Friday, December 3, 2010

December '10

What with all the christmassy posts doing the round, I dont want to be left out.

Some mean kid at school had told the seven year old that santa is not real. That came as a big shock and S was pretty upset. I did some damage control and told him that mean boy wont get a present from Santa. What to do that was the most creative i could get.

Met up with a close friend from school who is down on vacation and two other from school. It was a great lunch and a good change from the other backstabbing so called friends (another long post later on that)
My plans for december.
Meet up with the school friends again for the season
Do all the dinners for the year with all other sets of friends.
Try out new recipes and cook up a storm for the year
Continue my new found interest of the Zumba class, Its a real dance party I love it.
Do some charity work for the season.
Catch up with movies and shopping!


Scrumps said...

Zumba dancing is supposed to be amazing! Good for you! And what do you mean that Santa isn't real?! :(

crystal flame said...

zumba is a lot of FUN! i plan to join one in the new year again. yay!
btw, where in sri lanka do they have zumba classes?

Lady divine said...

I'm waiting to try out Zumba.... trying to figure my work life out first...:)

Delilah said...

good list! happy holidays to you and the gang santhoshi :)

santhoshi said...

scrumpy- he is real!

crystal flame -there is a class at st. peters on monday/wednesday/friday 6.30 and tuesday at 5.15

another class going on in nawala

lady divine - :) i am sure u will this new year

delilah- thanks wish u the same

Gallicissa said...

Don't forget to watch Cyrus.