Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Watch your Language!

I went for a parenting seminar on "How to Deal with your preteen without shouting or smacking!"

Desperate times call for some quick measure, the twelve year old is moody and flounces around the house with a long face all day. I know i am suppose to ignore and let her be, but its annoying when she does one of those every morning.

The eight year old is happy and carefree, I daresay he will do the same real soon in the coming years.

I kept getting many flyers and details about the seminar and decided to rush off into it.

The seminar was conducted by a Dr, who was funny and entertaining. She said loads of things we know, but it was amusing to hear them again in a different form.

So i got back and decided to put things into effect, Behavioural charts are a key to disciplining kids. I make an announcement at breakfast that i am putting up a chart with our names and whoever hits, bites, says bad words will get black marks and will not get to watch tv.

"Why are we being an organised family? I don't like it!" announced the twelve year old.

"But, you swear a lot won't you be the one with the most black marks in the chart" asks the Husband.

( i kicked him under the table, and he shouts "two black marks")

"I like it mummy, I like it" screams the eight year old.

Well its been a week now, and I am with the most amount of black marks due to screaming in road rage every morning in a row. Then shouting- idiot idiot during the match, and also randomly saying words.


shammi said...

LOL! And to think I came here to get some advice.

Anonymous said...

You're the only one to fall in this trap, not your kids!

Hoot-a-Toot said...