Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all the lovely bloggers!

Dear Blog
I have neglected you this year more than others. I dont know if I am running out of things to say because i am boring or lazy, it must be a combination of both. Hopefully I will get my act right and do something constructive next year!

Foot in the mouth moment(one of many)
Aunt : What do u think of Swamiji M
Me : I think she is not genuine
Aunt : I was having tea and an intellectual discussion with her just yesterday !

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When It Rains!

It pours doesnt it? Its been raining in colombo, india, singapore and australia. The schools were closed in parts of south india yesterday. Then heard that the snowing in Europe and Canada is just as bad.

Dad was worried about the prevailing weather conditions and the world. He feels 2012 is coming up soon. So to cheer him up I sent him the news about the sea snakes rushing into town in Batticalo. Now i am getting calls by the hour about how worried he is about the whole situation.

The nights are no better with the wind howling like a banshee then one of the gate doors opening out wide and hitting on the wall and waking me and the whole neighbourhood up. I have been up from three am. I need some sleep or an extra shot of expresso.

Friday, December 3, 2010

December '10

What with all the christmassy posts doing the round, I dont want to be left out.

Some mean kid at school had told the seven year old that santa is not real. That came as a big shock and S was pretty upset. I did some damage control and told him that mean boy wont get a present from Santa. What to do that was the most creative i could get.

Met up with a close friend from school who is down on vacation and two other from school. It was a great lunch and a good change from the other backstabbing so called friends (another long post later on that)
My plans for december.
Meet up with the school friends again for the season
Do all the dinners for the year with all other sets of friends.
Try out new recipes and cook up a storm for the year
Continue my new found interest of the Zumba class, Its a real dance party I love it.
Do some charity work for the season.
Catch up with movies and shopping!