understand ignore this point).

This time he decided he will explain my chart.

First thing he said was something like “you are here without a belief”.

My mum being subtle the middle name nudged me hard.

Well he told a bunch of things like change the spelling of my name and also not to talk to strangers. Stranger danger is huge problem in my life apparently. It was quite eventful with him saying loads of things and asking me to come back to do some poojava to fix things. My mum was gleeful since this is going back there again.

Mum: ask him about the mobile (this is the lost mobile of mine)

I looked at her since I don’t see this guy having some tracking machine to track down my lost mobile.

So mum asks him. Mr. A Looked quite bemused by my moms so called clever question and did the next best thing. He ignored her inquiry about the lost mobile and went on looking at my chart.

Now I am in a confused track whether to go back to him since he says people are doing some voodoo magic to me and he is going to do something back to cut it.

Do I actually go ahead with all this? Or be myself and ignore…..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bride Hunt Calls

My Sundays are very eventfull calling up people in india and asking them about their daughters. I 'd never have thought in my wildest dreams that i would be doing this anyways spoke to some very interesting characters with their perception of sri lanka.

I only said these words : Good morning i am calling your about so and so's horoscope from colombo

Bridal Dad 1 : Sri lanka, no no way. it wont work for us. (slams phone)

Bridal dad 2 : Sri lanka, how is the war situation there, do u have electricity. (mind u i already explained i am from colombo. after explaining whatever i knew the man was nice enough to say NO WAY)

Bridal dad 3 : Colombo we watch in the news all the time, do u guys have food to eat... ( i am not kidding here)

Bridal dad 4 : its very far away we have to discuss with our family for long time and tell u reply (long time man take your time)

Bridal Mum 5 : well we are a mix (meaning mixed caste) but not interested in sri lanka.

Bridal dad 6 : so u guys have your own house (hemm yeah dad does). So u mean to say they have enough money saved up to buy a house ( WTF is that question)

By this time i am slowly tiring myself out. I am tired of trying to sound friendly and beginning to sound desperate. It seems like i have turned it into a project where i want to finish it like a fairy tale .... and soon tooo........

The hunt continues...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Changing History!

Shopping at Arpico with mum, woman keeps smiling at me. Smile back (since i am polite)

Woman rushes over : u are the girl who use to steal my chicken sandwiches

me (WTF is she on about)

Woman : Remember in bridgets nursery....

(bloody hell i dont remember stealing sandwiches and i'd rather not be reminded since i have kids.... ARGHHHH)

Mum rushes over from the VIM counter : She was in Bridgets i remember .. and u ate chicken, u have sinned (ok mum should u not be telling me off for stealing someones food since u did not give me proper food but u are more concerned about eating meat)

woman : this is my number we have to catch up

Me ( dont think so).... fake smile ( i have also turned into one of those). Hear a whole load of crap upto union place about eating chicken. Oh if u were wondering what thats about we are vegetarian, its forbidden to eat meat. These days i have given up my five year old tendencies of stealing food. I am vegetarian instead.

Mum with steely voice : We need to talk about something

Do i have a choice here.

Mum : I have studied in Bridgets and gone to university.

(WTF again, mum went to some wierd sounding local school and dropped out of school in grade seven as far as i remember)

Me : What are u on about

Mum : U have to maintain this story now that i am getting a daughter in law.

Me : Mum are u mad? we cant make up some stories about your past and i am not playing a part no one will. Next u are going to tell me dad was in Yale uni.

Mum : Oxford

I parked the car and turned around looked at her.

Me : Dad talks about walking without slippers at the age of fifteen and tells us to be thankful that we are having too many slippers every time we meet. where the hell is oxford coming into this. U better stop this nonsense right now.

Mum trying to hard to cry and obviously the boru tears not coming threatens to tell my kids about the sandwich stealing.

Where in my adult life did bargaining with my kids go into my mums hand and i am in square one again.

I've Never

1. Gone on a hot Air baloon
2. Bungee jumping
3. Scuba Diving (must learn swimming first)
4. Gone to America... (dying to go there)
5. Attempted a tattoo (would love one)
6. Pierced my nose (waiting to do that)

Cant think of anything else for the moment... Thanks DD for making me wonder for a bit of things i have not done...

I Tag Chaar Max, Eppie (if she is back) and Bimal....

The Lost Mobile

Lost my mobile last weekend. Ten years of contacts all gone like that. Was so very upset by the loss of contacts and pictures of kids getting into the hands of a stranger. Obviously the code number to lock the mobile was not noted by me. So have learnt the lesson the hard way. Now i got a normal phone no camera nothing. Screen stares back at me with its blank contact list....

Bride Hunt Part 1

Mum Calls up from India and tells me to go meet Dad he has something for me. The simple brain of mine thought new clothes yippee... So drop in to Dad's office monday morning

Me : You got something for me dad?

Dad : Yes ( takes tamil calendar and looks at the time)

( Am i missing something as usual the conversations at times with the family is not going anywhere)

Dad : its good timing now u can make the call

Me : Call to who

Now dads taken some papers out of a bag and gives me. Horoscope!!! Of some girl. Right so i am suppose to call and talk to these people.

Dad : So call them

Me : now?

Dad : before the good times over

me : uhm what do i ask them (like my hobby is calling random people up and asking them to give their daughter in hand to the brother)

Dad looking clearly pissed and says the usual when are u going to be responsible. So i call mum up.

Mum : talk to them even the name matches i have such a good feeling about this

Me : are u sure its not odd to just call up like that

Mum : Its an April wedding, we need to get our shopping done too. hurry up

Me (well whatever the reason is with a free shopping spree thrown in, i was ready to call these people up)

Telephone rings and a man picks it up.

Me : (clearly sounding idiotic) I am calling u from blah blah its about your daughters horoscope

Man : She is married

Me : Uhm what

Man : yes she got married last month but there is a cousin.

( now i am signalling dad she is married there is a cousin, dad looks pissed and tells me to hang up)

Dad : call your mum up and tell her to stop praying that your brother gets married to the girl who is already married .

(that took me two minutes to understand right, call mum up explain siutation)

Mum : I knew it, it was not meant to be i did not like the girls surname.

Me (@()$&*(@$*(@))

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Full fit

My days of shopping for clothes are over. I am a new leaf. All this I owe to a middle age lady with a bad mouth and good smile. She just knew how to cure me from my odel, cotton collection and WI fashion days. Almost like therapy from hitting the shops. My search for one has always extended over the seas to India. Found the perfect tailor. Laugh at me all u want but I got all the blouses and shalwar kameez stitched only in India for some notion in my head that its perfectly done only there.
How wrong I was, the days lost waiting for a relative to bring the stitched dresses which are transferred from one cousin to another’s. By the time they do arrive, the style is gone. Just like the perfect hair dresser, the laundry man and the aerobics instructor (ok never mind that have not been making it to the class). The perfect tailor who makes u look great is a must.
Head on to Padmini Tailors at Orchard Building. If any of u have any other good tailors please do leave their contacts. I am done with buying ready mades for good. All these years wasted when I good have got it stitched in my unique designs. As M (best friend) put it to carry one with that “hippie child” look.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Home alone

Being alone at home with the kids questioning me whether i was not scared was enough to put a brave face. Inside I was really worried was thinking of different ways a thief could break into the place along with jack and the beanstalk or jack the ripper. So i did what was the next best solution went to bed at eight. Could not sleep so kept reading some chicklit. At ten pm I hear crackers. No this was not the fireworks courtesy of SL govt but actually someone was bursting crackers, rockets and those chakra things (which go around and around lighting up). It was obviously the neighbour who had decided to celebrate the festival of lights a day late.
The fireworks were continuing for about half an hour to forty five minutes and I had lost sleep. In the midst of it heard the door bell ringing non stop with a loud shout to come out. There were no words to describe how scared I was. So went out to see a angry looking cop demanding why on earth Was I bursting crackers. By this time the neighbour was out and explaining that it was indeed them and blah blah.

By this time the sleep was all lost and went back inside to have the power go off. It was one miserable and frightful night with me questioning for the millionth time is it really worth staying in this place?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Home Alone part 1

Deepavali brings the good fortune of having all the maids packing up and leaving the town of colombo. Dh was also out on business. So there I was home alone on tuesday night. With all my big talk was very nervous so called up my brother (who obviously was not going to come and stay with me)

Me; Well i will ask mom then

B: Not a good idea she is going to complain that your house is unclean

Me : My house is so damn clean although no maid i clean it myself u can eat of the floor(ok i dont genearlly eat of the floor anyways)

B : (looks confused) u mean your dressing room is clean !!!

ok dropped mum coming and staying with me at that point. Everything is clean except that area where the clothes are like nevermind. So decided to face it alone.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The play

I took D to watch “The Sound of Music” play. It was superb, the singing the acting the whole works was really very good. Although it was three hours long and D kept fidgeting a bit we did enjoy ourselves so much. I mean how can they make that long movie into a shorter play. The actors and actresses the big ones and kids all were excellent.

