Monday, April 26, 2010

Travel Friend!

I always wanted to get into a train and meet this travel passenger who will become a great friend. Such a dreamer. So there I was in Chennai flight yet again. As i was the last passenger and the ground staff were least friendly I heard a voice. Hemm is that the voice in my head? No actually someones calling my name.

To cut a long boring story short mums friend this aunty was off with a buddy and they had one first class seat between them. So they wanted to switch seats with me. There I was in the first class with this bear of a man next to me. The snooty air hostess was being herself. I felt the bear sorry the Man next to me struggle a bit. U know how the snooty air hostess was not going to help him. I helped him to put the Seat belt. He smiled this big relief and off he was on his story.

This was a fisherman from dickwella going to save his boat which was taken away by the Indians. He was on first class cause he could not get a seat. After ten minutes I was filling out his Indian immigration forms and listening to how the boat was taken away by the Indians the full version. This guy who cant speak English on his way to Vizag to save his boat. If he was scared of getting lost in Tamil nadu. Dear lord Andra is a maze. As a gesture of thanking he wanted me to visit his family that this and the other and wanted my number. Seriously I must be some organised person travelling I did not have my card as usual.

Later alarm bells were ringing, nope not in the flight but in my head. This guy says his boat went into Indian waters by mistake but what if he was a great big smuggler. Now the imagination was doing a overdrive just out of drinking some crappy apple juice servevd on flight. So here I was with the smuggler who looked friendly enough but remember how sometimes mum is right dont give your number to strangers

I was uhm and ahming a bit and ran off when we landed. I dont know is it my nature to be suspicious or should we be safe than sorry...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Days that have been...

So my blogging days seems to have huge intervals between posts. I sometimes feel like there is nothing left to write and then there is so much where u dont know where to begin and end.

Recently, I have been having this feeling of wanting to ask god to make three of me. I seem unable to cope with work, house, kids, my parents and what not. If there were three of me I might be able to finish things up. Specially that earthquake eruption in my wardrobe six months back. Then the lose weight programme which seemed to have got lost in my Indian trips and new year kokis.

To add to the lovely things happening work cropped up with loads of issues which make me feel like i am sinking in the dark blue sea. The fact that I cannot swim does not help at all.

My parents well somethings never change. My dad hears me discussing about " Second Chance" the florist in colombo.
He calls me later to tell me that I should get First Chance. I was like uh? He was like i dont want second chance can u talk to first chance. Uhm dad there is no first chance florist. He goes i dont like this second chance name change it. Its moments like this that keep my sanity in check.

Hope all of u are well.

P.S Second chance flowers is a florist in Colombo. there is no First chance florist Yet.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bride Found!

Such an anticlimax after all the drama of the past year. So there I was with mum and she waves a photo to me. I look at it without the contacts and say yes nice. I mean after seing so very many photos it was time they all looked the same. Later with the contacts on I looked to find a pleasant smiling girl. So again it was off to see her. This time we took DH along.

There was a very friendly grandma who was chatting with me nonstop. B comes out and says yes I am ok with her. Dad jumps and tells me to ask if the girl likes B. So i ask her and she smiles. There is a loud " I like him I like him". No it was not the bride but her grandma. B looked bit scared. Grandma rushes to him and shakes hand and wishes him well.

Its all fixed and I am so excited and busy with the plans and so on. Shall keep updated about wedding tamasha which has started. Mum calls me and says that her uncle is sending an email list of ten addresses. I say yes and tell D to print it out and leave. Come back to find 100 pages with 1000 addresses of people not known. Now obviously the ink is all done up and i am so very mad.