Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little mouse!

An usual Tuesday evening and I was trying hard to teach S to learn his spellings. Suddenly S jumps up and screams pointing at the shrine room.
I look up, great that the reflexes are still in working order although I am pretty much exhausted these days. There is a tiny mouse by the shrine room and he runs in.

By then both the kids are on top of their chairs not sitting but standing on them. So rush up with the maid who is even more scared than me. The Mouse is inside the shrine room, seriously he picked the wrong time to go in for a prayer.

S starts screaming " mummy don't hit him he is Ganesha's ( the lord Ganesha) friend" and now there is some major crying involved.

The Hindu god Ganesha has a mouse who is with him. You can see it in the picture.

The strange thing is I was at the entrance and I could see the little mouse under the statue of Ganesha. He was looking at me. Well I was looking right back at him. Lets face it we were both very scared. So here I was with a smart idea i knocked at the door. He quickly ran out and ran into the TV room. There was a load of screaming again from the kids, me and the maid. I am sure the mouse was even more terrified.

I locked up the room to come up with an idea. Seriously the rat and my TV, and computer all in the same room is not a good idea. Who else to call but mum, and explaining briefly.

Mum: Well does it have a face like your mother in laws

Me : Mum what kind of a question is that (well i had to sound offended although secretly mum seemed to be spot on)

Mum : its Ganesha's rat we have to let him be its good luck

So i hang up to listen to more raving about Ganesha's friend and we cant kill him or hit him from the kids. But of course they were terrified to sleep now.

I called DH and as useful as he is going to be, he was at a meeting and just said OH NOO.
I called my neighbour, and a friend, but nobody could come up with a solution except sympathetic murmurs.

Time to get into action I decided to get a ARS rat glue trap. After much discussion about keeping a cheese and a piece of coconut. Mum called back to give her insight into this dilemma and told us that the mouse has not come from Europe and probably wont have a liking to cheese.

anyways the rat was caught in the glue trap and disposed by mum, who was called in for the special operation. He was alive when he was rushing off into the streets of our neighbourhood.