Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lady In Red/ orange~! Part 1

  Nine year old shouts “ Mummy you have white hair as many as Aachis”

Look at self in the mirror and almost knock the car.

Does hair turn white over night? Must be after all the stress of dealing with the kids, the nanny, the job, and mom and mom in law. Well I will fix it today first thing.

No wonder DH hardly recognizes me, must be reminding of his long lost aunt.

  9.20 am : Now how hard is it to get an appointment on a saturday. They are all taken, I wonder how the other women have plenty of time to go and get themselves fixed.

  10.20 am : Got an appointment and now sitting in salon with the girl checking my hair in wonder. “How long have you not tinted it now? “ She asks with amazement.

“I don’t know three or four months?” I reply. “This is going to take up the whole morning” she huffs and puffs. I try to look apologetic.

What is it with salons and the girls there who make you feel like you are some hopeless case.

  10.30 am : “Brown tint please!” I request. She rolls her eyes and goes about her work.

11.15 am : I am reading the Hi magazine and drinking a glass of water. Well they did offer me tea or coffee , and when I requested some tea they said they had none.

  11.45 am : The hair is washed and being blow dried, I am still starting at the glitterati in the magazine.

  12.00 pm : The girl does a tremendous show and proceeds to show my hair and I scream in horror. I am officially the mascot for clown world. My hair is red with a highlight of Orange.

I am full force crying now, with the salon around me gushing that I look terrific and red is the new black/brown which is actually ORANGE RED.

. “You look amazing!” Says one.

“You look like you lost five Kgs!” Says another.

“You look like you just had a face lift” Says the customer next to me.

I am recovering myself after some ice coffee was put into my hand with loads of compliments thrown in for free.
  I tip the girl 200 bucks for the scene created. Now let me go face the music, maybe I will just live with a hat on my head forever.


Jack Point said...

Ha ha ha. Post a pic please..........!!!

DD said...

Please go to 'Hisake' on Longdon Place next time. The owners Chameen, he's really good.
He has cut and coloured my hair in every colour possible over the last 20 years, seriously!
Really chilled out and unpretentious place. They do make a good cup of tea too!

No One Knows said...

was it ramani z place?

Cadence said...

I find Ramani's completely pretentious so I go only for a hair cut coz they're good :S

Btw, full head colouring is pretty DIY at home. Just go buy what ever colour and developer you need from say a Srina and lather it on like a shampoo. Been doing it for years :) I'd recommend Keune or even the revlon L'oreal hair colour u can get at any super market. So much less drama and so convenient! Hope u feel better soon! hugs!

Angel said...

Oh the drama!