Monday, August 18, 2008

Internet marriages

What with having a blog and all i thought the best solution for the bride hunt for my brother was to look for a bride on the net. It was like this big light bulb moment or so i thought. So there i was explaining that indeed we could look for a bride on the net from the numerous marriage sites to my parents. Dad looked a bit puzzled and wanted to know the probabilities of would i find someone from the community. Mum just looked at me as if i was gone mad. Old crony aunties said it was indeed sad that i had to resort to looking for a girl in a commputter.. After convincing the parents, i decided to tell B about my great idea.

B did not take to my idea that much at all. He was thoroughly pissed to say the least. Which gave me all the more encouragement to check the brides out. So there i was at my parents place browsing the net with all these great photos from all the indian matrimonial sites. B happens to walk by and does not look pleased by the offer up on the sites and tells me to lay off net sites.

B has also been ill advised by good meaning friends that marriage is the doom for his independence. Wonder where that kid got this idea from......

The Laundry!

Its a cosy old place down a small residential lane with an old fashioned laundry cleaners (not our posh taj and galadari dry clearners that). After a drama of some lost bill and lost bedsheets and curtains i decided to drop by and search for the clothes. So there i was giving my explanation and the guy gave me this look like "not another one of those". He immediately knew how to locate the stuff. They have this unique alphabet with two dots kind of code to actually find all the clothes.

A Middle aged man turned up with a sob story of some lost stuff from the year 2005, i just looked at the laundry guys face. it was the same expression that was given to me. (hemm should not feel to guilty i am not some light years later looking for some lost laundry). while looking around the rows of clothes i saw a saree which looked just like one of mine. Was thinking what a coincidence. The mind quickly unravels the puzzle, cant be coincidence, it has to be mine. By this time i was sneezing due to the musty smell. This place must be holding a whole load of left over clothes and contemplating should i or not.

As he finished packing up the stuff for me to take. He asked me if there was anythign else i could see which was mine. God i felt dumb pointing out the saree. he quickly took it looked at the secret code and nodded his head and gave that to me as well. The saree was given one year back ....

Why are u here?

Met some foreign clients over work last week. They were amazed with the Sri Lankan hospitality and smiles. On their way back from Kandy they had been stopped at a check point and questioned "why are you in sri lanka".

Why indeed. Its a real tourism booster that asking the question. They of course had laughed and answered they did not get tickets to go on vacation to some place else.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kuselan – Tamil movie

So I went and watched kuselan, rajnis latest movie. Its not technically a rajini movie since he makes his appearance only totally for half hour, but his name is what sells the movie. I am not really sure what I was expecting when I went for the movie. The summary is you can go watch it for the comedy(some of which was in the cheap side) and nayanthara (for the guys).

The Cinema was half full. The Hardcore rajini fans will still say it’s a super hit and keep on singing the praises of rajini. I remember few years back when Baba was out. Its was terrible but Raj ( a good friend and die hard rajini fan) kept on going on about how his thalaivars dance moves were “The Best”. Raj was trying to convince himself more than me when he kept telling me that “Thalaivar kalakitar:” (king rocked)

Go watch it, its not sivaji but it does not do justice to his bit about 75 years of tamil cinema either.

My kids who I had taken along to appreciate the Tamil movie scene, loved every bit of it. D loved the songs and claimed it was much better than Sivaji. Well that’s the success of superstar to attract these kids who will create a big fan base.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pasta Mania

Having lunch with my friend at a very popular restaurant ( no i am not going to name them and tarnish their image or whatever) i was served a very beautiful plate of pasta. I have a bit of a pasta mania and tend to order it whenever the opportunity arises. Friend stuck to a basic sandwich and was happily eating almost finishing the meal and there i was waiting for the pasta. After signalling the waiter a couple of times since i was starving i was quite happy that it was taking ages, obviously they were chopping the veges and making it fresh.

So there came the beautiful plate with beautiful looking pasta and vegetables. It looked so lovely and appetizing, i did not want to eat it.....

I shouldn't have cause the minute i put a forkful in my mouth. Something was really wrong. The panic in my eye gave signals to friend.

Friend : What is wrong with it

Me : I dunno i think spoilt ( and i continue to forcefeed my second helping into my mouth)

Friend : DONT EAT IT

(There goes the third spoon into my mouth, i wanted to throw up but did not want to complain in case the chef spits on my drink or whatever) Friend brought the situation into control by pushing plate away and calling the waiter.

Waiter : Any problem miss

Me : i think its got spoilt (with this apologetic smile from me )

Waiter : Might be old, let me the get manager

Oh my god, i died, did i hear him say it might be old. Manager comes inquires same and yes confirms might be kind of old and serves up something else for me.

Lesson learnt. If its spoilt, its spoilt. Dont eat it... ( think will stay off pasta for a bit)

I made it to 100.

Well i made it to my hundredth post yippee.. when i started i was not sure if i would last even thirty but i did it. maybe i should stop now... but this thing is addictive dont think i can stop. wish i was so enthusiastic about exercising. Oh well, first things first, i would love to thank all those lovely people who read some of the crap i wrote and of course took time to leave comments..... (would not have lasted so long if not for them)

and heres to a hundred more (not shutting up in the near future :) )

Sound of Silence....

Songs with their beautiful words and notes make more than music for the soul. There are so many songs from the past that I relate to different events in life. What is it with songs that have the power to transport you to memories that you have deep hidden within you. Its really amazing actually. Saying this the other day i was getting a life with this music person and listening to one of A.R Rahmans new songs, he started trashing it.

Music Guru (MG) : its really annoying beat he is copying one of his old tunes

Me : lets change the station

M G : no its ok but he is crap blah blah blah

this blah blah went on for ever. I really liked the song and now when i think of the note even i just remember the trashing of the song by this person and i felt so shattered. yes it was a just song but i got really affected......