Its playing at the Lionel wendt this whole week. There are different casts each day. I am sure all are as good as each other. Its been ages since I watched the movie and going to do that this week….

Here I go again…

For all the guys who hated it. I loved the movie. Its girlie, chick lit stuff and soppy, but ohh I recovered from my illness just by laughing and enjoying all the old songs. The theatre was full of girls women all ages (ok ok not much girls lot of aunties). While collecting the tickets bunch of aunties were very excited to get their Etickets for the first time. They were going on and on about how posh it was.

DH was cringing since I dragged him to watch it with me. But with me singing along and jumping up and down the broken seat he had to laugh. By the way the seats in the cinema are torn with sharp objects poking out and if u are lucky u can get away without getting scratched by rusted metal.

Thank god I did not take the kids since this is PG 13 and well its not for the small ones but there were loads of kids.

Met up with some mums from school and while chatting one of them goes on about her dot dot dot life (for the ones who did not watch the movie that stands for sex). It was hilarious listening to her story, but nope I am not going to post it here.

Now I have all the songs running in my head and can’t help but keep humming the tunes

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Thats where I have been the past ten odd days, due to severe flu and some other neck related stuff which we wont go into gorry details. It was quite a mayhem in there. Have never been ill in my whole life and was almost seeing the light. For a moment i wanted everything to end for me because the pain and fever was so bad. Was busily dreaming of my gala funeral (yes i do get a bit mentally ill at times). While the family had assembled and had arguements about whether to fly me to india or finish me off here. There in my bad condition i was dragged to three docs who gave many verdicts. what pissed me off was the guy i wanted to really see refused to see me on the ground that he sees only this number of patients. But anyways we did manage to barge in and see him. I am just going to recover slowly but steadily.

The good thing in all this is i have lost five kgs woooohooo woohoo and turned into a babe but a bit pale ( sometimes thats the in thing to look all pale and worn out well angie does look a bit pale and thin thats angelina jolie). I lived without my mobile well not talking on my mobile for about seven days. It was an experience by itself, i mean i had numerous missed calls. Auntis decided i was pregnant and ashamed since i have reached the old age of 32 with a nine year old daughter toooo and who gets preggy at that far lost age or some crap and thats why i was housebound. A good meaning friend called me to ask if i was lying low and getting a lipo. Well now she is not going to believe me when i walk into school with my sudden weight loss.

As of now i cant stand the sight of food, chocolates or anything except orange barley..... no mrs g s mirangue would not tempt me. This is all a good sign since i am going to incorporate that into my new healthy life or whatever the hell....

Friday, September 26, 2008

1/2 sale at CC

The word sale in bright red, how it beckons me like a light at the end of a tunnel. Best friend calls me up and usual chit chat and mentions that Cotton collection has a 1/2 sale. Was on my way to temple and i turned the car towards the sale (I did pray in the morning). Jumped off and raced into the shop. Half of colombo was in there grabbing clothes by the dozen.

As i walked in could feel the musty parana smell. Obviously old stuff, is that not the point you turn and leave. No i pushed shoved my way in and there i was with all these clothes. As usual the connection to the brain cells goes a bit slow when i see clothes. I grabbed quite a bit and was wondering why the hell were women standing and trying them on in the middle of the shop. Why could they not go into the dressing room. There i was with a arm full of clothes and trying to go into dressing room, there was no dressing room. They had been kind enough to lock everything up so we can try on like the house of fashion way.

Now i was in a dilemma do i do this but there were some guys who had accompanied girls and some of them were checking out not their girls but the others. While contemplating what to do i felt a stare, looked up to see a man staring at me then boru accent and "dont i know u". The girls arround me a few of them, although busy grabbing clothes like they were going to shut down all clothes shop, stopped to watch. I was silent for a minute trying to remember. Since these days the brain cells are a bit slow to register i cant remember a face. Racked my brain nope. no signal there. the silence between me and the man and the girls was deathly. Just smiled and mumbled and walked off thats what i did.

I did not try any clothes in fear of dont laugh but what if someone takes pics. ok all were trying it on top of what they were wearing but anyways.

Have i told how much i love clothes. Anyways ran home and locked myself in the room to try on the beauties. D was quite suspicous and started knocking on the door as if the wicked witch had come home. Had to let her in, give her what i got her. Everything fit like a glove. so excited and what a deal. Obviously will have to store it away and wear the stuff after there months since all will be walking around in half sale cc clothes........

Today is the last day for CC sale.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Three more months………

Christmas in three more months, another year another set of resolutions. So there after all the power yoga, gyming, aerobics and eating healthy (all this in my imaginary world I was at last a staggering size eight). After absolutely doing nothing and eating away I decided its time to lose that last six kgs (hemm did I not say five kgs last year this time).

Saturday evening I started exercising. Went for a jog which left me panting for more (Not). So damn tired had to get back within twenty minutes. There I was in my newly exercised feeling and so tired. Where is the glow (with all the blood rushing to my face) I looked not healthily glowing but sickeningly wheezing.

I fell asleep, I mean all this serious shock the body has been through has put it into serious damage mode. Woke up with a start and wandered downstairs and ate a Twix bar……..Great since all the jogging with eating chocolate gives me a Fat chance of getting my goals. (It’s so ironic the fat word comes again)

These days when I go anywhere I seem to see that all women are extremely thin. Ok not all at least the majority of them. It must be the obsession of all this I am hallucinating sometimes. The other day while at hospital had a brain wave and asked H if I could spend my savings to have liposuction. Durdans had a poster up about some new high tech liposuction blah blah.. Obviously he was so encouraging about it. I got scolded nicely for even thinking about such mad ideas. …..He was nice enough to buy me a walnut brownie to cheer me up…..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Book fair

Went to the book fair last morning, every year it’s the same old same old. Crowds were huge. Books everywhere I was getting a bit dizzy seeing all these books. I love books (I think on par with shoes and bags).

At the BMICH entrance was refused to enter politely but firmly since we were suppose to have a pass. Nobody told me that. Went to the side entrance where we could supposedly find parking but none. It was full on an early Sunday morning. Drove back, took an auto.

I had a field day; I bought crappy books, nice books, kids books. Took nine year old D, who also has got the book craze, she picked these teenage kind of books. Said no, watched her face fall, then did quick mental calculation that if I say no, she would still borrow from a friend and read it. So did the next thing bought it for her. Whatever she asked I got her. I think I am kind of getting better in the parenting skills.

Got some books for s on moral values and good habits. He was not impressed to say the least and immediately jumped on noddy. Well who am I trying to kid, the five year old knows what he wants.

The best part of the book fair most of the stalls are giving a 20% discount. It’s full worth the visit. Its on until the 28th of Sep at BMICH.

Credit card bills n jewellery

Went to school to pick up the kids and was silent participator of a conversation between two ladies S and L .

L : Did you go to the jewellery sale, it was so fab

Me cluelessly looking around had no idea what the sale was nor have I bought a rock recently (like in the last decade)

S : yes I looked nice stuff

L : I bought loads of stuff but my husband knows nothing

Me uh light bulb going off something does not sound right.

S : Doesn’t he pay your bills or u have a parents trust fund

I am still silent conversationalist in this talk, trust fund, wow

L : Credit card that he has given me, but he wont know

Me : Isnt your husband an accountant ?

L : yes he is a very important accountant (bit of boasting about the man with the numbers). I tear the first bill and wait for the second bill and he will pay without checking the balance is carried forward

S and me just looked at each other in shock…….

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Giving life…

Had the opportunity to meet a couple who had adopted a baby. I know the father from work since we are on a project together. He was away for some weeks and told me that his wife had a baby. Last week while at work, while I was busy teasing him about fatherhood and the works. He said I needed to talk to u about it actually we adopted. I was so thrilled and happy for him and he just started pouring his heart out. The adoption was not supported by his or her parents. He also said how his neighbors were giving trouble and being very nasty to them since they adopted. They had even complained to police. I was seriously dumbstruck. I know there are cases of buying and selling babies but what about the genuine cases where couples do want to give a baby a life.

