Friday, January 27, 2012

Southern Highway To Galle!

After waiting for so many years to make it for the Literary festival, last friday was offered some day tickets for the day and spontaneously took off to Galle.

Where do I begin.

Impressive and a quick, lovely drive. I just love the fact that we can be in Galle in one hour or less. It was scenic but very worried about the environmental disturbance by it. You change a whole plateau to get this new highway going and there is definite disturbance to the terrain, and it will take some time for the environment to adjust.

Not impressed : three dead snakes on the way with their guts out. I am dead scared of the snakes, but seeing them in that state is enough to get you upset for the rest of the trip.

I did not drive, watching the other crazy drivers on the highway.
a. Slow uncle in an old car at a speed of 60 or less
b. The mercs and bmws on a 140 doing swerves
c. Sudden changing of tracks by van drivers cause they think we are on the Dupication road.

Galle :
Happy : I just felt happy entering into galle fort and I think was jumping in joy so much so that people mistook I was looking for a carnival.
Not Happy: The auto drivers making fun of my hat
Jobless auto driver : hahhahha Machan wearing a curtain on the head.
Jobless auto driver 2 : aapo this is what they call fashion
Me : It is fashion, and not a curtain (not to them but to myself! poor me)