Monday, April 4, 2011

Sportive and all!

So you know how they say you should be sportive to take the loss and all. Whoever said that did not have Indian family and friends ( Not you lost soul)

Seeing FB messages which were ever so rude like Swim back losers, Broken nose boozers and private messages like you are part of an island that was pooped by india and argh.

So yes the solution for this is to hold your head up high and ignore. How much can u ignore what is in front of your face, not much I say. I should just deactivate facebook for a week of something.

I still feel something not right about Kula N Dhoni since they are both in CSK team. I know i am being childish but i cant help it.

Friday, April 1, 2011


D mentions to me casually that there is a cotton collection sale on for three days. I jumped up and down in joy and wanted to know until when. D rolls her eyes and says " Its on for another two days mom". argh i have missed the first day. So I had to put half day leave and rush to the sale yesterday morning. I walked into Cotton Collection and there was some great Lovely Clothes. I was wondering why there was not much crowd. I was checking for the ever bright Sale sign which was missing. The prices looked normal too, thankfully heard the boom " Hey you are suppose to be at work!" From a good friend N. "I came for the sale men, better a half day than missing this" I said. "The sale is at the park street ware house" She says and gives me a nice pink leaflet. I looked at the leaftlet, looked at the clothes in my hand. Quickly dropped the stuff on the counter and ran out to get into a three wheeler. Reach park street and walk in the heat which was really bad. They had hired a huge ware house at the end of park street mews. It was full of clothes and more people grabbing this and that. I ran around picked up about twenty pieces and then turned around there was even another more hundred people in there. Then realised its going to be a disaster if all these people also wear the same clothes, put it all down. After wise decisions I walked out with jusst two t shirts for me and two for the kids. I think i am turning into a new leaf. Ran out again to catch a threewheeler with a faluda ice cream in my hand. Threewheeler guy : " Two hundred miss" Me : " Ioo aiye i am buying clothes at the sale, dont ask so much" Threewheeler guy : " I cant even come to the sale, my status is even worse" Just had to give him the money and get off at work.