Our people are such if a woman does not have a baby they ill treat and due to medical reasons u can’t have u adopt they are still very nasty to u.

Giving life to a baby is one of the many generous deeds anyone could do. I had always wanted to do that but as the above case my parents and in laws would never support it. Without that support I could never do it. I know of couples who don’t have kids and don’t adopt due to this and many other reasons.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The neck...

It was sunday morning and the five year old was busy scribbling sorry drawing on his art book.

Me : what r u drawing

S : you mummy lots of pictures of u

(my daughter just gives a smirky smile since s spends half of his time adoring me with compliments of sorts and has me wrapped around his little finger)

So the pictues come of a big fat face and a stick leg n hands, there was something wierd connecting the body and the face the neck was a stick with a big round thing next to it. (no i dont look like an alien of sorts)

Me : what is that sweet heart

S : This (and he points at my neck which really hurts)

Indeed there is a swelling which i have not noticed and it hurt. I am one of those really excited cases who gets panicky on illness. Immediately decided that it was thyroid related, or some other complicated disease. Call up friend whose a doc and she patiently told me not to imagine the worst to get it checked. So here I am waiting for the day to end to get it checked.

The wierd thing was spent half the night almost in panic of some life threatening disease ( yes i can get a bit dramatic its a genetic thing). Do people actually do that wonder how life goes on if they die suddenly. My biggest worry was the kids and will H get remarried...

Next holiday!

Walking into office this morning, saw the accountant burying her face into a tiny diary ( she looked a bit odd since she was intensely staring at the thing) . Had to stop by and ask her whats up. She shows me april 2009. Hemm was surely missing something, was trying to rack my brains in the ten seconds which followed, was she retiring, are we planning a party or is it some office celebrations. Brain was fully blank..

me : what is in april 2009

A : lots of holidays.... I am checking next years holiday schedule since we dont have a single holiday in september.

Me : Right ...

I think my tone was a tad annoyed.

A : Why u should be happy u can go to india and visit relatives or plan something.

Just had to put on a fake smile and walk off.

So september has no holidays and everyones checking whats the next one in a country where we have too many holidays anyways.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Internet marriages

What with having a blog and all i thought the best solution for the bride hunt for my brother was to look for a bride on the net. It was like this big light bulb moment or so i thought. So there i was explaining that indeed we could look for a bride on the net from the numerous marriage sites to my parents. Dad looked a bit puzzled and wanted to know the probabilities of would i find someone from the community. Mum just looked at me as if i was gone mad. Old crony aunties said it was indeed sad that i had to resort to looking for a girl in a commputter.. After convincing the parents, i decided to tell B about my great idea.

B did not take to my idea that much at all. He was thoroughly pissed to say the least. Which gave me all the more encouragement to check the brides out. So there i was at my parents place browsing the net with all these great photos from all the indian matrimonial sites. B happens to walk by and does not look pleased by the offer up on the sites and tells me to lay off net sites.

B has also been ill advised by good meaning friends that marriage is the doom for his independence. Wonder where that kid got this idea from......

The Laundry!

Its a cosy old place down a small residential lane with an old fashioned laundry cleaners (not our posh taj and galadari dry clearners that). After a drama of some lost bill and lost bedsheets and curtains i decided to drop by and search for the clothes. So there i was giving my explanation and the guy gave me this look like "not another one of those". He immediately knew how to locate the stuff. They have this unique alphabet with two dots kind of code to actually find all the clothes.

A Middle aged man turned up with a sob story of some lost stuff from the year 2005, i just looked at the laundry guys face. it was the same expression that was given to me. (hemm should not feel to guilty i am not some light years later looking for some lost laundry). while looking around the rows of clothes i saw a saree which looked just like one of mine. Was thinking what a coincidence. The mind quickly unravels the puzzle, cant be coincidence, it has to be mine. By this time i was sneezing due to the musty smell. This place must be holding a whole load of left over clothes and contemplating should i or not.

As he finished packing up the stuff for me to take. He asked me if there was anythign else i could see which was mine. God i felt dumb pointing out the saree. he quickly took it looked at the secret code and nodded his head and gave that to me as well. The saree was given one year back ....

Why are u here?

Met some foreign clients over work last week. They were amazed with the Sri Lankan hospitality and smiles. On their way back from Kandy they had been stopped at a check point and questioned "why are you in sri lanka".

Why indeed. Its a real tourism booster that asking the question. They of course had laughed and answered they did not get tickets to go on vacation to some place else.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kuselan – Tamil movie

So I went and watched kuselan, rajnis latest movie. Its not technically a rajini movie since he makes his appearance only totally for half hour, but his name is what sells the movie. I am not really sure what I was expecting when I went for the movie. The summary is you can go watch it for the comedy(some of which was in the cheap side) and nayanthara (for the guys).

The Cinema was half full. The Hardcore rajini fans will still say it’s a super hit and keep on singing the praises of rajini. I remember few years back when Baba was out. Its was terrible but Raj ( a good friend and die hard rajini fan) kept on going on about how his thalaivars dance moves were “The Best”. Raj was trying to convince himself more than me when he kept telling me that “Thalaivar kalakitar:” (king rocked)

Go watch it, its not sivaji but it does not do justice to his bit about 75 years of tamil cinema either.

My kids who I had taken along to appreciate the Tamil movie scene, loved every bit of it. D loved the songs and claimed it was much better than Sivaji. Well that’s the success of superstar to attract these kids who will create a big fan base.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pasta Mania

Having lunch with my friend at a very popular restaurant ( no i am not going to name them and tarnish their image or whatever) i was served a very beautiful plate of pasta. I have a bit of a pasta mania and tend to order it whenever the opportunity arises. Friend stuck to a basic sandwich and was happily eating almost finishing the meal and there i was waiting for the pasta. After signalling the waiter a couple of times since i was starving i was quite happy that it was taking ages, obviously they were chopping the veges and making it fresh.

So there came the beautiful plate with beautiful looking pasta and vegetables. It looked so lovely and appetizing, i did not want to eat it.....

I shouldn't have cause the minute i put a forkful in my mouth. Something was really wrong. The panic in my eye gave signals to friend.

Friend : What is wrong with it

Me : I dunno i think spoilt ( and i continue to forcefeed my second helping into my mouth)

Friend : DONT EAT IT

(There goes the third spoon into my mouth, i wanted to throw up but did not want to complain in case the chef spits on my drink or whatever) Friend brought the situation into control by pushing plate away and calling the waiter.

Waiter : Any problem miss

Me : i think its got spoilt (with this apologetic smile from me )

Waiter : Might be old, let me the get manager

Oh my god, i died, did i hear him say it might be old. Manager comes inquires same and yes confirms might be kind of old and serves up something else for me.

Lesson learnt. If its spoilt, its spoilt. Dont eat it... ( think will stay off pasta for a bit)

I made it to 100.

Well i made it to my hundredth post yippee.. when i started i was not sure if i would last even thirty but i did it. maybe i should stop now... but this thing is addictive dont think i can stop. wish i was so enthusiastic about exercising. Oh well, first things first, i would love to thank all those lovely people who read some of the crap i wrote and of course took time to leave comments..... (would not have lasted so long if not for them)

and heres to a hundred more (not shutting up in the near future :) )

Sound of Silence....

Songs with their beautiful words and notes make more than music for the soul. There are so many songs from the past that I relate to different events in life. What is it with songs that have the power to transport you to memories that you have deep hidden within you. Its really amazing actually. Saying this the other day i was getting a life with this music person and listening to one of A.R Rahmans new songs, he started trashing it.

Music Guru (MG) : its really annoying beat he is copying one of his old tunes

Me : lets change the station

M G : no its ok but he is crap blah blah blah

this blah blah went on for ever. I really liked the song and now when i think of the note even i just remember the trashing of the song by this person and i felt so shattered. yes it was a just song but i got really affected......

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stone unturned contd.

For a minute I turned cold when I heard that we were transporting the said stone. I knew clearly that this sort of thing is not allowed. (Isn’t it strange how u remember laws clearly at moments when u are not suppose to). I started arguing with my brother who was telling me to relax that we were supposed to drop it off in matakuliya. My mom had told B this but not mentioned to me that I was supposed to carry out this getting rid of Mr. Stone. As fate would have it we were stopped at a check point. After the necessary questions of id and checking if we do infact know our addresses blah blah whets in the car please open behind.

Cop : what is this?

Me : turtle

Cop : You know it’s illegal to transport
There began a huge interrogation where he clearly said that we could be arrested for this sort of thing. B looked very worried. I did what I usually do made a prompt decision that I would go to the station and answer questions since b was in the marriage market and this would have been big black mark. I could just imagine the family having a field day gossiping that this was our part time business. I was getting very carried away.

