Monday, July 26, 2010

Sitting Still and Doing Nothing!

I so loved Karate Kid . I was having a terrible day and it was a great way of ending that day watching the movie. Love the bit when He tells the kid " Sitting Still and doing nothing are two different things" when they are at the kung fu training place. How true those words are. I think heard this somewhere else like in yoga or something.

Anyways I decided to incorporate that into the aerobics class. So there we were seated on the gym ball. I decided I should sit still and stop doing nothing. I think i must have been trying the still bit for quite a bit and dazed not dozed off. The calm serenity just knocked me for a five. I had this aura of calmness it was like i had overdozed on a little too much of piriton. It was a feeling of peace or whatever.

Suddenly a yelling in the ear " Dreaming are we as always " Oh dear turn to find the instructor right next to me with a smirk. The rest of the class is lying on the floor with the gym ball held high in the air with their legs and some wicked ones were actually giggling and I am just seated on the blooming thing. Quickly get off it and try to lift the thing with my legs and ouch it was ever so painful. My moment of calm serenity was gone... with the fairies...

Weekend Woes!

The mobile rings really early in the morning and some lady asking if I am looking for a maid. I say no hang up and now the calls are coming in at a rate if I want a maid. This on a Sunday is not a good way to wake up. So quickly go downstairs and I get about 25 calls in Tamil and sinhala asking if I want a maid that they saw an ad. I put the mobile on silent and watch unknown numbers blink nonstop.
Mum turns up to have breakfast since she was alone this weekend with dad travelling. She shrieks your mobile is ringing why arent you picking up. So explain about this odd happening that i have been getting prank calls but its wierd.

Mum (looking Sheepish) : I put it up cause I want a maid
Me : ((*£"(&$^$) Wait Why did u put mine up if u want a maid
Mum : I thought u could make a note of all the numbers and names and we can call them up later.
Me : (yelling at this point) Do i look jobless to you mum seriously.
Mum gets pissed and drives off with a huff.

Recovery from the flu was quick then onwards.
Later I get a wierdo wrong number then the guy actually sends text with crappy messages like u sound sweet . I have decided to put a stop to it, I ll get him to talk to mum.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Santhoshis World

Thanks Lost Soul for tagging. It just gave me a moment to think really. So here it is...

Filter coffee and Myself in the morning
Accessories - watch and the big hoop earring ( jeez i am sounding a bit vain here)
My Mobile
Blogs and the lovely bloggers
Listening to music
office desk ( ya i am a pretty sad workaholic most times)
My Car
The Beaches down south
Chocolates and Cakes
Fresh Flowers
Italian Food
Candlelight dinner
pillow fights with the kids

Now I tag all who read this :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chennai Days -1

I was back in Chennai for five days since I decided to take over the wedding planning for B myself. The wedding planner was left in the loop after she quoted some horrific amount. Seriously a business to start up for later days is wedding planning. They really charge hell of a lot.
For the first time this was a trip where I did not want to come back. There was loads of shopping for some 75 relatives and moi. (Yes the traditional south Indian wedding means all the relatives get new dresses, who said weddings come cheap)
I watched two movies Ravanan and Toy Story 3 in 3D at PVR the new cinema in Chennai. The cinema is just wow, we really need one of those here. With the nachos before i forget that.
Ate too much of good food, and down goes the diet with that. Brought sarees for the loads of function. Frankly only the wedding saree is nice.
Mum turned into a mumzilla and troubled me endlessly. First she insisted to pick a Saree for me and i looked like a lit chandelier gone wrong. Mum insisted it was modern and blah blah but looking at the mirror i looked like a dork. Thankfully common sense prevailed and the situation was quickly aborted with me saying no to the lovely salesman who was trying to palm it off. I did manage to buy a nice Saree which will suit me later on in the trip.
She was also behaving weird like randomly she would make her own plans in the middle of really busy work and waste like four hours.
In all of this we forgot to buy clothes for B the groom. Start of mayhem and madness..

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mummy thought its an Earthworm!

Another poya day I was on the couch pretending to read and look busy. D screams for a bucket to play. I yell back to get one from the back yard.
Moments later, D is back with a scared look in her face.

D: mum i think there is a snake in the backyard
Me : hemm must be an earth worm D
D: its not an earthworm its a SNAKE
me : I am sure its a poochi (insect)

By now D is really annoyed with me and gives me a look which says it all. Anyway i jump off the couch and rush to the back yard to humour her a bit.

ARGHHHH a poisonous snake was having a good snooze in the backyard. God first the rats now the snake what not. So called help from the neighbours maid and disposed him off.

My New Best Friend

Hershey Bar!