Friday, June 19, 2009

Black Clouds!

The black clouds have settled over wherever i go! Bit worried that they might break open a torrential downpour. But dodging as best as i can... (should take up some sort of dodging game)

Will the misery ever end? or is this how life is cut out for? it gets better last summer was fairly more depressive (is that even possible)

all the cousins and friends have been asking what is the treat for the birthday if only anyone had a clue of the black clouds that have settled...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Flu Business

Get a call from the school that the six year old S is sick. For some reason they did not have my mobile number (which has been clearly writted a hundred times to the teacher) and they call up DH. I was with DH at the time and could hear him having a long conversation with someone from school. with random questions thrown in to me like "is it ok to give piriton?"

While i was making frantic gestures like give the phone to me or should i pick the kid up. He hangs up and says no they say its ok to leave him. Get home in the evening and take the kid to the doc. i have to dedicate a whole post about the paediatricians who have no sense of time (and the gynos)in colombo.

get him some medicine and get home to have a call from DH u know they have detected swine flu. I think we should not send the kids to school.

( arent we being a wee bit too careful) i laughed it off and said we cannot keep them under lock and key they might still catch dengue or anything.

Wake up this morning and get call from Bestfriend " God that swine thing is here what do u think?"

Me : well dont worry the flu will run when they have to attack us. and only the good die young or get serious diseases we are safe.

friend : what do u kow about this case

so i update her what i know and she thinks i know these people personally. I read it in the blooming papers. God!

friend : I think we should be careful and not take the kids out much.

Right another one who thinks the same.

DH calls : we should put off our vacation till this is sorted.

me : what sorted ? u mean to sort out where we are heading

DH : no till the swine flu is under control.

arghhh there goes the vacation postponed by a month with destination nowhere.....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

All in a days Work!

Last evening was meeting up a bunch of people on some work. I was absolutely tired and worried that i was missing the aerobics lesson (ya my foot) and was not my usual alert self. The day starting off with getting in the wrong car as it is.

Go to the ladies and find a man in there with his back to me . It was definitely a waiter and i was like what the hell is this guy doing in the ladies toilet. What kind of a pervert. Now did not make a sound because i did not want him to turn around and do something wierd. (never mind). Quickly notice there were urinals. Why are they having urinals in the ladies. Now i must have been there for a bit anyways turn around to see this cute guy walking in. Stops and gives big smile. Holy shit i must be in the wrong toilet.

So i run out quickly and get to the opposite toilet. I quickly check the picture in it and turn and look at the mens its the same Picture that they had drawn. What the hell. Ok they had specified male/female but i looked at the picture definite male wearing a skirt. Now cute guy is still smiling. Can the floor open up and gobble me soon. rush inside and put my head in my hand and shout arghh. look up three posh girls staring at me and shaking there heads. (posh cows they should go into the mens and no what it feels like)

I come out and again cute guy is there with smile and trying to catch my eye. Look the other way and run to my table and he is walking behind me. OH lord is he going to try have a conversation or make a complaint about me.... (no nothing excitiing like that)

Jack point had commented about my absent mindedness. Looks like the brain is temporarily out of order...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wrong Turn!

Stepping out of school it started pouring this morning. Luckily saw the car approaching me and quickly get in behind to find someone else in the drivers seat. A moment of “()*$)(“*(.
Me : Who are you?
Driver : Thilakasiri
Me (god i am getting kidnapped, really thought that. Felt very worried, but then he wont be smiling and telling me his name righ t... Ya right my foot whose going to waste their time kidnapping me)
Tooting of horns behind and the guy moves forward with big smile and stops few yards away.
Now i am trying to open the door and jump out its locked.
Thilakasiri : Wait me open door. U car there. (points with finger cant see anything in the rain)
Oh god i had got into someone elses car and taken a drive without even realising until thilakasiri told me in his English. After a mumbled sorry get off to see the owner of the drenched car walking up and looking pissed.
Shouted sorry and went to my car parked some place else where driver was having a good laugh.