So again I told him our story of we had no clue who left the thing in our house and its bad luck so we are going to drop him off. Now the cop was fascinated about the bad luck business. After a good twenty minutes discussing the pros and cons of good luck and bad luck beliefs, we were told to carefully drop the fellow off at some water point and go home.

Off we were to kotahena to pick up a catcher to do the needful of sending the fellow off. Mr. Stone was set free into the sea where he belongs. To this day we have no idea how he was found in the pond……

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stone unturned….

My parents have a small pond in their garden which is just a breeding ground for chicken gunya and dengue I think. While picking up the kids the other day they wanted to show me something in the pond. I try my best not to hover around the said space in fear of mosquito attack. They pointed out this turtle… which was followed by a big scream (that was me).

I am not scared of turtles or anything like that but I think it’s an Indian folk tale or some sort that having a turtle or tortoise is bad luck. So scream was a result of that. Screaming brings mum out who in turn screams some more and rushes off to find who has put a turtle which will not only bring bad luck but a court case (according to mums informed sources). Kids were absolutely thrilled that we both were screaming and running around and said that in fact that the turtle had been living there for over two weeks and his name was Mr. Stone.

Even now I don’t understand why the kids did not mention Mr. Stone to me earlier. So after a meeting of sorts it was decided that the turtle will go. So mum as usual is so bright decided stone will be transported by me to Galle face.

Me : mum Galle face is off bounds, no one goes there, if I get off to send the turtle off I will get into trouble.

Mum : drop him off in marine drive (for what I don’t understand so that he could drop by at Mary browns?)

Me : I am not dropping him anywhere just tell the maid to take him home and drop him off in the river.

I know the pet guys are going to come after me again but I could not bring myself to take the thing in my car. I have had my fair share of accidents for the year. Next day my brother asks me to drop him off somewhere. So I go home and peep into the pond nothing then find mum….

Me: mum have u sent the turtle away

Mum mumbles something which I assume is yes and I leave with my brother. While driving I can’t help but hear a rustling sound of a sili sili bag.

Me: what is that sound. Did u leave a bag behind?

B : Yes

Me: Why is there so much sound

B : it’s the turtle!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Master Po!

I am not going to write a review about the movie. But shortly, it was so funny and hilarious. The kids were clueless especially the four to six year olds, they did not understand any of the jokes but laughed a bit here and there. Fun was had by all.

I had the honor of taking two teenagers with me to watch the movie. While I was laughing so much I could not help but notice that they kept rolling their eyes whenever I laughed and looking at each other and gesturing. Probably confirming the fact that I was slightly cuckoo.

Interval time after offering chips, coke whatever and hearing with absolute horror “NO” they had a chat with me.

Teenager 1 : you seem to really enjoy the movie

Me : Yes I think it’s funny

Teenager 2 : well it’s not our kind of thing, like u know not our cup of tea

I did not say anything wanted to tell them where to get off. But since I am a very polite and kind yes right (you can be kind to spoilt Fob’s from abroad who want to look at us like we some veddhas). I am not even kidding about these kids.

What is it with kids who go abroad when they are small and come back and act with u like u are some village bumpkin.

After the movie little D came up to me with the face (of absolute sorrow)

Me : Sweetheart are u sad that the turtle died I felt sad too (I did almost cry)

D : mum they were laughing at you and me because we were laughing at the Movie. They roll their eyes and keep showing like we are mad.

Me : (this has to be handled delicately since I did not want to turn her against her cousins, but then I am slightly not mature to handle this by myself either, so I did what I usually do, looked at my friend i/e arch the eyebrow and look for some input)

Friend (steps in gratefully): They are spoilt brats who don’t know to have fun. Ignore them and do not hang out with them

(Right now that this has been handled greatly (not) the kid is confused between being cool with her cousins and accepting the brat bit)

Friday, July 25, 2008

City of Entertainment

That is Genting Highlands which was founded by a guy in the late sixties (apparently he is the fourth richest in Malaysia now). Very innovative I mean who would have thought of picking a mountain and converting it into a full fledged place of casinos and a theme park and hotels. Since this was a kiddie’s holiday only gambling I did was spinning the wheel with the kids in the kids section of games.

They have an outdoor theme park which was not accessible due to misty weather but that’s all right since they had an indoor one as well with loads of shops. You can take the longest cable car ride in the whole of south Asia to get to this mountain. D was popping chocolates at a rate when we got into the cable car but freaked out half way that we were going to fall down and die since it was going right on top of a rainforest. Had to pacify an upset nine year old with more chocolates (but u are not suppose to eat anything in the cable car). But emergency situations call for breaking rules. It’s different from the Singapore sentosa cable car ride. Its longer you pass so much of rainforest and it was misty the day we went.

The tour guide had his own headache with an Indian family who were throwing a fuss since the weather was bad.

Indian lady : you should have checked weather before bringing us here

Tour guide : weather is unpredictable

Indian Lady : you should have informed at the bottom of the mountain

Tour guide : it was clearly sated that weather cannot be predicted

This was going on for a good fifteen minutes and ended with the tour guide just ignoring her after a bit and not answering her questions at all.

Bags N shoes

I have to say that Malaysia is so cheap for most products except clothes. They have far too many malls with so much goods, you start feeling dizzy after a big. It is so much cheaper than Singapore.

When I landed in Colombo airport was very worried with the suitcases of twelve pairs of shoes (not all mine) and seven handbags. Totally like un explainable situation. What with the shopping festival which is on for the whole of July I went a tad overboard with seeing the words “SALE” in bright red letters. It might be a disease but seeing the word sale drives me towards unexplainable purchase mode.

Shopping was not the only thing on the agenda. There are so much of things to do and frankly u need a week to look around at least part of Malaysia. They have so many theme parks, adventure stuff and loads of stuff to do with kids. So I am back in one piece with a burnt credit card and totally broke.....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deserving to be Happy!

Talking to best friend M, I came to realize that you have to believe that you really deserve to be happy. Hemm I never thought of happiness like that. It was more on the scene of why am I not happy or satisfied? But after frantic texting and calling she said one thing which stuck in my mind that you have to believe that you really deserve to be happy.

So trying to incorporate that into my little world has been difficult. But as changes take its own pace of time. Thinking that you deserve something makes you work towards that goal.

So heres to more happy moments (with the added bits of heart aches and sorrows).

Monday, July 21, 2008

Magic touch electronically...

Who would have thought of such an innovative product. An electronic chair which gives u a shiatsu massage. Came across this thing in malaysia and tried it out. Must say it was pretty good. Maybe its been in this part of south asia for a long time but when I was travelling in Singpore a year back never saw this chair. Its really good, so next time anyones heading out to malaysia do try this chair thingy.

Another must try is the fish spa, although i was a bit scared to try it out but now regret i did not. Its this big tank of water filled with tiny fish and you put your feet into it they are suppose to eat away the dead skin. Its not painful cause i watched loads of people trying it out. I was feeling a bit worried about putting my feet in and feeding the fishys my dead skin. thought it was /kind of not right for some reason but have read its really good.

Getting back home......

Getting back home after vacation gives that happy/sad feeling. Happy that you are back, sad that u are back on routine.. hey but life cant be one big holiday for all can it....... More on my holiday with the kids soon.......

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Checking in the mornings….

Saturdays are days to sleep in and relax and get to work late. Such a simple thing cannot be done what with the mobile ringing right on dot at six am

Dad : are you sleeping?

Me : No I am not

Dad : You sound sleepy

Me : No I am wide awake have been up for the past hour jogging I have a sore throat ( all bull since I was fast asleep and hated being rudely woken up by a call in the morning)

Then the conversation was dull and pointless and he hangs up. I mean parents and in laws really do not have a time sense ( I have been woken up like this the whole week by dad and father in law at six am by phone calls every single day the past week). How can anyone sleep after that, get ready to leave to work as I am stepping out the cops are right at the gate to do their usual routine house checks.
Four of them just stare at me while only one speaks with a big smile and tells me politely that they have to check the house. I mean usually I get nervous with checking ( not that I have anything to hide) but the fact that the husband is away traveling was one of it. So got too hyper and cheery and welcomed them in as if long lost friends. All of five them looked momentarily confused and looked at each other and came in. The lady wanted to check out the house all rooms and when they asked me how many in the house I said me and the maid and husband is away. So they looked around and said its only the two of u. I was like yes. There is a big mistake in that statement since I had two sleeping kids upstairs who I had forgotten to mention completely. What kind of an idiot am I?

Anyways the nice lady checked my dressing room which was an utter mess like one of those hurricanes have hit it (what to do I am a messy clutter person).

Then we go upstairs and she is like “who do we have here?” Quickly calls her colleague.

I was also wondering who we have up there. Then they look at me expectantly waiting for a proper answer.

Me : Oh they are my kids

They just look at each other and come downstairs and after talking to the maid are about to leave ask me if I have any relatives from the north east. I was quick to jump and say no I don’t but I have relatives in India. Sure enough they were least interested about my aachi and seeya being from India

The last point I did was offer them tea/ coffee. I don’t think they were paying a friendly chatty visit they politely declined. I know I should not have gone to that extent of hosting a tea party for them but I really did want to give them a cup of tea.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I love earrings big dangly ones, studs, hoops, small ones big ones, tiny ones. I think the earrings I love the most are anything with a big hoop. Of course this is all fake stuff or silver for some strange reason I hate gold or any other sister metals of the gold company.
I change my earrings almost everyday without fail. Try to keep it down on work days like not too bright and showy. But otherwise bigger the better….

Anyways went to a family function the other day with my newest favorite dangly pair. Two of my aunts (who are sisters were caught staring at my ear with profound interest or so I thought).

Two aunties are old cronies who have nothing better to do but gossip and be bitchy about everyone around them. So when they talk to u there is no hi how are u its straight to the point.

A 1 : what is that in your ear

I was momentarily confused since did I have hair growing out of my ear (yuck sick) or like some unknown growth (need to be attended by surgeon immediately). So felt my ears and my bright blue dangly earrings.

A 2 : You are wearing some cheap looking earrings

Me : ( tastefully cheap is more like it) its fashion aunties

Aunties grilled me for a few minutes until I was impatient and losing my temper slowly. They wanted me to promise that I won’t wear the cheap earrings again and then the all important question

“Where is all the gold that your amma gave u for the wedding ? All that gold….”

Me : “ I sold it “ Gave a big smile and walked off.

IT was worth the look in their faces or so I thought.

Within seconds mum comes like she is being attacked and drags me to a side

Mum: you pawned the jewellery? Is that why u are wearing this fake stuff on u all the time.

(Didn’t I say sold not pawned?)

Me: I Was joking u know I wear this stuff all the time…

Mum: I need to check your locker

Me: What (you are kidding me, no I have not sold or pawned the jewellery yet) you believe those two hags is it.

Mum: I need to check that the jewellery is in fact there, do u know how hard it was to collect all that gold

Me: which I don’t wear anyways..

Mum : do u know the value of gold these days

Me : it does not mean anything to me

Mum : final I am coming to the locker……… (walks off with a huff and a puff)

Aunties looked satisfied with a job well done and when I was getting blessings to leave they were kind enough to remind me to wear some gold on my ears next time……

Friend’s husband and my friend

Mum calls up in the middle of a work day whispering that she needs to talk to me urgently.

Me: why are u whispering?

Mum: I am at the jewelers

Me: (repeat same sentence) Why are u whispering

Mum: your friends here and your friend’s husband.

Me: Mum I don’t care why are u calling me about this

Mum: (repeats the same sentence again) your friends here and your friends husband

Me: amma I really have to go

Mum: iooo what is wrong with u your friends husband is here with another one of your friends

Me: what

Now real explanation to find out that a friends husband H and another friend (who is obviously not the wife) R are at the jewelers. Simple enough that they must have gone to buy something for H’s wife obviously. So tried to explain clearly to mum that they must be buying something for his wife. Mum thinks she is onto something and says no he is trying it on this one (the necklace or whatever) and patting her neck.

Me: Mum why don’t u move closer to their table and eavesdrop (this was in a sarcastic tone since I can’t tell my mum to please mind your own business)

Mum: Good idea I’ m moving tables

Shit what have I done now…? I really at that point thought there is some sort of mistake since my mum can have a vivid imagination… I was kidding about moving tables of course and she has taken it seriously.

I had non stop calls all day from my mum that definitely he has bough 400000 worth of jewels for friend (not wife). I just let my mom have a dose of bold n beautiful Colombo style and did not try to correct her. As life has its wonderful ways within two days I was called for lunch With H‘s wife and some friends. H was there but avoiding the friend who he has been with at the jewelers and not making contact very obviously. I don’t know I did not do what women usually do and discuss it with another woman there but had to get it out of my system so blogged it here.

I can’t really go up to friend and tell her this story without getting my facts right. I could not ask other friend what she was doing at the jewelers because I felt odd. So now I am part of this saga or is this all a mistake???

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Price of Beauty

No I am not selling any beauty products yet but this is about the pain involved in the name of beautifying oneself. Maybe its just that I am totally pain prone big time but getting the eyebrows done or waxing is just too painful experience for me. That’s secondary to childbirth ( I am not even going to go there since that’s over and done with )this eyebrow business with a big OUCH is really unbearable.

Then why do women put themselves into so much pain. Obvious reason being you don’t want to look like a gorilla. Jokes apart its part of being groomed I guess. It does make a difference you get your eyebrows done properly its like your face is more clearer. Like “ I can see clearly now…….”

The other day while getting my eye brows done and crying so much with it, I was wondering how Cleopatra got hers done in those days. What with her bathing in the milk business and all I am sure she was very well groomed and had the perfect arched eyebrows.

Have no clue why I blogged the above crap just now. Anyways ……….

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Missing the Shoe Deal

In Chennai last week while window shopping, I came across this really good deal where you can buy two shoes and get the third one free. I mean is that not like the best deal and these are my favorite brand of shoes. I went a bit giddy for a moment there all these shoes beautifully displayed and I kept trying one after the other. My friend came up and joined me and inquired if I had decided if I picked a pair so I told her about the deal and said I am going to get three for the price of two. She just looked at me as if I have lost it and said hemm they are too expensive why do u want to get three shoes and also cleverly pointed out that my shoe cupboard was overflowing anyways. That sounded right at that point of moment and I left with just one pair in a bag.

Now sitting so many miles away I am totally repenting missing the shoe deal…. Feel like crying since they were really good lovely wedge heels. I mean where can u get nice wedge heels in Colombo. Well when u get it it’s so over priced. I mean if I had actually got three pairs I could have used them for a year right and never buy any more shoes for a year………. So upset. Wanted to text a friend and ask them to pick up the pairs was scared since I would have got a rude reply back ……..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rain, Traffic and Colombo

So late to drop S in school today, I mean what with the rains who can wake up early in the morning. Driving in duplication road I was getting stressed that it was eight and we were going to miss one whole lesson but then he is five years so that wont really harm is intellect so decided to distract myself ( I would not even try to attempt the nursery rhymes with actions). Driving in Colombo you don’t need to do anything to distract yourself since the fellow drivers give us enough entertainment to last a life time.

Hear a non stop hooting behind turn around and a pissed off looking girl stares at me. Arch my eye brows asking her what she gives me annoyed look. Now I am really confused do I know her? S who is always double bent in the car pops up and the girl looks at him in shock and turns her face. WTF was that about… women ok we are complicated. At least she stopped her sound pollution bit.

Look out of the window at a moving bus feel like someone’s waving I look a guy shows his finger. This is like the fifth time this is happened. Some weirdo sticking his finger up. I know I should have done something equally rude but then I don’t want the five year old picking up rude gestures.

Look at the car in front of me with this sign which said “honk if you are horny” ………
Big bus comes and breaks right next to me then decides that he will cross over in the middle of thurstan road to the other side…….. the pleasures of driving in Colombo are endless…………..

Friday, June 27, 2008

AM (part three)

There are some things in life which we assume about ourselves. Negotiation with work related issues is something I love to do. But when you try to do same with family you realize maybe you are not that good a negotiator be it your own kids or your parents. Explained clearly to parents that B does not want to get hitched for a year and he wants someone good looking. Dad had an amused look.

Dad: So it’s decided we start looking immediately.

Me: dad he needs a year (god what have I been explaining the past half hour)

Dad: Yes I know but we start looking immediately.

(Repetition is a parental language by itself. Is it only my parents who keep repeating things again and again?)

After a good one week dad calls up again and says I might have to travel to some far off village in the interiors of south India which does not have an airport. So I am suppose to get off at some point which has an airport and go by a car for three hours to find this village. This was all that was said with me asking why but given only instructions on how to get there. (Obviously I cannot drop things and rush off like that since I just got back from India.) Why I had asked but nothing said about why what. So call up mum.

Me: why on earth do I have to travel to this village?

Mum: it’s the girl
(Here we go again)

Me: lets me get this straight the girl lives in this village which is like far off place

Mum: yes, but she is only working there her parents are in the city..

Me : so why are we going to go half away across some village where I don’t know anyone when we can see her in the city…

That was greeted with an OH…

This whole business is getting on my nerves since I don’t want to go and check out a girl as if she is a prized cow and then say no or something. I know of some relatives who have gone in bunches and big groups eaten the entire good south Indian food drunk the coffee and rejected the girl in the basis of looks…. I feel sins like that is something you carry for a long time… then again this is how an arranged marriage works the traditional one. I went through the same process but luckily the first proposal clicked.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Makeover…….

Just like when the New Year dawns where my resolution to lose weight starts and fades by the mid of the year I decide its time for a change with my look. That’s because my birthday is in June. So this year just like last year I thought will go for a make over of my wardrobe. Usually its something more drastic like a hair cut gone wrong or trying out different make up (ending up like jojo the clown with the blush on cheek, still cant figure that bit of make up out). Since I had to go to Chennai last week went a bit cuckoo and picked out these new clothes to wear to work.

Walking into office in my new look my colleagues just stared. Why do I always manage to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. So now I am like an arty hippie type with all these kurta tops which should only be worn for yogi guru types and beads(definite yogic look). Even I have not managed to get to the yoga class which I have been planning to go to at least go the guru look right. Now need to stash this away and uncomplicated my life by slipping into my usual clothes and look.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Arranged Marriage Part 2 (AM part 2)

Decided that discussing with the brother (B) had to be done directly because if he was making puke faces I can’t detect from the phone. So went up to see him with the usual hi how are u.

B: Are you ok you look really uncomfortable

Quickly explained the conversation to him and watched his face turn a few shades grey. This is as much as I seen so many emotions run in his face (the boy did not cry when grandma died).

B: F____ F______ I don’t want get married I am running away

Right that makes things easy but I knew I was not going to get off easily with this answer because next my mom would pretend heart attack. So told him they are serious so give sensible answer.

B: shit man my friends kept telling me I will be the first one; I am so young I am so young (repetition of the same things is a genetic default in the family)

Me; I was nineteen when I got engaged, so u are lucky u should count your blessings or whatever

B: that’s tough luck on you, I don’t want to get married, and I am young only 24
(Puts his head down on his hand)

Quickly explained that the parents were not going to stop so option of running away is out and also the conditions they had put down. He looked downright pissed off when I told him about the three things they were particular.

B: oh ok so they have all this criteria let me get this straight whose getting married

Me: right do we have any preferences

B: yes I need another three years

Me: its out they won’t wait, I really cannot handle a heart attack situation

B: ok tell them to wait a year we ll talk about it then.

Me: do u have any conditions

B: she has to be a babe and young like nineteen twenty

Me: a babe? Nineteen twenty, don’t be sick. You need to be a stud to get a babe. I shall not let you marry a teenager.

B: you are going to pay back for all our childhood fights aren’t you.. Listen you have to put it off by a year.. How does this work

Me : well we exchange horoscopes, then it has to match then I go to see the girl if shes nice then u get to go but u cant say no

B: totally out I need to talk to the chick (chick?@@@ ) what if she is forced as well or something. Need to talk it out….

Well obviously this has to be handled delicately my parents are very old fashioned I can’t tell them he wants a babe so will have to be subtle and explain that beauty is important for him.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Arranged Marriage part 1

My parents call me up when I am really busy to announce that its time.

Me; Time for what (I am utterly clueless here since I was thinking time for what? For them to move back to India, or some astrological time?)

Dad: u know the time has come

Me: For what???? (Or this conversation was going to go forever)

Dad: We have found a girl (ok this is really ridiculous have they found some half sister who they had forgotten to mention, or are they adopting a sister… my imagination is really running in those few secs)

Me: a girl? For what
(Why can’t they talk what I understand?)

Dad: your brother its time for him, we have seen a girl…

(Did not see that coming my poor brother is 24 and I am sure he does not see that coming either but bit thrilled since I get new clothes ok I am vain)

Me; ok

Dad: is that all you can say? We have found a girl

Me: Who is she?

Quick conferring with my mom in the other end. They are sure it’s a girl

Mum: it’s a girl

(Right now that we have established that he is straight and we are getting him married to a girl can we get on with this)

Patiently I ask them some questions and the conversation just keeps around a girl. That’s all they have figured out. Then end of the conversation they were clever enough to point out that I am not acting responsibly I must check this proposal out. After half an hour conversation they have some criteria
She has to be the same caste
She has to be from a good family (god!)
Horoscope has to match...

And the only information I have is she is a girl. Unless I get a James bond to help me out (even he might find it difficult to work on that one)… Also I am the Chosen one to talk to my brother……. (I am scared)

Stuck in Traffic

This has happened again like for how many times. Today the road was blocked so much and was in the same road for one hour. In the midst of this the busses decide they will do a u turn on to the middle pavement running the road and go the other way. I was considering doing the same but was scared if the car would get damaged and stayed listening to some crappy music in the car.

Still no clue why the roads in and around Fort were so chock a block. Was looking forward to the weekend so much but was tired by the time I reached office a good one half hours later. Hope its clearer when I am getting back.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Superstitious Days, Bad omens and other stuff.

I follow a lot of silly superstitions like a prayer. It’s been unnerving but if a black cat crosses my path I freak out totally and try to reverse back or turn back. Logically I know the cat had to pass by my way to get to the other side and does not give a damn whether I move front or back. Ever since the day a black cat crossed my path and I just ignored it and found the baby getting dengue that evening (both were obviously not interconnected), I am petrified of black cats.

Here is a list of superstious crap that I am scared of
I don’t do any new deals on a Tuesday
Wont walk under a ladder
Get very upset if the mirror breaks
Wont open an umbrella inside the house
Will not visit a new place on a Tuesday
My old aunt said that seeing a dead body while u are going somewhere is good luck (Yes she was a bit gory in the head). I saw five dead bodies passing my way left right and centre near borella cemetery the day my mom announced my arranged marriage to me.

Loads of silly little things that I consider bad omen and good omen. Logically its all nonsense of course.

Now for the good stuff. I have laughing Buddha’s all over the place and rub their belly for good luck before a meeting. I try a bit of feng shui here and there and place flowers and candles here and there but since I am clueless about the directions am sure have got it all in the wrong places. Tried hanging some wind chimes in the balcony but found them disturbing the silence I love so much took it down immediately. Very specific about who I see first in the morning so will open my eyes and look into my hands (apparently the gods are living there).

I think I have left out quite a bit of other things and that sums it up I am really weird…

Exams are over!

Well not mine obviously but little D's exams are finishing tomorrow and i am so relieved. I probably can sit through the exams in my sleep since my head is swimming with transport systems, fractions, prefixes and combien? ouch actually my head is aching.

Strangely, my shopping mania has been put a stop i have not been to odel in a month i think (oh god i am rehabilitated) or for a coffee in three weeks (has it been that long). Then again i have been mostly house bound due to car being repaired too. I am so looking forward to a weekend in peace at last........

Tomorrow St. Anthonys Feast so have to attend that as well. I think will start off being free in the evenings religiously...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seminars n sleeping

Had to attend a very uncomfortable seminar today. Uncomfortable in the sense there was no tables but only chairs provided. I think a table is a must for all seminars so that u can look down and pretend to take notes and sleep. I tried the other method of just staring and having that glazed look where I was in fact planning the whole year in my head. Since no one else from office came with me I was so bored even during break with no one to talk to. Suddenly saw someone smiling and the person came up and spoke to him, I had no clue that he was. God it was embarrassing then he said his name and I was like I am so sorry.. He was talking pretty well when suddenly the guy became very uncomfortable.

Since this has been a month of some weird happenings I was wondering what’s up with this guy turn around see a girl. He quickly introduces her and then conversation is like not going anywhere. Hemm well to keep myself entertained decided then and there that those two were an item. Said bye and wandered off to have tea. The rest of the seminar was eventful because I did not fall asleep, there was this loud snoring noise. The man next to me was fast asleep on the chair and he was so loud. I kind of kept poking him to wake him up since everyone kept turning to look at him and I was right next to him.

End of seminar he wanted to have a chat, ugh I wanted to run cause man had severe case of bad breath. I kept backing off to put a one mile radius between us but he kept coming closer. Was so excited yesterday that I can idle time today but by the end of afternoon was dying to be back at office.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Had to attend a meeting at one of our private companies. The collegue who was supposed to come dropped out last minute since he had something else to do. I cant mention the name of the company obviously since that would mean trouble at work place. Anyways get to the place and find out the manager who was suppose to meet me had of course forgotten the appointment and gone off somewhere so his assitant would attend.

The pretty girl at the reception showed me into a room where there was this man of about 45 (dont ask how i know his age just guessing) was seated. He said hello and asked me to explain the project blah blah. All was ok except i was looking at his face and talking and he was staring at my chest. He was having this conversation solely focused not looking at my face. With all my big talk i was very uncomfortable and really wanted to cry. Its a bit silly maybe but it was really a sick feeling being started at by a horrid looking man. Thankfully this other guy A came in and said the manager had told him to talk to me and took me out of the room. When i stepped out i was so releived i did not even say bye to the first idiot. A was really cordial and nice and thanks to him the presentation did not get messed up. This has not been my kind of month now has it. First with the photo taking idiot on the road and now some frustrated man in the office... I feel sorry for the girls in that place....

School Play

The little ones school play was on last week. I had to get off early from work at least to change into that ever perfect dress that i had got. As luck would have had to lie about why i needed the leave by saying some crap at work. I sometimes cringe when the guys get off taking leave cause the kiddie has a play or need to go to docs (management oohs and aahs). But when the women ask for leave , how the management reacts like oh women always on leave. Anyways i could not get off telling i had to attend to car matters cause even accidents i get into are dumb, with a tree plopping itself on me.

Rush home with the accusing glare "mummy you are late". well actually i wasnt. The five year old was incistantly walking around me and asked what r u going to wear. Hemm first time he asked me that (the boy is learning going to make some girl happy after good long years). so showed him the dress (ok my life is ridiculous i am discussing my wardrobe with a five year old). he burst out crying loudly (this seems to be the case sometimes with kids). had to pacify him and he said i cant wear the black dress. Right. Then he proceeds to open the wardrobe and pick a saree then gives orders to wear something with lots of sequins mummy . arghhh

anyway get to the play me overdressed like a christmas tree with sequins. .( the saree was purchased in a moment of madness and has been lying in there without seeing the sunlight since purchase)..... Bling gone wrong But S with happy smiley face. The Man turns up takes one look at me and goes "why are u dressed like that" (ok if anyone wants relationshp advice dont take from me, cause if u are trying to fix things the black dress would have worked no christmassy stuff)..

Sitting at the play i could here all the mommies gushing about the cuties who they thought were in the main cast. Cuties were clearly there as birds or trees and non talking parts but the expectant parents were full of proud expectation (meaning they thought the offsprings were in a broadway play). I was really bored actually cause felt the play was a mess and then when s did come on to the stage with fifteen to twent five other kids and danced, i felt almost weepy (god thats the maternal instinct thing working). The high from the play kept s talking non stop with more bribes out of me to take him to pizza hut for all the hard work (twisting his hips for some funny music).

The mummy brigade pulled me and said "wow you look really dressed up" meaning (you clown u have no clue you look like u are at a wedding). well anyways sometimes we need to make a fool of oneself in the name of kids...

NDTV Programme on Bloggers

Last night was aimlessly flicking channels and came across this really good NDTV programme on “we the people”. I guess on Sundays at eight they have this programme on and address different topics. This was the first time I watched this and it was really interesting they debated on interesting titles like “The brave new world of Blogs” and “should blogs be regulated”.

They covered a range of different matters. What I caught up with the programme was people have blogs for different reasons like
Reaching out to strangers
Saying stuff that we wont usually tell
Getting on the lime light
Start conversation
Meeting people

They also did this bit about what is good and not good in the world of blogging. General not good factor was about anonymous comments but there were so many positive points discussed. I really enjoyed the programme; wish I had known it was on would have posted it before so that all could have had watched. There was so much said in it and I can’t cover it all here……

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nursery rhymes with actions!

Was stuck at a killer traffic when five year old S asks me to do nursery rhymes with the actions. So started off with incy wincy with the actions was getting really into it and just turned, saw a guy in his car with a shocked expression in his face. Turned back with pat a cake and out of the corner of my eye noticed s has slided right into the seat and it looked like I was driving alone with all this funny hand actions? The guy in the car must have thought I am bonkers. I decided shall entertain him some more and went on to do another rhyme. Oh god he took his phone out and was taking a picture. Arghhh trust the road to open up then everyone tooting and had to move. I was so annoyed ok it was definitely my mistake to do weirdo gestures in the car but he had no business to take a picture (I don’t know video it).
Isn’t that banned here like u cant take pics of strangers? I know that I should not have been continuing my nursery recital knowing someone was looking. I found it a joke so continued it……..

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Secret Seven

Spider has tagged me have to thank her for distracting my mind from work since this should be attended to immediately. I am not going to tag anyone in the end of this since everyone has been tagged already so no rule explanation here…

Seven random /weird things about me…..
1 Totally superstitious, which leads to being petrified of black cats. Separate post should be coming up on this one.
2 I love to race other cars on the road and taunt the drivers.
3 Can be prone to mood swings
4 love books the favorite time spent is with books
5 since the age of ten have this vision of a knight in shining armour who is going to save me in troubled times (weird I know, but still believe in it and am definitely sure its hrithik after watching jodha akbar)
6 My intuitions are almost always right so have friends who keep asking me do I have any thoughts or intuitions about them (should charge a penny for each of that one soon)
7Love to sing…… ( glasses have not shattered yet nor donkey brayed at doorstep)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fitness mania continues

So after all that gym ball disasters and stuff have not dropped the weight since I was not consistent with going for the aerobics class. Now I have got into this yoga mania. Well not that I am dressed to the nines with all the yoga gear and have mastered all the asanas. I am thinking of joining a yoga class. So does anyone know anything for this budding yoga enthusiast? Read that it helps to balance the mind and soul. Loads of help needed in that department. Have found good teachers but need to know for sure from someone’s been there done that. Should I continue with aerobics (which have not sighted in months) or switch to yoga.

This is an emergency situation since the birthday is coming up next month. I have two phases where I go crazily into weight loss regiments. One is for new year, one is for birthday. So any advice on yoga related issues please?

Childs Play

Have been watching different games that kids play in the age range of eight to five year olds. They have these make believe games of playing shop, hide and seek, playing tennis (kid you not this is serious with a sania dress up involved as well), mummy daddy game (this is the innocent one with the teddy bear as the kid). The one that had me in stitches was the four year old speak in sinhala and English all mixed up and giving operation orders for a logistical mess up (he was pretending to be working like me). All the technical jargon had been picked up as well, so that goes to say how careful we have to be when we talk in front of kids. It was the most hilarious insight into how I sound when I try to sort out work issues from home.

Getting married game is another all time favorite where all the eight year olds dress up and play brides. There is also this “life” game which is like a monopoly sort of thing but it has loads of life issues or something I watched the kids play one day. This post is not about the innocent kids play but another serious issue involved with kids playing. We always here of kids being molested by adults (in the line of relatives cousins, friends and what not). The stories I have heard can make a real sordid blog but then I don’t know if half of what I hear is true. What I am going to post here is a true story, the kids’ interest with playing mum and dad sometimes goes onto serious playing where they start molesting smaller kids. This was again related by a friend where a bunch of small kids were usually playing but a little boy used to take one of the little girls and putting in LD’s Words try Hanky Panky with the child. Now general curiosity of little kids is always there, show me your under pants or show me your wee wee blah blah is an issue that comes up at some point or the other. When the child goes to the extend of committing acts on another kid, that’s where we have to be alert on its not innocent child’s play but something more serious where one kids molesting another. The kid must have seen or been subjected to something not right. Addressing issues like this is treading on dangerous grounds where parents don’t want to and don’t know how to react with such things. Seriously this sort of issue needs proper counseling.

When I was single I used to be terrified of the word “rape”. That’s another post altogether. Now that I am a mum I am terrified of the words “child abuse”. Since I am hardly at home but have full time supervision of the kids I still have this un answered fear that what if? Sending kids to play with other kids spend of the days all have to be closely monitored since not only adults but even other kids as small as five years or four can cause harm to others without realizing what they are doing……

Molestation by adults is something we all hear, I remember once I was in a room filled with girls and almost ninety percent of them had one story to relate about how they were molested in their young age. Shocking but true that we live in a sick minded world……

Monday, May 26, 2008

Kids Exams

The kid’s exams are on in a couple of weeks. Gone are the days that the kids don’t do anything but just flip through the books and go off to school (which is what I did). Little D has been driving up the wall saying we have to study mummy and you do it with me. So all evenings are spent revising stuff and she is more organized than I am and has started really early. She has this obsessive competitive streak that I am worried about but have been trying to tell her if you don’t get a prize it doesn’t matter but no she does not even want to hear that.

Drop the kids at school and wander around thinking whether I should buy something from the canteen or not, get hit by the mummy group. After all the hi’s they quickly jump off to exams. One was kind enough to ask if I am taking a month off to teach the kid for the exam, I was like No I don’t get that kind of leave off. Then she asks if I am taking two weeks off, hello I can’t take two days off because of a eight year old kids exams. Gives me a weird look and then they say how they have not done enough revision (alert alert they have been revising for three months). There is this other category of moms who keep running everyday to meet the teacher, corner her and try and get the blooming questions out of the teachers mouth. There is this bitching behind the back about this one goes and meets the teacher blah blah while they are all doing that anyways. One mum said she has gained weight because she has been comfort eating for the exams. Wait what will all these characters do when its time for o’levels I cringe when I wonder about that.

For a mad moment(which are far by many these days) I wonder if I am the one whose not panicking so much about D’s Exams and going a bit nuts. I mean yes you want your kids to do well but does it rotate so much that you get stressed and talk about it all the time. Since my mom goes to pick the kids this bug has caught her she keeps calling me many times and driving me nuts that I am not taking it seriously enough…. The joys of parenthood …… so thrilling……

By the way I found out while studying that there is a mountain called mount sugarloaf in Brazil, didn’t know that information in so many years.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Tree, Car and a Sunny day

Was driving down one of our tree filled neighborhoods last weekend. Suddenly, whoosh I heard something fall on my car and braked and closed my eyes. Immediate assumption was I have knocked something. Heard people screaming in the road looked up and huge branch of a tree has fallen on the car. What are the likelihoods of a big branch of tree falling on a sunny day? I just noticed that the side mirror was broken and hanging. All these people came running and took the branches. Was too scared to get out and check the damages just kept driving (idiotic I know).
Anyways drive quite a bit and get off to look at the damages. I get a mixed feeling of desperation where I am crying and wishing the blooming tree had fallen on me instead. Since I have been in a fairly depressive mood I think just broke down. This is the first sort of accident with the car and that too with a tree dropping its branches out of the blue. Insurance is apparently covered for this sort of thing now I am going to be without a car for a good ten days. Tired of answering people who keep pointing at the dents and asking how did you do that? (feel like answering no I just drove up a tree I mean how would the hood get dented and the sides unless I just did that!)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Words and their way!

Sometimes I cannot help but wonder why some people don’t understand that words when once said cannot be picked up again. The pain of the words that you so loosely throw is worse and deeper than the cut of a sword. Words that you understand cause you don’t know the meaning and words which don’t make sense cause you don’t know the language.

That was a pretty much negative play of words. The positive part will be posted when in better spirits…….

Ten Random things that make me happy in my life..

I have been tagged by LD and Chaar-max and I must say it’s a good distraction from all my miserable posts. This is the first time I have been tagged so pretty excited I must say

Here goes
The kids- when they give these huge smiles
Reading a book
Rainbows – Rarely see them for some reason
This feeling you get after prayers ( that’s sometimes)
Having a laugh with my best friends in India
Traveling around Sri lanka
Movies – preferable funny ones which will make me laugh
Shopping – finding that ever so perfect pair of shoes
Cooking – that should be cooking up a storm when I am in a good mood
Trading with profits – don’t we all get happy when we make huge profits…..

I am pleased to tag

Angel Eyes
The kill me romeo project

Friday, May 9, 2008

Disaster Management with an astrologer

This is not about the Myanmar disaster relief. Although my problems are no where near what the people in Myanmar are going through right now. We should all help in whatever way possible. In this short span of life I cannot stop but think what would those villagers have been thinking when the cyclone hit them? It’s really sad that such natural disasters do have to occur.

These disasters in my life have taken a greater turn with my mom and sister running into the rescue with an astrologer. (This must be like the 15th that we have seen). So anyways I completely refused to go with them but then in the end with my mom doing what mothers usually do (nagging) had to go with them. The place is really dodgy in a dodgy area the astrologer looked like a normal our neighbor sort of guy.

After looking at the boxes of my times and drawing more and more charts his prediction was that I am in a real disaster and its not going to be better. I love the way how life takes this turn where you go with some sort of hope and then you learn that no shit happens and you just got to live with it. He kept reading and saying different things (not all good stuff either). First I was listening with a smirky smile then of course got a bit engrossed in the stuff he was saying since some of it did make sense. My mom of course could not bear to hear the bad news that life is not going to be all flowers and bonbons but have I considered separation (this was from the astrologer). No mum wants to hear the D word and the Indian mom that is worse than being ousted from your caste and community. My mom was weeping at this total stranger and sister looked shell shocked (clearly). I was of course bit worried that mum might fall into this mans shoulder and weep some more (have no clue why I thought this). So anyways I stopped him and said now tell me is there anything good happening in my life. He was kind enough to put forward that except the personal stuff everything else will be good. Apparently my horoscope is a perfect match to Jacqueline Kennedy. (Right I don’t have her figure but maybe the only similarity might been the love for shoes and bags and clothes). At a logical moment was wondering how he looked at Jackie’s Horoscope (I mean come on what are the chances?)

Astrologer was a bit worried with the mother weeping non stop and going on to talk about what a bright good child I was in my childhood and some sin she committed has put me in this situation. Clearly this is having a cuckoo effect on mom. Stopped her again and asked what the solution. It was simple enough he told me to pray. As if I have not done enough of that already. But he kept saying no I am serious you have to pray. So today morning woke up to break that new resolution of not praying and made it to temple to do some serious talks with the gods. I don’t know if they are hearing what I have been saying. I can’t believe that I am paying for some Karmas of my last birth. I really hope I am not born again into this world to keep paying for sins that I might have committed in this birth…

Well with that officially the blog is going to be anonymous for the rest of its life….. (except for the handful who know me J )

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

God and I

So god appeared in full glory in front of me and said
”What would be your three wishes whatever granted”
Me being the Good person I am said “ World Peace, Food for the poor , Happier Sri lanka”
Well that was an attempt at a dry joke.

I have just stopped praying for the fourth day in a row. I don’t think Hinduism does say you have to pray everyday. But I was praying everyday and visiting temples like no tomorrow. Due to misery in my personal life in general I had to blame it on someone. First thought was my parents who brought me into this world but then again poor souls how were they suppose to predict that my life was going to be one big carnival (Not). Then I realized I had to blame it on someone else so its god. I tried having an annoyed conversation with God but stopped since I might look like a mental talking to oneself. I don’t know how long I am going to continue this, but then again could things get worse that it is already if I don’t pray. Hemmm that’s a thought to think about for now.

Friday, May 2, 2008

What you see and what you want to see!

I was wandering around Odel one weekend, passing delifrance I saw a good friends husband reading the papers with a cup of coffee. So decided to bug him and went up and teased him that was he hiding here from the wife on weekends. He burst out laughing and told me to sit and have a coffee.

So I joined him was joking with him while looking at the mirror in front of me (I was people watching ok). If you sit at Delifrance in Odel facing the restaurant there is a big mirror where u can watch other people walking around. I spotted this lady (L) who we both knew and I saw her looking at friends husband then at me and quickly making two n two that this was not the wife he was sitting with. Watching her facial expression was classic and she kept walking this way and that way looking over at him. She could see my back but did not have the brains to look into the mirror to see my face. I told my friend this and he started laughing and trying to put his head down and keep the paper in the side and have conversation with me.

Now L who was trotting here and there quickly had one of those tube light moments where she rushed into the restaurant to get a table right behind us so that she could see who I was. But before rushing to her table she said hi to the friend’s husband but did not still look at me and ran to the table. She sits down to look at me (I was with a big friendly smile in my face). Her face literally froze (ok it was already frozen with the entire pancake and stuff that she had put on her face but froze a bit more). Then fake laugh (I hear load of that here for some reason) how are u dear and where is your husband and where is your wife? To the point or what! By this time my friend comes rushing in with a load of clothes and joins us. When I told her what this woman had been up to later she said I should have texted her she would have come up and burst out crying….. Maybe I’ll do that next time to make L’s Day…

I feel sorry for L because she has the biggest womanizer in town as her husband. She painstakingly goes into every gory detail about him to everyone she knows. So much that my mom has been updated about L”s husband and that too she met my mom maybe once.